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  1. These offers are not always quite as good as they seem. Salah needs to get it done soon as he'll likely be withdrawn after 60 mins to be rested for Tuesday.
  2. His contract doesn't expire until the end of the season, so it would be madness for us to let him join them for free in January. They either pay a fee in Jan or he leaves to Spurs or a.n.other on a free next summer.
  3. We'd be where we are now. Without him we would be pretty average.
  4. So you agree that @deanolegend1989 has named himself aptly?
  5. I told Brendan what you asked for and he said who am to disagree with Suzie.
  6. You're right Suzie. I'll see if I can get a message to him, otherwise he'll leave it until the 60th minute.
  7. Correct. Max Bramley, no longer with the club.
  8. RIP. Saw him play live twice. Cheated England in 1986 but was the greatest player ever IMO.
  9. I went to all 42 league games home and away in the 1981/82 season but missed the Spurs semi final at Villa Park due to a family wedding. 38 years on and I've still never seen us in an FA Cup SF.
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