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  1. I really don't see Denly as a IT20 player. Malan should be in this side, his numbers are incredible.
  2. When does this brexit dividend land in my account? Will it be tomorrow?
  3. Nah, it's got about a 2% mortality rate, you'll be right. Unless you're really old and frail or suffering from COPD?...
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/51292306
  5. I went to see the SF Giants at AT&T park, it's a stunning stadium view wise with the bay bridge in the background. Don't plan on getting leathered though as the beers were about $12 a bottle.
  6. With his new longer run up, Mark Wood took 12 wickets @ 13.58. Let’s hope he can stay fit now.
  7. Without wanting to put the mockers on, these two look like they make a solid opening partnership and appear to be able to bat time. Does Burns get back in the team when fit if they continue to develop?
  8. Just fill the stands with these and pump out chants on the speakers. We'll win everything.
  9. Shame we aren't supported by Russ Abbot.
  10. Hopefully he marries someone called Miss/Mr Door.
  11. It's held in the City of Durham constituency which Labour kept.
  12. I mean I was alive in the 80s, it was incredibly austere in the council estate I grew up on.
  13. If this parliament goes the 5 years the last 38 years out of 50 will have been under Conservative rule. Tony Blair and New Labour being the only one's to break this stranglehold. I don't see how this country will ever vote Labour again if they don't go back to being "red Tories" in an economical sense.
  14. I guess we will find out in the coming 12 months, let's hope whatever occurs is a success for the country and the working class areas and communities which have voted Conservative feel it was worth it. I won't hold my breath however!
  15. I don't think Boris has any sort of appetite for no deal, he just wants to be the man of the hour. He's proposing to get this done by the end of December 2020, which is going to mean quite a few concessions from the us to the EU. He doesn't have to pander to the ERG and suspect not all 80 are of the foaming-mouth brigade are that extreme. I imagine that the newly elected Conservative parliamentarians in tow are more Pro-Boris than pro-no deal Brexit too.
  16. But will they have the balls to stop brexit?
  17. Liz Kendall. Do away with these momentum clowns, let them create a London Socialist party.
  18. And Boris can now completely ignore the wishes of the foaming mouthed ERG.
  19. All Boris had to do was give Andrew Neil a sock and he’d have apparated himself out of studio.
  20. Great graphical representation there from JV. No doubt that leave has won again.
  21. I think we all know the answer to that. They’re in for a horrible shock.
  22. Hopefully now means the ERG inbreds will be cast to the shadows. No longer required.
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