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  1. leicesterlad1989

    Barnes coming back

    And he is back with us and into the starting lineup therefore justified. He's done more than ok in the games he's played. He's arguably our most threatening player currently. As others have stated, once he gets one goal, you could quite easily see him going on a run. His movement and footballing brain is everything that Gray's isn't. I've been impressed.
  2. leicesterlad1989

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    The pigeon that landed on the pitch offered more today than Gray did today.
  3. I often wonder whether if all football fans are as strange and fickle as Leicester fans are. I'd say based on this forum alone, majority of fans have had enough of Puel or at the very least reaching the end of their faith in him. A journalist, who most appear to take his transfer rumours as gospel, writes an article giving an incite into what could be causing the issues we are seeing on the pitch and he's slated! There's no smoke without fire, so they say. The players are not innocent in all of this either.
  4. leicesterlad1989

    That's why we are boring

    So what has Puel been doing since he joined us then? In order to make us better defensively we have at times added extra defensive minded midfielder or just sat so deep we become impossible to break down. Where's the balance? Why can't we be good at going forward and be relatively solid at the back too? We signed a new RB who is playing as a winger (I actually think hes more suited on the wing). We also signed 3 new CBs, one of which is on loan, one who doesnt play at all and Evans who I'd arguably say has been our best defender. Defensively we have more than enough cover. It's out midfield that's letting us down, so what does Puel do?! Drops Hamza, our best midfielder on form. We have the personnel at the club. They MUST be utilised better. Out of form players dropped. Change of system and dare I say it, change of manager.
  5. leicesterlad1989

    That Vardy dive

    Didn't watch MOTD (never do if we lose) so I can't comment on what the pundits said but if you look at Vardy's reaction after the 'dive' he clearly say's something to the two centre halves. It's almost like he's apologising. That was what I noticed live at the game anyway. Doesn't excuse it. As an aside, did anyone see Maddison dive, clutching his face in stoppage time yesterday. Absolutely pathetic.
  6. Really? Where's your evidence of this? If I'm being honest, I've found N'didi to be extremely poor this season. Iheanacho to have been atrocious since we have signed him and prior to that, I found Musa to have been a disappointment. Would this be classed as hatred or would it be an honest assessment of three footballers? The list of players who have received criticism this season and throughout the years is endless. Call me naïve but in all the years I've been on this message board, I can't think of a comment where someone has hatred towards a player due to where they were born or their skin colour.
  7. leicesterlad1989

    Could a former player do the job?

    What happens when fans get sick of the new managers approach and ideas? Do we then get another manager in and another and another etc? We all scream for stability and a long term vision, yet when we have a manager who is looking to implement his 'vision,' 50% of the fans want him gone. His vision or approach may not be the most attractive to fans but we are currently sitting in 7th. I am by no means saying he's the answer and I've been very critical of him but us football fans are so fickle. We literally do not give anybody as chance. My worry is that we are going to turn into West Ham or an Everton where we believe we have some form of divine right to play a certain style of football because we have been successful doing it before. I do believe recruitment / scouting needs to be looked into. I mentioned this in another thread. It's about time Jon Rudkin had his job looked into. Edit: Before you lose your lose shit at me too, from paragraph two I am talking about fans in general, not you.
  8. leicesterlad1989

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    My previous post was critical of recruitment, rather than management. I am sitting right on the fence when it comes to Puel. I don't blame Puel for all our failings, hence me digging out our recruitment as a whole since winning the league. This has definitely stunted our progression at times, despite where we sit in the league currently. Lets face it though, it was clear that Ricardo was signed as our new right back and Ghezzal as our new winger. The poor showing from Ghezzal has pushed Ricardo further up the field, which has meant the re-emergence of Simpson, which lets remember, was all but told he was no longer required. Puel does deserve credit for his promotion of youth. Should we bring Barnes back from his loan and start him too, it would be another positive.
  9. leicesterlad1989

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Unfortunately Gray hasn't lived up to the 'hype' or his own hype. He's improving at a snails pace. Doesn't score enough or create enough. Ricardo was actually signed as a right back, which makes our recruitment for attackers even more laughable. I do agree that he does a good job on the wing though. Recruitment as a whole has been a shambles, particularly since we have won the league. Just look at all the money that we have literally wasted. (Benalouane, Kapustka, Musa, Slimani, Silva & Iheanacho) We can argue as to whether players have been given a chance of not but management clearly deemed them unsuitable for the team. Young players deserve a chance to adapt to first team football. As you rightly pointed out, look at Chilwell and Hamza. Unfortunately 'big' budget signings don't always get that chance. We can't blame the players for the fees paid, which is why I put a big portion of the blame down to recruitment and not just the manager.
  10. leicesterlad1989

    Season over!

    I for one am buzzing to be challenging for the 7th place trophy come what May.
  11. leicesterlad1989

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    My original response to you was regarding your comparisons to Southampton. Kante aside, we have pretty much recouped the money spent on Musa and made a significant profit on Mahrez. We have wasted a lot of money too. As for your quoted response, I agree, we do have more 'problems' than just the manager. We have an imbalanced squad for starters. Lets put it into perspective though, we are currently 7th. We may not finish there come what May but we are on target, as we speak, for our best ever finish, other than when we won the league.
  12. leicesterlad1989

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Nope, we really don't. We lost Kante after one season but other than that, we have kept hold of pretty much all of our players that we have wanted to keep hold of. Outside of the top 4 clubs in England, no club is safe from losing their best players. You could argue that we have been very stubborn when it comes to selling our top players. We kept Mahrez 18 months to 2 years longer than expected. We held onto Vardy when Arsenal came calling and if you believe the rumours in the summer, we refused any negotiation with Man United for Maguire. To compare us to Southampton, is wide of the mark. They historically have had a good academy, in which they have gone on to sell their players for profit. The only comparison you could make is that both teams have re-invested poorly at times.
  13. leicesterlad1989

    We need to talk about Wilfred Ndidi

    Bloody hell. I've read some shite in my time on here. BECAUSE HE'S AFRICAN... Ndidi much loved by the fans but he's performing well below his previous high standards. Literally has **** all to do with where he's from you clown.
  14. leicesterlad1989


    There were enough players who could have closed the ball down, after he lost it. Ndidi being one of them. Im not a massive fan of Ghezzal but him being used as a scapegoat is ridiculous.
  15. leicesterlad1989

    Post Match: City 0 - 1 Cardiff

    Puel in or out, surely we must all agree that football in general under Puel is ****ing dull? I don't think I remember a player in living memory regress as much as Ndidi has. His second touch is literally a tackle. Changes are needed both on and off the pitch.