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  1. (in dancing) the ability to appear effortlessly suspended while performing movements during a jump.
  2. That's an interesting question. I consider myself a bit of a statto and I'm old enough to remember this game but I don't know why QPR played in red as the home team. My guess would be that we probably only had our white away kit with us and it was too close to a colour clash with the blue and white hoops of QPR.
  3. So it it looks like we'll have to settle for Bonucci or de Ligt instead then. Chiellini too old and also currently on the injury list.
  4. Yes agree. Their manager is Cocu from Holland, so maybe they have caught a disease from him.
  5. Yeah but we'll never sell out the 499 tickets to fill the stadium. A capacity of 325 would easily be enough!
  6. Dele Alli not included in the BT poll as his Euros squad place is obviously guaranteed.
  7. I think they're clutching at more straws than Worzel Gummidge having a w@nk.
  8. 100% this. And quite often they don't even have the common courtesy to put a please or thank you on their post. I'm quite shocked that there are so many people without manners.
  9. Yes that's how I remember it too but not sure what gave Liverpool the right to reject the bid if the release clause had been met. Maybe Saurez was not interested in a move to Arsenal. Similar to when Arsenal wanted Vardy in 2016 and as they met the release clause value, if Vardy had wanted to go we would not be able to reject the bid.
  10. Still not sure what was wrong with their bid and why Liverpool were able to reject it? If they met the release clause with their bid then why should they bid any more?
  11. They probably won the Euromillions but in comparison we have won the National Lottery with our owners.
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