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  1. Loving the look of this.
  2. Agree, Garcia could win another 1 or 2 now, I've never wanted a golfer to win so much as Sergio last night. If you'd put £5 on Garcia to win every major he'd been in you'd only be £145 down now.
  3. Losing each way stake back with Bet365 up until noon on Saturday.
  4. Looking forward to this.
  5. Cause of Causes and Blaklion.
  6. Anyone let me know how this is selling?
  7. Had small tickles on Koepka and Oosthuizen.
  8. Chomping at the bit.
  9. One from pro evo - "No quarter given or asked".
  10. As dull as dishwater.
  11. Gegenpressing and trequartista can get in the bin an' all.
  12. £400 up today. Oh Robbie power xxxx
  13. Amazing day. Amazing festival.
  14. sizing John! What a day. X