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  1. leicesterlad1989

    UK Geography Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 186 seconds  
  2. leicesterlad1989

    Colombia v England - last 16 round - 03/07 at 19:00ko

    Last nights game was more about the result rather than the performance given our recent form when it comes to knockout football. The fact we won it via a penalty shootout is an added bonus and another monkey off our back. The pressure should now be lifted and confidence high and I hope that's reproduced on the pitch.
  3. leicesterlad1989

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Yet I've read some rating Maguire an 8 out of 10. The Metro's a shite newspaper written in crayon by monkeys.
  4. leicesterlad1989

    Tunisia v England match thread

    I've noticed a few people on social media say something similar. The media can't win really. Historically they have piled 'pressure' onto the national team and have been criticised for it. Yet this year, for the first time in a long time, the media appear to be heaping praise on the team and the manager. Honestly, do I think we can win the World Cup? No. This year however, we seem to have an identity. We have the 3511 or 352, however you want to see it. We have players comfortable on the ball and we will play the ball out from the back. For 20-30 minutes yesterday we played some of the best football all World Cup. As usual though we find a way to shoot ourselves in the foot but unlike previous years we managed to find a way to win. Look at some of the teams this World Cup that have either lost or dropped point so far. We have started on the front foot and I for one am very positive. I don't think tactically Southgate is good enough but what he does offer is passion, togetherness and experience playing for England. Throughout the years we have had foreign managers and world class players yet it never quite gelled. We may actually have the right balance this time. Vardy is Kanes replacement. I don't expect to see him much, if at all. Possibly against Panama if we are 3 up. He would be suited against Belgium and any team that will come at us but unfortunately I don't see Southgate having the balls to play him. As for Walker at CB, I can see why he's playing there. As we saw with Maguire second half, Walkers job is to bring the ball out into midfield. His positioning is not good enough, which led to us conceding.
  5. leicesterlad1989

    Adrien Silva - Galatasaray

    This is the problem when Premier League Clubs sign average players on world class salaries. No other club would be willing to match their wages so we end up stuck with them for the remains of their contract. This isn't just a Leicester thing. It's throughout the Premier League. I can see a few more players spending time out on loan next season.
  6. leicesterlad1989


    Without meaning to sound patronising, form and technique are key. If you are ever in any doubt, Youtube a fella called Mike Rippetoe. Videos are very good and informative. Funnily enough my dad decided at 55 to start running after years of looking like the olduns down the pub. Ironically he lost the weight and looks equally as old! Cheers mate.
  7. leicesterlad1989


    I wish I had the space to build my own gym. Would make things so much more convenient. 105kg bench is a good weight to push. What do you deadlift? Well I started training for powerlifting in January this year and I've stuck with it. Looking at finding a local meet. It's bloody brutal at times but it's equally rewarding. It's more about the weight being lifted than aesthetics, so means I don't have to watch what I eat too much..providing I can meet my weight class!
  8. leicesterlad1989


    Ah, that's fair enough. Do you own a barbell? You could add barbell rows too. I find those, along with deadlifts, are the only two back exercises I need. The thought of training arms twice a week would bore me, however I get what you are doing. I am however training for a powerlifting competition, so my goals are different.
  9. leicesterlad1989


    Arms & chest twice but nothing for your back?
  10. leicesterlad1989

    Quiztacular quiz of quizness

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 183 seconds  
  11. leicesterlad1989

    Former Player Remembers: Paul Konchesky

    Never mind his playing career. Did he have a hair transplant? Surely nobody would choose to look like a boiled egg.
  12. leicesterlad1989

    Is this how everyone felt about us?

    So we put out a reserve squad in the Europa League, just like Southampton, West Ham and Everton have all done previously and all of them were knocked out early. Personally I didn't want Europa League by finishing 7th and playing qualifying games in July. Especially with how we have performed this year. We are at a transitional stage. Let's face it, most wanted Puel sacked. We don't know if Mahrez will be here. Most claiming an overhaul of the 'old guard.' So maybe some fans like myself are looking at then bigger picture.
  13. leicesterlad1989

    Alfie Mawson

    You have clearly been playing too much football manager. How do you propose we would keep them all happy?
  14. leicesterlad1989

    Lap of honour

    Well their recent performances haven't gone down well with ALL of us fans. Football fans are undoubtedly fickle but poor management and or poor team performances have seen us produce some of our worst football in the top flight in recent memory. We as paying fans are frustrated by a lack of desire on the pitch, something that in recent years has always been apparent. Worryingly there's an increasing divide between the club and the fans that free doughnuts and beers won't fix. We need an identity and direction quickly or the only direction we will be going is down, that's how bad things are currently. The players could show their appreciation by putting in some performances on the pitch. PERFORMANCES, not necessarily results. Us fans have always showed up, week in, week out. Have the players? They have a history of downing tools. So **** them. I am sure they will get over it. If they don't like it, they can go. I do feel sorry for the owners, as they have pumped a lot into our club and the City but it's their job to employ people to run the club. As things stand at the minute, they aren't doing a good enough job. Yesterday was fans showing their frustration with their feet.
  15. leicesterlad1989

    Hope this is true

    Whilst I am sure there's a huge percentage of fans who want Puel gone, I think the boo's are aimed at the collective, rather than the individual. I don't boo but if I were at Palace on Saturday, I probably would have and it would have been aimed at the shambles on the pitch not just the manager. As for Rafa, there's only so much more he can do on a shoestring budget. He's done brilliantly with effectively a Championship team. If there's very little investment in the summer then I can see him jumping ship. If it were between us and a top 6 teams / European Champsions League team then there's no question where he would go. If it's between us and an under invested Newcastle team, then it's a possibility he would come. We have a history of investing money albeit quite badly. We are on the rise off the pitch in terms of a new training facility and upgrade to the stadium. It could be a very good project for him.