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  1. Bobby Hundreds

    What's that thing called quiz.

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  2. Bobby Hundreds

    Balls. A quiz about them

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  3. Bobby Hundreds

    Cricket 2018

    I paid £30 for England Pakistan in Leeds & £20 for England India at Trent Bridge this year, I'm not touching the Ashes at those prices. The World Cup games are similarly priced, which I'm also swerving.
  4. Bobby Hundreds


    As an n=1 rough estimate, the women's finalists played 244 games between them in the US Open, the men 413. That's just under 60% court time (which is fair seeing as men play best of 5 & women best of 3), yet they are receiving 35% of the number of code violations compared to men in GS. Maybe umpires are being too lenient or maybe women behave better on court? Serena really hasn't come out of this whole affair looking very good.
  5. Bobby Hundreds

    Cricket 2018

    Rashid is now signing a new all formats contract with Yorkshire.
  6. Bobby Hundreds

    Cricket 2018

    Thought Sussex pace bowlers did well against Somerset but Cox and Ali made them all look pretty ordinary in the final. Briggs, Parkinson, Khan and Ali all bowled superbly but bowler of the day was easily Pat Brown. He's like a really brilliant and intelligent version of Jade Dernbach minus tattoos and ego.
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    Leicester City Quiz - Season 2001/02

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  8. Bobby Hundreds


    Ramos gave Cilic a code violation for racket abuse in the Davis Cup semi final t'other day.
  9. Bobby Hundreds

    Cricket 2018

    Cox is some player.
  10. Bobby Hundreds

    Cricket 2018

    I wonder if Anderson may sit out the upcoming away series to Sri Lanka, or the ECB may choose to rest him. He has done a fairly obscene amount of bowling this summer.
  11. Bobby Hundreds

    Cricket 2018

    I saw a stat that 3 of his 4 hundreds were against Glamorgan who I think are currently bottom.
  12. Bobby Hundreds

    Cricket 2018

    Playing Rashid in these games has to be the selectors bedding him in the team (despite his contributions) for Sri Lanka & Windies away tours? If not then frankly one of the most bizarre selections ever.
  13. Bobby Hundreds

    Cricket 2018

    Great knock from Rahul, could carry his bat the way he’s going. India can certainly be proud of their performances, and are fairly unlucky to lose this series 4-1. Been so much closer than that but they just came up short in the really crucial sessions, especially chasing gettable targets. Australia away up next for them (come on India!).
  14. Bobby Hundreds

    Cricket 2018

    I know Cook is into his darts, assume he must be into snooker too. #147
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    Movies and Actors quiz

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