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  1. Fair point. I was actually thinking this when I was writing my post.
  2. Don't really like speculating about Maddison regarding this incident, as I really hope he hasn't been involved. "The Mirror can reveal two other Premier League stars were with Grealish on Saturday. Both are household names and one is a current England player." https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/jack-grealish-not-only-premier-21782193
  3. Maybe your obsession with him is just a phase you're going through. Hopefully he won't be fazed by this and he will sign for us in the summer.
  4. Would give anything to score for Leicester to win a major trophy. Leicester through and through. I'm an England supporter too but Leicester means more to me. Just my feelings but can understand if others would be the opposite.
  5. The very un-obliging Leicester City.
  6. Info needed if possible please? Could someone with a season ticket in west stand block A2 please confirm which turnstiles you use to enter the stadium? I know block A1 uses turnstiles 1 to 6 and I need to know if block A2 uses the same or different turnstile no's? Thanks in advance.
  7. Very impressive young player and has performed very well almost every time he has played. My suggestion would be not to get overly carried away about him too early. FT will always be looking for a new scapegoat and it will only need one or two average/below par performances from him and the negative doubters will be knocking him down as quickly as they have built him up.
  8. Harry Wilson on loan at Bournemouth from Liverpool but ineligible to play. Shown on TV sitting in the stand wearing a Liverpool coat. I realise that Liverpool are his parent club but surely he could wear neutral clothing whilst watching this match between his two teams? Wouldn't be very impressed seeing that as a Bournemouth fan.
  9. Shame that Blackburn got knocked out in the 3rd round, as they are the only big 6 Club not to make it into the QF's this season.
  10. Officially 41,916. Feb 1961 https://www.foxestalk.co.uk/history/matches/?mid=2712
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