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  1. Far too loud but at least it drowned out the sounds of grown men banging their clapper to the tune of various shite songs.
  2. The only way he can force his way into the first team is to prove himself during training and pre season matches. He's done that this pre season, which clearly you didn't know. Now whether he can carry this over into the season is yet unknown. Your comments and use of the word respect are pretty odd to be honest so we will leave it at that.
  3. It's called man management. The lad is clearly lacking confidence and BR is trying to get the best out of him. You can choose to 'respect' it or not but as fans we should show support to any Leicester player when they pull on the shirt. From what I've seen in pre season so far he has improved elements to his game but whether he can show it in a competitive game or not, we will soon find out.
  4. Given the dross England have picked in midfield in the last 5 years I wouldn't have put it passed him but I genuinely don't know what Matty James' role was/is as a midfielder. Can never remember him scoring nor assisting. He seemed to have a habit of looking busy. Certainly no bitterness from me but I don't think he's ever been as good as some have made out. I know as a fan base we have a habit of knocking players very quickly but we also seem to over hype certain players and he would be the latter.
  5. I finally took the first steps last week in order to get help for my anger and frustration issues (mild form of anxiety too). After visiting the Doctors I was recommended to complete an online referral form for 'Let's talk Wellbeing.' After phone consultation I was recommended CBT, however through the NHS I was told it was up to a 5 month wait for a 1 to 1 appointment. I didn't fancy the group sessions as I felt I'd hold back too much. Could anybody recommend a private therapist in the Leicester / Leicestershire area who I could contact? I feel positive about making a change and although I appreciate my issues are not as significant as others, I'd like to start CBT whilst I am feeling positive. Thanks in advance.
  6. Not only have we signed a fantastic young player, I think this shows ambition and intent, which could and should sway other talent to come our way.
  7. It's clear we are following a model set by the Germans and Spanish wherein we allow our youth to develop together before promoting them. Lets face it, the current squad is still very young. Out of interest who would you have promoted?
  8. The youngsters will be coming through. The u21s Euro's in the summer is an ideal opportunity for those youngsters to shine before hopefully being brought up to the senior team. Far too often we have rushed these players through rather than letting them develop. We have been successful in the age groups in recent years and I think these youngsters deserve the chance to win something. For me, yesterdays game should be the last opportunity for some of the players in the squad.
  9. The pre match clapping of the clappers to any song that is played. Worryingly it makes me really angry.
  10. Nope and neither do penalties It's an impressive stat albeit flawed. If crossing the ball into the box constitutes a goal scoring opportunity then to me it degrades the stat. You don't need to be creative to cross a ball. His involvement in 14 goals this season (7 goals & 7 assists) are the stats that matter to me. A very good return in my opinion.
  11. Exactly my thoughts. Pointless stat to be honest. I'd imagine majority of those 100 are from corners or free kicks.
  12. If that FA were clear and transparent with their punishments, nobody would be up in arms regarding this. It's not the punishment that's actually the issue. £5k in the grand scheme of things if F-all. When you have the likes of Phil Neville (England Lioness' manager) making sexist and offensive tweets and getting away with it. Declan Rice (at the time we were luring him away from Ireland) making references to the IRA and getting a slap on the wrist. Even if you go back 20 years, remember the Shearer / Lennon incident? It feels like it all depends on your status as to what punishment you receive to fit the 'crime.' Also, where do you draw the line? Is there an age cut off? Is there a length of time in which the 'crime' is punishable for? If this is the way the FA and society in general is moving then serious time and effort needs to be put in to educate youngsters about social media and the implications it can have. Thank god I'm unlikely to be famous. Some of the things I've written in my youth make me cringe.
  13. I will politely disagree with your first comment. As a Leicester fan, I don't think I will ever forget Aguero purely on the basis of his title clinching goal. I certainly can't see Man City fans forgetting him. The last comment - We will never know for sure but I don't think Vardy would be streets ahead. Whilst I do believe Vardy's all round game is under rated, he's not on the level of Aguero. Lets face it, for the last 3 or 4 years our team has been built around Vardy. At a team like Man City you would have to adapt to their style or you would be out of the team. For most of this season under Puel, when we haven't played to Vardy's 'strengths,' he's struggled (only 8 league goals up until Feb).
  14. Aguero is Man City's all time top goal scorer. He won't ever be forgotten! Aguero is one of the best strikers to have ever played in the Premier League. The man can literally do it all. He's improved his all round game too since Pep has taken over. Vardy's too can do it all. His movement and passing is very under rated. The ill-informed would still say he's just a striker who runs in behind. I would say Vardy is irreplaceable for us but Aguero would be easier to replace at Man City.
  15. Sorry to butt in but I read your post as being rude too. I've highlighted in bold the points below that come across particularly rude. I highlighted the Moore commented about stunting growth because why is the assumption made that this is OHL's fault?
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