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  1. I said he had a bad game? Nothing more, nothing less. Can you name me a player who hasnt been poor since the restart? Evans Soyunchu and Kasper maybe? I am not for one minute suggesting he is playing well but whoever we player upfront will be just as isolated unless we change our tactics.
  2. He had a bad game. It shouldnt distract us from the fact that when we attack we literally have Vardy on his own most of the time! Its very much what we saw under Puel. When confidence is low we get deeper and deeper creating a huge gap between midfield and Vardy.
  3. We need to attack with more intent. We have wingers who offer nothing currently and a midfield thats so deep Vardy has no support. Second half Maddison and Iheanacho injected life into our attack. Either of the two need to be playing closer to Vardy.
  4. We have seen this form before under Puel. Our midfield gets deeper and deeper. Our wingers arent an attacking threat. Hes constantly isolated. We bring on Iheanacho to play near him and we instantly look better albeit Vardy still didnt have a great game. To me Vardy is very much a confidence player. Not so much regarding his ability but he lacks the confidence that the ball will actually come to him. When it does its like hes half a second behind the game. Give him more support and he will score.
  5. I'm not convinced that all of the hoards of people surrounding Beaumont Leys Tesco this morning were NHS workers. Read so many incidents elsewhere of queues being full of NHS workers as well as the general public. As usual there appears to be swarms of selfish bastards everywhere. The wife attempted to go this morning, as she works for the NHS but saw the queues and came back home. My family is in a fortunate position that despite the number of hours my wife works, I'm working from home so I can help with the shopping. Same can't be said for every person in the NHS. I'd probably r
  6. Glad to be through but another dreadful performance. Usually accept a bit of a shithouse win but considering recent performances and results, I hoped for better.
  7. A simple way would be to cut back gradually on the bad food that you eat. If you have two takeaways a week, just have the one. If you drink twice a week, just drink the once. Also look at healthier alternatives. If you drink full fat coke, have diet. Simple things like that. Similar to crash diets, if you cut out all the nice foods that you like, it becomes easier to completely fall off the wagon. I think the technical term is 'flexible dieting.' As soon as you see results, it becomes a habit.
  8. Following on from what you have written here - Anyone looking to lose or gain weight should spend at the very least working out what I've highlighted in bold above. You should eat in what's called a maintenance. The require calories to sustain your current weight. From then onwards I'd advise adding or taking off 50cals per week, depending on your goals. This is a steady and healthy way managing your weight. This way it's also easy to manage. If your energy levels become particuarly low, you can slowly increase your calories. Gaining weight has never been too much of a problem for
  9. Slightly off topic but top two aside, the quality in Premier League has been pretty average. I don't think the people of FT are quick to say our young players are great however I do believe that they are afforded more time before being slated. The same can be said for all clubs. Nothing better than having a good young player coming from the youth system. I honestly believe his finishing is down to confidence rather than ability. Bit of an extreme but look at what good coaching has done for someone like Sterling. He couldnt hit a barn door (no pun intended). He does ne
  10. One attribute that helps make a top player stand out from an average, is being able to handle pressure and show confidence during tricky situations. BR has spoken to the media earlier on this season regarding Barnes showing a bit more arrogance/confidence. Time will tell whether this will happen with Barnes but he has all the attributes to be a top player and I am excited to watch him develop. Some players aren't natural finishers but with Barnes we have seen with some of the goals he scored in the Championship, that he can finish. He should have scored again yesterda
  11. I don't think any Leicester fan needs to overate Liverpool. The stats back up how amazing Liverpool have been for the last season and a half. In any normal season, they would have walked to the title last year but they were up against a margainly better Man City team. As for beating teams they are expected to beat; I've also seen people arguing that we have beat teams we should be beating in our 8 match winning run. Despite sounding negative, I will still continuing dreaming that we can win it again. This next month is crucial. If Liverpool get through it unscathed, I just can't see them dropp
  12. Mate, that's pretty horrific. I do commend you for your enthusiasm and your confidence.
  13. Both. We go out to win all competitions. We can make use of our squad for cup competitions but not wholesale changes, which we have done in previous seasons. Personally I would get more joy from winning the FA Cup than a 4th place finish. So to answer you question, if you gave me the FA Cup and a 5th place finish, I'd snap your hands off.
  14. Disagree. We should go out and win everything we can. A cup run shouldn't de-rail our chances of top 4.
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