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  1. Blue Fox 72


    Just another 2 years to wait.
  2. On a pedantic note, Rodrigues left us for Sheffield Wednesday before joining Southampton later on in his career.
  3. Each to their own. If you're happy to have that on the back of your hand for life, then I'm happy for you too.
  4. I'd rather trust the judgement of BR if you don't mind. If he's not up to it, he's very unlikely to get picked. Let's see how he gets on, I think he has great potential.
  5. The club want him to stay but if we are offered £85m we will sell. Top has agreed with Maguire and his agent that he can go if the buying club pays £85m, not a penny less. This info has been posted previously by the very reliable @Albert.
  6. The national media/press are doing their utmost to sell him for us even though we don't want to sell. How dare we not bow down to what Man U want. They are not happy that 'little' Leicester are standing up for ourselves.
  7. I believe that this is the truth. They either meet the stipulated price or he won't be sold. Non negotiable.
  8. Believe as I do. He will do. Might take him a season or two but he is definitely a player of Premier League quality IMO.
  9. This has probably already been done but there is a ready made tune for a song for him! What Samatta you? Hey! I'm sure someone can add a few lines to make a decent chant for him.
  10. Blue Fox 72

    A. Perez

    Cambiasso was the balloon head deal. Pearson was not pleased after he had managed to keep it under his hat until it was nearly done. We still got it over the line though.
  11. Blue Fox 72

    A. Perez

    Could define what an "official rumour" is please?
  12. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1147135/Manchester-United-Youri-Tielemans-Christian-Eriksen-Leicester-Tottenham-transfer-news
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