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  1. I don't think any Leicester fan needs to overate Liverpool. The stats back up how amazing Liverpool have been for the last season and a half. In any normal season, they would have walked to the title last year but they were up against a margainly better Man City team. As for beating teams they are expected to beat; I've also seen people arguing that we have beat teams we should be beating in our 8 match winning run. Despite sounding negative, I will still continuing dreaming that we can win it again. This next month is crucial. If Liverpool get through it unscathed, I just can't see them dropping enough points..
  2. Mate, that's pretty horrific. I do commend you for your enthusiasm and your confidence.
  3. Both. We go out to win all competitions. We can make use of our squad for cup competitions but not wholesale changes, which we have done in previous seasons. Personally I would get more joy from winning the FA Cup than a 4th place finish. So to answer you question, if you gave me the FA Cup and a 5th place finish, I'd snap your hands off.
  4. Disagree. We should go out and win everything we can. A cup run shouldn't de-rail our chances of top 4.
  5. He has got a lot worse since Rodgers became manager. With how we are playing currently, the wide men become narrow when we attack, with the expectation of the full backs pushing on. This appears to be highlighting the flaws in his game. Having Albrighton, who although cuts inside, is a natural winger, certainly helped him mask these flaws. Those who dont believe Chilwells passing and crossing ability is a big deal are naive. Its a crucial part of how we play in this current setup. His place in the team should be under pressure..
  6. After we have a definitive conclusion on this subject, may I suggest the following topic to be discussed: - Adults using the clappers - Adults wearing football tops
  7. Far too loud but at least it drowned out the sounds of grown men banging their clapper to the tune of various shite songs.
  8. Length of contracts and wages I'd imagine. I don't even know what Slimani is on but I can guarantee any club who would be interested, won't match his wages.
  9. Time to start a twitter campaign to release Ake. He always had aspirations to join Leicester as his idols growing up were Taggart and Elliot.
  10. Well you have just ruined my Friday. Aint gonna bother going later now ?
  11. Happy with the deal. £85million is crazy money.
  12. **** him. Shite anyway. Never rated him.
  13. I think you are clutching a straw a little bit. If John Percy is reporting it, then I'd be inclined to say it's the truth. It's probably best for the team and Maguire that he does sit it out anyway. We need to use this game to prepare for next weekend. IF he stays, we already know he can slot back into the team. IF he goes, we need to make sure we have a suitable partner ready for Evans.
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