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  1. I was playing devils advocate between the two posts. Lets face it, every case is different. Some are just after glory and others may have different reasons. There's no definitive reason or answer. Personally I couldn't give a flying fook who supports who and for what reason. I've always been proud being a Leicester fan, despite most of my school years during the 90's being surrounded by Liverpool and United fans. Never once cared about anyone else. You don't have to be from Leicester to support Leicester. If my Dad moved before I was born and I lived elsewhere, I'd still be a Leicester fan. The only time I've felt annoyed is when we won the League. Seeing lads I knew from school now claiming they 'support' Leicester and some even managed to get tickets for the final few homes games. As far as I am concerned, you pick a team and you stick by them. Same goes for the Liverpool fans mentioned in the OP. If Liverpool are their team, fine. If they class themselves as fans, fine. If they only watch them on TV, fine. But when Liverpool travel to Leicester, I'd rather not see them in the home end. Should Leicester taste glory again, I don't want to see them jumping on the bandwagon. Simple.
  2. I think you are missing the point a bit @Markyblue I maybe speaking out of turn here but I think @Dr The Singh was merely implying that abuse from locals could have and quite clearly did in some cases put people off following their local team. Racism and attitudes were different in the 70's and 80's compared to how they are now, so yes this was a nationwide thing as you stated. From a Leicester fan point of view, if local Asians were abused, it would be quite easy to go and support another team. If you were to pick another team then why not pick the best? As a 'glory fan' you are highly unlikely to attend many, if any games therefore you wouldn't see the abuse first hand at said club (Liverpool in this case). However, I do believe were and still are more reasons for fans' to 'glory' support than just racism but it can't be denied that it was a factor in some cases.
  3. Respect our players

    I literally had no idea what you are on about? I only questioned your statement about Puel destroying the winning mentality of Champions, when he didn't. Also, what you are saying is not factual unless you have something substantial to back it up. Nobody honestly know what the reason is for our form. My OPINION is it's a combination of manager and players. Anyway, I didn't want to get sucked into a debate.
  4. Respect our players

    Not going to dispute or discuss any other points but this bit in bold. We had no winning mentality before Puel came. You can't possibly blame him for destroying this. The man who helped win the league actually destroyed this by pissing about so much at the beginning of last season.
  5. World Cup Quiz

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  6. Exercise

    Eyeing up my first Powerlifting meet this August. Struggling with sore tendons this past week or so. Dropping the weight slightly in order to recover. Any other keen Powerlifters?
  7. Depression

    Most have already offered their thoughts and there's some great advice been given. I thought I'd share my experiences on what's written in bold. My wife was clearly suffering from depression and anxiety but wasn't ready to accept it yet - if acceptance is the right word for it? I would try to rationalise things in order for her to 'understand' it. I felt like she listened and then nothing would change. That in turn added to her worries and actually made her worse. I've admitted on previous posts in this thread that this then led me to become frustrated, mainly down to my naivety of what anxiety, in particular was. Once I accepted this was a part of who she was, it made life easier for me. Now that sounds really selfish, as she was / is the one suffering but as soon as I learnt to accept thing, I would then stop myself from asking too many questions and trying to rationalise everything. So from my experience, being a listener rather than someone with the answers, works a lot better. Doctors and counsellors are experienced and paid to help. The second point highlighted in bold is another thing I've experienced and from my point of view it was due to what I've mentioned above. I'd spend my time psychoanalysing her and I'd end up painting her out to be so bad that it would make her worse, even though that wasn't my intentions. I've realised that I've not offered much support or advice but I do understand how you feel, as I've felt similar to how you do right now but under different circumstances. It's hard for you both but there's a shining light at the end of all this. Just stick by her, listen and remind her from time to time how special she is.
  8. Leicestershire Quiz

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  9. Euro '96 What might have been.

    See, I am not sure if I saw Gazza's goal live or not. I am certain I did but my memory is very hazy. I've watched it so many times since that I feel like I was in the stadium watching it live. Winning on penalties against Spain will always stick in my mind. Again, we've never got better since. I just remember jumping on my brother, who is two years younger than me and making him cry. I don't think I quite understood what I was celebrating at the time but it's always stuck in my mind. I can remember from Euro 96 onwards I became football obsessed. That tournament I have a lot to thank for really. I have no doubt that if we held a tournament again, there would be similar frenzy (look at the Olympics). It's just a shame that I can't see it happening and my kids will miss out.
  10. Numbers Quiz.

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  11. Euro '96 What might have been.

    Fantastic post. I was a 6 year old when the tournament started (7 by the time it finished). Euro 96 is possibly my earliest football memory. I went to a number of Leicester games prior to the tournament kicking off but the euphoria of Euro 96 gripped me, even as a young kid. I remember going to school the next day believing it was the final that we had just lost. It certainly felt like it. Even at that age I seemed to understand the importance of England v Germany...I blame my Dad! Three Lions still gives me goosebumps now. Unfortunately it's the best England have ever been in my lifetime. Not just in terms of tournament football but the passion of the players and fans alike. Maybe that's just football in general now but that's for a different conversation.
  12. Puel

    January is always renowned for being difficult to sign players. I'm glad we didn't just throw money at any old player. Our scouting has been hit and miss throughout the last few years so I hope given the extra time, we have some good players lined up. Fingers crossed.
  13. Puel

    It's easy to criticise Puel but what other options do we currently have? It really says a lot about how good Simpson has been for us that we have been saying he needs to be replaced ever since we have signed him. He's a good, solid, right back. Unfortunately he doesn't fit in with the current system so it's easy to pick out his flaws. As for Chilwell, I am his biggest critic but the fact he's constantly being picked shows how much Fuchs has declined. Let's not sugar coat it, Fuchs has been shite all season whenever picked. He's probably more bothered about his business ventures than football. It's glaringly obvious that we need two new fullbacks to fit in with Puels system. I say give him a chance to pick those players. If you had used Matty James as your example for Puel picking the same players, I'd have agreed. Especially with the options we have available.
  14. Game of Thrones Quiz

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  15. Atmosphere....

    I get where @foxgas is coming from. Football has changed so much and in turn, so have football fans. It's no longer a working class game, we no longer have terracing or standing areas. A lot of football fans now see football as a form of entertainment and you can't blame them really. You look at the money fans pay to watch their team and the money the players earn, so you expect something in return. Not my personal view but I do understand why people think that. Long gone are the days of turning up on the day of the game, knowing you would get a ticket, paying on the gate and standing with your mates. It's just a whole attitude thing. Too many day trippers. Some of the people that managed to get tickets for the Everton game, when we won the league, made me feel sick. I know of people who went and said 'oh is it always like this,' who I am sure have never returned. Sorry I am ranting but football we know and love has long gone. We have to accept that and adapt. But you are 100% right. It's the people but we will never change that.