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  1. leicesterlad1989

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    Modern day football as a whole is completely different to what it used to be in years gone by whether we like it or not. We all talk about our own atmosphere and our own fans leaving but how many clubs can you think of with a great atmosphere week in week out? How many clubs can you think of where fans don't leave early? I am not saying we should all conform and be like every other club but I do think at times we are overly critical when it comes to atmosphere in particular. It's not secret that our best two years in terms of atmosphere were during the 'great escape' and when we won the league. Both of which we had something to play for and we could see something special taking place in front of our eyes. Currently we are in a bit of a limbo where we are probably safe from relegation but not quite there when it comes to qualifying for Europe. I also think the fans are divided at the minute when it comes to the manager too which isn't helping. As for fans leaving early, each to their own. Done it once or twice maybe and I had reasons for doing so at the time. I am sure everyone has a reason for leaving. I'd be interesting to know if it's the same people week in week out.
  2. leicesterlad1989

    LCFC Relegation Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 219 seconds  
  3. leicesterlad1989

    Player Arrival Time - Kids Autographs

    Why was he signing autographs with his cock out?
  4. leicesterlad1989

    The King's reign seems over.

    I might be in the minority when it comes to Matty James but personally I think the bloke offers nothing or certainly no more than someone like Andy King. A 4 year contract for a player that's suffered numerous serious injuries during a relatively short career is very strange. To be included in the 25 man squad is equally as baffling. I think the difference between the two situations, rightly or wrongly, was because we had recently signed Mendy who many viewed as a replacement for Kante and he was never going to live up to those expectations. As soon as he got injured, fans instantly wrote him off. Matty James on the other hand has had the full support of fans from day one but there becomes a point where we all have to question whether he will ever be fit again. It's not a personal attack nor should we ever blame him for his injuries.
  5. leicesterlad1989

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Although I agree with what you are saying, if you are going to cook the wedges, while you are at it you may as well buy a Pizza and cook that too. I'm a sucker for a takeaway at weekends. The reality is that it's all a rip off. Everything it marked up ridiculously. I can buy a family sized pizza from Tesco for £4 whereas at Dominoes it costs £19.99. I'll be honest, I'm a massive fan of Dominoes but the difference in taste between the Tesco & Dominoes Pizzas do not differ much. The problem is that it becomes convenient to just open the app on your phone and order one if you crave junk.
  6. leicesterlad1989

    Bournemouth v Leicester - Pre match thread

    The only way Ricardo will get up to speed with Premier League football and eradicate mistakes is by playing. Benching him literally makes no sense what so ever. I've been impressed with him if I'm honest. He's the attacking RB that we have all been wanting and for what Puel wants his fullbacks to do, there will inevitably be mistakes. If a solid defensive RB is what you want then we should go back to Simpson and in a similar way, stick with Morgan at CB. Plus Amartey looks like he's going to do something stupid whenever he plays.
  7. leicesterlad1989


    Morgan hasnt played badly this season. He just stands out from the rest of the team and the back four in particular, as he isn't comfortable with the ball. If he wasnt captain he would probably have been dropped, similar to Simpson. Unfortunately you cant teach an old dog new tricks but until we Evans or the new lad are up to scratch, he isnt that bad of a deputy.
  8. leicesterlad1989

    Vardy retires from playing for England

    Unfortunately mate I think this means he won't be in the squad.
  9. leicesterlad1989

    Thanks Wes.

    First half he was shocking but he improved throughout the game. He's had a shorter pre season than most due to an injury and he didn't play towards the end of last season, so give the bloke a chance. West Brom got relegated because they were crap. Not because of one player. Get a grip.
  10. leicesterlad1989

    Vardy red is not a sending off

    I must admit that at the time I thought it was harsh but having seen the replay its a red. Those who think it isnt are deluded. In the modern game you just cant lunge into takles like that whether you agree or not. It was stupid, reckless and could have cost us. He was clearly frustrated and you could tell by the way he went in. You typically see Sunday league "tackles" like that usually by over weight middle aged men. Instead of discussing an appeal, we should really focus on why Vardy got so frustrated in the first place. Thats for another thread though.
  11. leicesterlad1989


    The event as a whole was the worst I've ever been to. No bar staff. I think I queued for nearly 2 hours at one point. The staff that were there were bloody useless. Made those who are employed at the King Power look professional. Missed most of the support. Luckily saw DMAs who I think were / are great. Thought Liam was great though. Saw Oasis a number of times and his voice is was certainly better this time round compared to some of the times I saw him with Oasis.
  12. leicesterlad1989

    Adrien Silva

    He's fine when given the time and space, which unfortunately doesn't happen a lot in the PL. There were a number of times where he needlessly played a silly pass on the edge of our box when he could have just played the ball elsewhere.
  13. leicesterlad1989

    Lille 5.05BST away Pre-season match thread.

    Wheres Morgan gonna fit in? Centre mid?
  14. leicesterlad1989

    Lille 5.05BST away Pre-season match thread.

    Our new right back playing right wing. Our 4th or 5th choice centre mid now playing right back. Benalouane to partner Morgan at the back, both of whom we expected to leave or have limited action this season. Roll on Friday.
  15. leicesterlad1989

    City Kit for £15

    Dont disagree with anything you say. Like I said, you could argue that they are the same quality. Reality is that they arent. Same applies for the replica kits. Perhaps didnt make my point clearer on my previous post. I was merely playing devils advocate for an arguement thats been going on for years when it comes to clothing and football shirts.