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  1. Very early days but would absolutely love to see Kuchar win this.
  2. Climate change is also having a huge impact on wildlife.
  3. He got banned for clocking up demerit points, not solely for saying "f**k off" to Stokes. He shoulder charged Dickwella in an ODI which landed him 3 points, the swearing misdemeanor added another.
  5. Not seen Nadal's arse twitch this much since Dr Fuentes' freezer got raided.
  6. Nadal a set down. Gwan Muller lad.
  7. Hoping they throw a monorail in too.
  8. The he's not worth 50 million quid box?
  9. 50 million.
  10. Glad to see the back of Amla on this track for not much.
  11. I love Moeen, he does such a fantastic job coming in lower order. He's a game changer.
  12. Thought I'd seen it all with Cook, but Root is a phenomenon.
  13. Yes I meant play him lower down the order, not that it probably matters in this match being 4 down.
  14. It still makes no sense putting Ballance at 3.
  15. Yeah cos I'm well up for paying £40 a month for Stoke v Burnley.