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  1. Blue Fox 72

    It's Our Fault for the high transfer fees

    Not sure that they'll make it to the EL group stages tbh. They will definitely struggle in the PL if they do.
  2. Blue Fox 72

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    Allison just confirmed to Liverpool £66.8m.
  3. Blue Fox 72

    Kasper - Chelsea and Roma. SSN

    ITK. You called it first.
  4. Blue Fox 72

    Ahmed Musa

    I think I will if we get 45m Euros for him!
  5. Blue Fox 72

    Kasper - Chelsea and Roma. SSN

    Is he a Great Dane?
  6. Blue Fox 72

    Kasper - Chelsea and Roma. SSN

    Quite like pulled beef but not sure about pushed beef!
  7. See that they've been active in the transfer market again, not! Probably too many pound notes. Europa League football and a threadbare squad will make it very difficult for them.
  8. Blue Fox 72

    Felipe Anderson - West Ham

    Can see West Ham being similar to Everton of last season. Chucking loads of money at it but not necessarily getting a good balance in the team. Hoping to see them flop just to see the reaction from the Dildo brother's and Brady.
  9. Blue Fox 72

    Season tickets

    Could be. Just wondering as it was applied last season but not this. Think I'll email the club and see if I can get an answer.
  10. Blue Fox 72

    Season tickets

    Not talking about the 11 payments changing to 10 as they will increase slightly yes. If the full season ticket price is £415 it has previously been reduced by 10% to £373.50 and my Son's tickets have also had the same 10% taken off the full price. 10% discount given to family members buying together. Been in operation for a number of years.
  11. Blue Fox 72

    Season tickets

    Not sure if this has been asked already but does anyone know if the 10% family discount was still applicable to eligible existing ST holders? It was applied to my tickets for last season and I was on the automatic DD renewal for this season but the 10% discount had not been applied so I'm paying more. No price freeze for me!?!
  12. Don't see us being in relegation trouble at all but if we were Puel wouldn't be staying long enough to get us relegated.
  13. Blue Fox 72

    Harvey Barnes

    There are certain posters on here that don't like to have their opinions questioned and always like to have the last word in any debate/argument. Without mentioning names I can think of two beginning with the letter B. Please don't let these types stop you from posting your mostly insightful opinions.
  14. Blue Fox 72

    Felipe Anderson - West Ham

    Sounds to me like we might have dodged a bullet with this one.