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  1. Now the quadruples in the bin we all want Man City to win the league yeah?
  2. Going to be sweet to watch Barca pump these filth in the final. £1.4 billion for a cup double only would be hilarious.
  3. https://thebrexitparty.com/
  4. They’ve reduced and softened them considerably. They used to be stone walls.
  5. SHOULD CARS BE BANNED. Get a grip. 1 death since 2012.
  6. And the amount of touring Aussies our counties have signed up is criminal.
  7. We have to swallow brexit, but I suppose I could tolerate this.
  8. If Theresa May destroys the Conservative party she'll be the greatest prime minister in living memory.
  9. I'd say farting at the oche was a variable, depending on your diet.
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