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  1. Kiwis bowling like England here.
  2. Average 2nd innings score here is 180.
  3. Mad decision to review that when the umpire review was absolutely conclusive.
  4. If NZ can get anywhere near 210 this could get interesting!
  5. Maybe they are just trying to elevate Afghanistan's price with the bookies?
  6. Looking forward to trial by spin on this pitch on Sunday after the Saharan bubble has baked the arse off it.
  7. A 2% swing isn't really that big.
  8. Brexit party & Lib Dems predominantly. If he gets the job, he might only last 18 months; Brexit will bury him.
  9. I think Boris gets obliterated at a GE, could even lose his 5,000 majority seat.
  10. Here's hoping 'had a bet' Pakistan turn up today.
  11. What an awful standard of cricket from England.
  12. I'd say no one who can judge a match situation, it's just Bayliss whack-a-ball. The bowling this morning summed it up, someone should've been out there shouting at them to pitch it up.
  13. Glenn Maxwell is such a poundshop Buttler.
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