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  1. leicesterlad1989

    We need to talk about Wilfred Ndidi

    Not at all. I am not suggesting he should act as our playmaker. Simply, he needs to redistribute the ball better once he has won it.
  2. leicesterlad1989

    We need to talk about Wilfred Ndidi

    I don't think too many would disagree with why he's in the team. I also don't think many would expect him to do a Maddison type job. To be effective at what he does, he needs to 'recycle' the ball efficiently when he wins it back. Too many time he gives the ball back only to win it again.
  3. leicesterlad1989

    We need to talk about Wilfred Ndidi

    I think in general, fans have been quite positive and complimentary towards Ndidi since he's been at the club. He still is a young albeit relatively experienced player. I don't think anybody has criticised him for not being Kante. That was actually Mendy. Ndidi, like any other player performing badly, deserves criticism. His tackling stats are probably so high due to the fact he gives it away far too often. We all know his strengths are off the ball and I think the vast majority know what his weaknesses are. The frustrating thing is that he hasn't seemed to improve in those weak areas. 12 to 18 months ago it felt like he was destined for big things but he seems to have stalled a little. I honestly believed and still do believe that he has the qualities to be a Viera type midfielder.
  4. leicesterlad1989

    Just as we start to get going!!!

    Why are people suggesting that we drop Ricardo for Simpson? Ricardo is finally showing his defensive qualities, as well as his attacking, yet people want to revert back to Simpson? Our fullbacks are crucial to how we play (even if it's not always obvious), so we really don't want an imbalance in the team by having a defensive minded Simpson and an attacking minded Chilwell. As for the CB position - I would love someone from the u23's. Could be their chance to shine...albeit until Morgan is inevitably put back into the line up.
  5. leicesterlad1989


    Not this day in age. You can identify as whatever you like.
  6. The team under Puel have been ill-disciplined rather than dirty, especially when you breakdown the sending offs. The responsibility lies with both the players and the manager. Neither any one of the two is more or less responsible than the other.
  7. leicesterlad1989

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    Yep. I heard Frank's being relocated with the Newts.
  8. leicesterlad1989

    Work dilemma

    I am currently going through something similar to a certain extent. I have worked and trained myself into a position where I could be earning more money than I am currently. The company I work for has actually paid for some of the training and qualifications I've gained. I've not looked for other work nor have I received any job offers but I do know from speaking to ex-colleagues, the sort of money I should be on. The one major thing preventing me from looking or moving on is the flexibility I currently have. I can work my hours so I can take my kids to nursery / school twice a week, so my misses can start her shifts earlier. I can effectively manage my own time, as long as I put my hours in. My office where I am based out of is only 5 miles away from home too, so travelling is at a minimum too. Now I am by no means on terrible money, I earn a decent living but I wouldn't consider moving anywhere for an extra £3k a year. That extra £3k would pretty much cover the extra day at nursery a week. I know that because I too fork out a fortune for nursery for 2 days a week...it's a joke how much it costs. I've now learnt that staying where I am currently, isn't me showing a lack of ambition or 'playing it safe' it's me thinking of my family and flexibility. I wouldn't give up the time I have with the kids. As time goes on and my youngest starts going to school, I'll seriously consider my options. That's not to say I'd not look or consider anything in the interim but it would have to be something that works for me. You are in a lucky position. You are currently employed so the balls in your court. You could speak to you potential employer and explain your current situation and they could accommodate for you. If they don't then you could walk away. You could also tell your current employer about your ambitions (and the job offer if you choose) and see what they have to say. The latter is something I am considering. Either way good luck.
  9. leicesterlad1989

    Ben Chilwell: A possible star in the making

    Add the fact he's just signed a new lucrative deal and you are pretty much spot on.
  10. Don't need any. Flat track bullies.
  11. Schmeichel, Maguire, Huth, Wasilewski & Vardy
  12. leicesterlad1989

    Brands Brands Brands

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 186 seconds  
  13. leicesterlad1989

    Ben Chilwell: A possible star in the making

    More than happy for him to continue practicing in match environments, for England. It's another string to his bow.
  14. leicesterlad1989

    Ben Chilwell: A possible star in the making

    I must be a stone heavier with the amount of humble-pie that I've eaten. I am happy to admit I was wrong about Chilwell. I never openly criticised him on here but I didn't see the 'hype' in him when Liverpool were sniffing around. A number of times I found myself getting frustrated with him last season both with his positioning and his lack of physicality. Since the summer he has really knuckled down and improved both, as well as his first touch, which at times is class, especially running onto a cross field ball. He's by no means the finished article though. If he works on his final ball and crossing (not sure why he was on England set-pieces) then he really does have the potential become one of the best left backs in Europe. I can only hope that the rise of Chilwell and Maguire, will inspire Gray and Maddison to kick on. It could hopefully serve to convince more young English talent to join us. So yeah, give youth a chance. I was wrong and I am happy to admit it.
  15. leicesterlad1989

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    I wasn't but I am now