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  1. Who knows, point I was trying to make was there's a hell of a lot worse out there
  2. Really we have to be careful what we wish for. He's strong and principled and if the players rebel against him (Vardy), then to me that says a lot more. Who would you rather have? Someone who thinks long term or sack him and get Harry Redknapp who might get us winning more in the short term. Grass not always greener.
  3. Really have no idea. I’m not sure he was originally the best man for the job but he’s done enough to warrant another season.
  4. The cover is sexy as hell too.
  5. I moved last year to Japan. Had a job sponsor before I moved and I think thats the only way I could have done it at the time. Luckily the job sponsor was not attached to my visa so I was free to change my job. My advice after 1 year abroad is try to be as open as possible, try your best to forget how it was in the UK cause youll always be comparing it. Moving abroad will make your life at least twice as hard as it was in the UK, because you will have to learn a new language and your whole livelihood depends on it. Be open, try to make friends, learn who is worth it and who is not and get lucky with your job. The hardest problem for me has been keeping my mind in check and focusing on why im here and long term goals.
  6. Shenmue HD announced and will be released before end of 2018.
  7. Nige basically won the premier league for us
  8. lavrentis


    Love dogs, and that is what they give you, unconditionally. What you got?
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