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  1. Two tickets available for Arsenal in East Stand Block H1. 1 x Adult (£42) and 1 x U22 (£37). So £82 FV total for the two (including booking fee). PM me to arrange collection if interested please. NOW SOLD.
  2. Yes you would. But always best to stay humble if you can.
  3. Thought it was Louis Saha that said that, not Cahill. Maybe you're right as I wasn't fully concentrating at the time but it pricked my ears up when I heard it. Couldn't believe the nonsense being spoken by a so called expert pundit!
  4. OMG Kasper! Does that figure bare the slightest resemblance at all?
  5. Wide of the mark tonight fin. Never mind, I still expect us to see of the Brewers quite comfortably.
  6. U18 European Championships 1993. Guardian review of it from 2009 below. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2009/jun/29/forgotten-story-england-under-18-1993
  7. @Col city fan seems to be quite confused with this.
  8. I have 3 tickets together in block A1 available for the Burnley match this Saturday as we are no longer able to attend. 2 x Adult and 1 x U18 @ face value. Would prefer to sell them all together. Please PM me if interested and we can arrange collection/delivery details.
  9. Nothing more certain than Ndidi will start today, unless he injured or is ill.
  10. Yes similar to us in 2015-16 they were very special in 1969-70 with the great Luigi Riva being our Mahrez. https://www.theversed.com/53111/cagliaris-1970-title-success-was-an-italian-leicester-city-story/
  11. We did. Why is it that the media always suggest that good players should sign for any club other than us? Makes my blood boil!
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