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  1. Newcaslte aside, where they were all bad, I think he's been positive in all the games he has played. Far more excited about the prospect of him playing next season than I am Gray.
  2. Pretty much what you have both posted, best describes how I feel. I'd still vote remain should there be another referendum, purely due to the nature of my work but I am sick to death of the whole thing. I now feel like I am part of a side, wherein you are either a "remainer" or a "brexiteer." I could have used any number of names to describe the two sides. Both sides on the whole are pathetic. Some of the things on social media in particular have made me cringe. The constant slagging off of peoples views. BREXIT MEANS BREXIT or if you voted leave you are a racist etc etc. Absolutely sick of it. People are that engrossed in an on going argument over the result of the referendum, rather than actually discussing solutions or where we move forward.
  3. There seems to be confusion in this thread between 'expectations' and a 'target.' Our target should be to try and win a cup competition and finish 7th but surely we shouldn't expect that?! For me, my expectations are that we improve our dreadful home form, build the young squad that we have and we take all cup competitions seriously.
  4. Did the fox look at itself in the mirror and burst into tears?
  5. With suggestions that Puel should be out next head scout, **** it why not play Schmeichel up front
  6. Despite the fact your idea is totally mental, what makes you think he would consider coming back to us as a head scout having just been sacked as a manager?
  7. This is what really pisses me off. Gordon Banks was one of a kind, simply by being the only English goalkeeper to lift the World Cup. He won this whilst at Leicester, yet we have never done anything to commemorate it. If there's ever talk of a statue of Leicester legends, he should be one of the first names listed.
  8. Confirmed by the band that he killed himself. Awful new
  9. Obviously his goal is to help us finish as high as possible but for me this should go side by side with creating some confidence within the squad again. There’s clear talent within our squad but they are severely lacking confidence.
  10. Now is the best time, purely to watch Celtic fans cry. With a bit of luck Rangers will over take them in the league too, just to compile their misery further. Karmas a bitch. You take MON and we will wait nearly 20 years until you are about to achieve something special and pull it away from you
  11. Surely I'm not the only one who is excited for the impending meltdown of Celtic fans on social media?
  12. From one extreme to another! The current Celtic team would be a midtable Premier League team at best I'd say. For what its worth, with the Premier League revenue and fan base, Celtic and Rangers could quite easily compete well in the Premier League. Bit of a bold statement to suggest they would 'dominate.'
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