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  1. Boxing

    Depends how you view it. All fights he was clearly winning on the cards, showed signed of gassing but he stopped all 3. He was was tested but came through it. Hopefully he learns as you do have to question his stamina. He doesnt control the hype. What about Wilder? Thoughts?
  2. Boxing

    I love how in the space of one fight, the general consensus appears to be that AJs stock has dropped and suddenly Wilder's has risen significantly. I am not basing my opinion solely on this thread but on social media in general. People are quick to jump on AJ's stamina, and perhaps there's a degree of truth in that but Wilders boxing ability is still pretty terrible. He's a thunderous puncher but he swings wildly and his footwork is pretty shoddy too. A clever boxer will beat him comfortably but like any heavyweight clash, one punch can change everything. AJ is the star whereas Wilder is still relatively unknown in his own country, let alone worldwide. I fully expect AJ will command a bigger split and the fight will more than likely be in the UK where it will attract the biggest crowds. I am certain Wilder will not be too fussed about that. He seemed to love it when commentating on Sky Sports. Even at an 80/20 split, which I see was quote a few posts above, would still be more than Wilder has earned to date. Not that I see it being that sort of a split. With regards to Fury, it's all ifs, buts and maybes at the minute. It's all well and good saying a fit Fury would smash AJ but it's likely we will never see Fury in the shape he was in against Vlad again. His performance against Vlad was cool, calm and calculated and something we may never see from him again which is a shame but to me it was his stand out performance over quite a short career, sadly. The heavyweight division as a whole may not be full of future hall of fame champions but it's very competitive. I for one welcome that rather than a division dominated by the likes of Vlad & Vitali.
  3. Calling....Huth and Dragovic

    He's over rated by fans as he's a centre half who can actually play football. If we are looking to play a passing game then he is crucial as he doesnt treat the ball like a grenade. People need to realise he's not the finished article. Similar abuse has been aimed at Stones in the past. English football is trying to progress so let not give the lad too much stick. Morgan has been solid this season and Huth is a great defender but i think the way Maguire plays suits us. If we are being critical of defenders then Fuchs is the one to be dropped. He also played a part in their goals. He appears to be off the pace, which i hate to say as he has been one of my favourite signings in recent years.
  4. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Agree with this 100% There's also those who waste reception staff, doctors and nurses time with ridiculous injuries and ailments. Some of the stories the wife tells me are laughable and bloody annoying for those who genuinely require care. The numbers who attend the hospital with common colds appears to be increasing along with those who are referred to the hospital by their GP because they cannot handle the traffic of people at their surgery. One particular lady attended Urgent Care not so long ago with a paper cut...yes a bloody paper cut! That isn't even the worst or strangest but that's for a different topic. I'd also say the NHS has a problem whereby there appears to be too many managers not actually managing anyone, yet require a hefty salary. This issue isn't just contained to the NHS though.
  5. Who the hell are you to call me naïve for giving my thoughts on the matter? Do I really give a shit what people like George Galloway or Michael Vaughan think about us appointing a foreign manager? To me, their opinions are irrelevant. If you think they are relevant then that's fine but don't call me naïve. Personally I'd like to have had a British manager. I'd also love a team full of players born in Leicester but unfortunately that won't happen either. I take exception to the media picking us out for employing a foreign manager when majority of the league has a foreign manager. Watford being a perfect example.
  6. **** the media and anyone else who wants to slag us off. This is our club not theirs. They can go **** themselves. None of those who comment are relevant.
  7. League Cup 2017/2018

    Wonder if he realises that both teams were using the same ball? Pathetic excuse.
  8. Next City Manager?

    That formation is ridiculous You tend to have two CM's in a diamond rather than wingers. The idea would then be for the fullbacks to push on and offer width. I may try your line up on FIFA and see how I get on. That's obviously the most realistic way of judging whether it will work.
  9. Flags Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 103 seconds  
  10. Next City Manager?

    You did write it. Literally a couple of minutes before, so why the sudden surprise? Honestly and I mean this, if you don't fancy going down the football anymore, let me know and I will buy your ticket off you for my old man who has been trying desperately for years to get a season ticket. I don't mean to sound patronising but we have had far worse times than we are currently in. Supporters have dragged themselves through far worse than this. There's certainly a lot that needs to change within the club but not turning up isn't going to change a thing.
  11. Roy Keane anyone ?

    So would a load of other shite managers should they get offered the job. A big fat NO!
  12. Next City Manager?

    We are hardly stable. Plus he's shite and uninspiring.
  13. We're not as bad as this forum makes us sound

    I know it's perhaps intended as tongue in cheek but have you seen how long it takes us to get over the half way line when we try to play possession football? I mean, I say possession football but it's like watching crabs attempt to move forward. Our only other options have been to hoof the ball aimlessly. If that's what you like then getting forward is a breeze when we play that way. The ball comes straight back though mind. With regards to the games you have listed: Arsenal - They were awful and I mean AWFUL. It was a breath of fresh air to see us actually go for it though away from home but defensively they were a shambles. Brighton and West Brom - We were dreadful. They are teams we should be expecting to put up good performances against and we didn't. At the time of the Brighton game I put it down to us not getting out of second gear but now putting it in context I just think we weren't that good. Man Utd - Negative. Held on and deserved to lose. Chelsea - Didn't turn up 'til 1 nil down. Liverpool - Same as above. Should have nicked a draw. Perhaps arguably a game that gave me a glimmer of hope. Cup games - Quite easily have been 5 nil down against Liverpool at halftime. Now I am not normally doom and gloom but this season has been so far. Doesn't mean it can't change but honestly top 8? We would need a serious change in form and ideas. Hindsight it a wonderful thing but Shakey should never have been appointed in the summer. Hopefully a new manager with new ideas will give us that.
  14. Thank you Craig

    I have been very critical of him and his appointment as our manager but I am gutted we will no longer have him at the club in any capacity. He's a great coach and seems a good guy. He knew the pressures that come with management and he took a gamble, as did the club. Unfortunately it didnt work out for either but i wish him all the luck elsewhere.
  15. Our most intelligent player?