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  1. A week between our games now....going to be a game changer to actually do some coaching and not just recovery. Will also help get some players back. I'm sure we will see Barnes before the end of the season.
  2. If you want any reminder never to pay attention to the 'pundits'.....the chance he missed v arsenal (when 3-1 down and about a minute to go)he was slated......fast forward a week and he get MOTM and the guys in the studio are talking about how great he is.
  3. Never stops trying. Never stops running. Never gives up or sulks. Will always br someone I'm happy to call a Leicester player.
  4. Get in !!¡!!!!!!!!!! Ahahfifjebicbejxjebdjbcbjsbdbfjwbcnjdbnwkxbjdnw xjdbcj e
  5. That's a fair observation tbh. I suppose it's why we should try blood youngsters earlier so they aren't thrown striaght into the mixer. Like if there's 10 mins to go....why always bring on Albrighton or Fuchs ....bring on a youngster so that when called upon....they don't shit the bed.
  6. Midfield is weak and lacking quality. I can't even remember a half decent tackle.
  7. He can't really pass eh. Sort of essential for a center mid ?
  8. Brighton's underlying defensive stats are very good. Make no mistake, it's a tough game to win tonight.
  9. Nope. Our injuries are horrific. Look at spurs ... All players back barring 1 .....and good gaps between games. They're could easily be 12 point swing over the next few weeks with their fixture.
  10. A win here would be such a big statement. It will be tough though, they will be buzzing after their win yesterday and Auba's goals are coming back it seems. I actually look past this fixutre....its the 3 after, ours are comparatively easier to Man United. Given our last few fixtures of the season.....I think this next block is huge.
  11. Don't believe the hype of media outlets. 10000% don't let Steve Mcmanaman sway your view. I'm really not bothered by tonight. Yes it's sad we lost but who cares. It's a trophy we wouldn't win. It's a set of destinations we can't go to with the current state of the world. Who bloody cares. Where would Liverpool be without Salah and Trent? Where would United be without Bruno and Maguire. Where would city be without Cancelo and Gundogan.......we have A LOT of injuries. We're just lucky to have a manager who doesn't bitch about it. We've done well. Yes it's sad we are out
  12. I've been one of his biggest critics but he's stepped up last couple of games and you could see what we missed when he went off. Hope he's ok for Arsenal.
  13. Best game for us yet. MOTM.
  14. Exactly the sort we need to get to the next level.
  15. My MOTM today. Aggressive. Solid. Calm. Persistent. Focussed. Love the bloke.
  16. yes I am. I am also aware he can: Say no to the interview and let his football do the talking Not brand himself as good enough for England.....when he hasn't made it yet or even near disrupting that group Even if the chat was had a month ago...he still would know what game it goes out before.
  17. It's so predictable that he would have an interview licking his own arse the night before one of the biggest games of the season. Previous huge games the guy has gone missing. I hope it's different tomorrow. The game tomorrow requires ruthless productivity - whether it be from passing or set pieces etc. The reason he doesn't get into the England side is because you don't have time in a tournament to find your feet...it's 2 games MAX. You have to be ruthlessly effective. This kid is not that .....yet!
  18. We need to get better with set pieces. At both ends of the pitch. We'll get pumped by Liverpool again if we play like this.
  19. Perez's first touch drives me mad. When it comes into his feet his first touch is always a little chip up. Then he has to wait for it to come down before attempting his next move. It always seems to be slightly behind him too... Always scuffing and scurrying with the ball too close to his feet.
  20. I wonder if BR saw the United result and has now decided to start Vardy?
  21. Why can't he say no? Why can't he say I am miles behind the competition so no...I'm not part of the England plans until I improve ? He threw his toys at the end when he tried a 10 yard pass to nobody and it rolled out of play. He threw his arms up and stood there. I'd prefer to see him mark someone or get into a position to win the ball back as his first priority. If I went through the forum I would never find you criticising the media or disagreeing with what they say about Leicester? Have a day off ! Relax. He'll be be good again for a bit next week. Bu
  22. Agreed. It's not even the fact that his shit kicks cost us goals....it's the opportunities we are giving up ourselves to score. We aren't man city or Liverpool.....you can't render set pieces meaningless. Its like we're playing at school boy level !
  23. The reason he is talked about in regard to England is the same reason we are called a counter attacking team. The same reason that Spurs were talked about in terms of winning a title a few weeks ago. The same reason Pogba goes from awful to great in the space of a week......THE MEDIA. He could have answered and made himself sound a bit humble. Maybe said he needs to do it at a rate of higher than 3 games every 10. I agree with you ...people play badly....and all players have bad days at the office. The point I disagree with is his attitude. If you're losing the ball t
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