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  1. Sorry, was just pointing out that mooted would have been the correct word to used not muted. BTW thanks for the info you post on here. You are one of the few that I trust to come up with new information that is actually genuine.
  2. Woosh!
  3. You can't beat a good bit of guesswork!
  4. Is he any good? Don't know much about him myself but I take it you've watched him or know his qualities?
  5. No doubt any transfer fee will be announced as undisclosed.
  6. Surely you're not suggesting that our Algerian contingent of "supporters" don't have the best interests of Leicester City at heart?
  7. You do realise that we don't want to sell Mahrez or any of our top players for that matter? We are no longer a club that needs or wants to sell our best players but Mahrez has publicly expressed his desire to move on. If a big club comes in with an offer that suits all then it is best that he goes and we do our best to continue building our squad with quality players that want to be here. It won't be the last time that a player leaves that we don't want to lose. Players always come and go, that's football. It also happens at bigger clubs than us. Regarding Sigurdsson, I would love us to sign him but I've stated before that I don't think he'll come here.
  8. ^ Hear hear! It really is a drag trawling through the threads hoping to read some insightful news or decent debate/opinion to find nothing but constant nonsense and drivel.
  9. Played for Oadby Owls as a junior.
  10. We must also be calm and be concentrate. I do miss his pigeon English!
  11. I rate Friend as a very good left back. But as said above, LB is not really a priority position for us to bring another player in.
  12. Not sure if you're on the wind up? But if you read further back up this thread you could make your own judgement (based on the speculation).
  13. "I therefore thought it might be useful to try having an overall thread where only links to news stories concerning our transfers are placed - no chat, no ITK's showing how little they know, no YouTube video's, no squaka, no FM profiles, just links and updates from credible news sources when they're published. However, for this to work effectively it will need everyone's buy in to stick to those rules" Some don't appear to be understanding the idea of this thread? Although this post probably doesn't help as I'm not sure that can be classed as a credible news source!
  14. Yes you're right. I try to ignore the Gylfi thread as I realise it's not going to happen but it tempts me back in when it rises to the top again.
  15. £60m wanted by Southampton for VvD. The list goes on......