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  1. Rodgers out! Bottom 3 after 26 games. Need a change to have any chance of avoiding relegation.
  2. Yes him say quite early on "Leicester have a really set way of playing, 4-4-2." Yeah, for more or less the first time this season.
  3. The zonal marking is a big part of the problem for me. Never liked it, never will.
  4. Adam Summerfield take note. At least with us being knocked out of the Europa League it means we don't have to listen to his constant nonsensical drivel anymore.
  5. I would agree in that I don't think there is any hate for us from the mainstream media/pundits. But the massive bias towards the 'big 6' is there for all to see, plain and simple. Most of them give us praise for what we are doing to upset the status quo but it is usually done in a patronising know your place type way.
  6. Not quite how I remember it. Lineker was already established as a striker with us prior to English signing. Lineker scored 19 goals playing up front in 1981/82 which was the season before English joined us.
  7. I doubt that Shakey would leave a joint no 2 position at an upward PL club to join Bristol City in the Championship. But who knows? Maybe he would be tempted if the Robins were able re-sign Nicky Maynard.
  8. Unfortunately the filthy lucre normally talks. Ask Drinky, Maguire or Chilwell.
  9. Yes and you can almost guarantee that Southgate will not get the best out of the talent we have, due to his negativity and desire to pick a line up with players from the Sky 6.
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