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  1. "Your welcome" when it should be "You're welcome" Or is that the whole point of the pun?
  2. This was him. The very same James Justin.
  3. That would be about right. Most peoples first proper football memories are around the 8 year old age.
  4. You are old if you can remember it. I'm old (56) and can't remember it. My first FA Cup final memories were Arsenal v Liverpool in 1971.
  5. John Hawley, Paul Hart, David Stewart, Ray Hankin?
  6. Mike Stringfellow. Winner in the 1-0 FA Cup semi-final v Liverpool at Hillsborough on the day I was born, 27th April 1963 (56 years ago today). Happy Birthday to me!
  7. I have one spare on its own. Block A2. Meet at ground. PM me if interested please.
  8. You can have my spare adult ticket at u18 price if you want it. Block A2. PM me if interested please.
  9. I have one ticket available in Block A2 for this match. FV is £32. Meet outside ground before the game. PM me if interested. Thanks.
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