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  1. I am happy to say that this thread has really entertained me
  2. Hmm....I love The Bourne Trilogy
  3. Finally have it uploaded to Google Drive. Ive sent link to OP If anyone else wants it, let me know.
  4. I believe I have the game - Ill check when I get home from work in a couple hours. If so, itll be an MP4 - I can upload it to Google Drive for you
  5. https://deadline.com/2019/09/amazon-in-talks-with-tottenham-hotspur-over-documentary-1202745257/ I understand the documentary on Man City - but why Tottenham ?
  6. dammit, I still havent figured it out
  7. US could host on a short notice - if it was during the summer, as it should be. We already have the infrastructure, and 80K+ stadiums strewn all over the country.
  8. Rocky Let The Right One In Raiders of The Lost Ark
  9. and I thought the Dallas Cowboy had the worst bandwagon fans.....
  10. 0 He would have only shown up for the games in which we got points.
  11. I see a minimum of 15 points from the remaining games - that will put us at 45 Man U (W) Liverpool (W) Tottenham (W) Man City (W) Chelsea (W)
  12. Dont know why, but I giggled for 5 minutes over this one line
  13. Gray out, or is it still Puel out ? Im getting confused
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