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  1. 0-5 v Bolton, 1-6 v Tottenham, 2-4 v Newcastle.
  2. Should be OK as long as the width of them at the bottom doesn't exceed 2.5 metres.
  3. I would also probably take the coach if it was the only way of getting there, but it's not. It seems to me that because you are in a privileged position you are sitting on your high horse and preaching to others about what they should or should not like.
  4. Out of interest, will you be travelling on the official Club coaches?
  5. Well it is the Government's ERP (events research programme) and the DCMS also belongs to the Government, so looks very poor from the Club as far as I'm concerned.
  6. The below is from the FAQ's issued by the Club, so it does appear that they have misinformed supporters regarding the Government mandate. https://tickets.lcfc.com/custom/documents/pdf/FA Cup FAQs.pdf
  7. Probably but not mathematically. West Ham and Everton could both still reach 67 points but overhauling the goal difference would be unlikely, particularly Everton.
  8. I think those on 302+ points have had plenty of time to buy their tickets. But the FoxesTalk ticket police want to deny those on 300/301 points the chance of getting a ticket.
  9. Says someone who has a ticket! Why shouldn't people with 300/301 points have the opportunity to get a ticket now? I already have my ticket as I had 309 points.
  10. Mark Wallington, Alan Woollett, Dennis Rofe, Brian Alderson (RIP), Jon Sammels, Steve Sims.
  11. And did you know that the word gullible has been removed from the English dictionary?
  12. Thanks. Yes we are on 308/309 points.
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