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  1. I think Drinkwater, just like every other player, needs to work hard and prove he deserves a place in our starting 11. I know in reality 5 or 6 players are nailed on starters but I wouldn't put Drinkwater in that category currently. You need to form a balanced opinion and to say that he deserves a place based on our title winning season or the first third of last season is ridiculous. He clearly has the ability but if he doesn't show it then he's next to useless for us. I think Pearson was quoted as saying that he's a complex character and he's probably right. I think he's a player that puts a lot of pressure upon himself. I think it was Porto away when he kept giving the ball away and you could see him shouting at himself and getting frustrated. He's a confidence type of player. I am certain if he get off to a good start then he will have a good season. Hopefully a bit of healthy competition will bring the best out of him.
  2. I know others have responded to this and I obviously don't want to sound like I am digging at you but there isn't an answer to why someone would do such a thing. Put another spin on it, imagine how bad someone must be mentally to even go through with it. I've lost a close family friend to suicide. They were the life and soul of the party and always "happy." Suddenly it all got too much. They left behind kids. Mental health is now finally being taken very seriously. Without sounding patronising maybe read about it or reading the depression thread in the general section to get a gist on what people feel and go through.
  3. They are aware they have sent incorrect items. Ive sent an email and attached a photo. As an organisation they are shocking. It took me two weeks to even get a response initially. Only yesterday i received an email from them saying "as they hadnt heard from me in 3 days, my claim is now closed." The email they attached was the email i sent them saying they could collect when i receive the correct pushchair.
  4. Ive decided not to sell. Going to play a real life game of mario cart in them instead.
  5. Yep. Went there the start of June. I searched online earlier and read that. Dunelm have taken over and close the phone lines etc. Wasnt told this at the time of purchase. Id image it's part of the reason they cocked up. Well I have made them aware they have sent the incorrect items so it's down to them now.
  6. The company is Kiddicare. They are part of the "World Stores" Group. From my point of view I've now got the items I asked for, even though it took nearly 6 weeks to receive them and a number of emails, facebook messages and twitter messages. I really don't want to spend my life chasing them to collect their items, however I do agree perhaps a message would cover my back. If you have the time, search for their Facebook page and read the number of complaints they have. I wish we did before we went. Everyone appears to be having the same issue regarding getting a response. I think if it was only the one mistaken pushchair, I'd risk it but four is a lot of money to risk (£2,400 worth of pushchairs).
  7. Yeah having read on the internet just now, I tend to agree. Technically not unsolicited goods I suppose. Although I did only ask for 1 pushchair and not 5
  8. Yes, so in that case we will have a serious talent on our hands. He will need to be a 25 - 30 per season goal scorer I'd imagine in order for Man City to even consider buying him back. We will benefit from that. Imagine him getting 25, playing alongside Vardy who is at least a 15 goal a season striker. We would be flying up the table into the height that our owners have ambitions of achieving again. Should Man City consider making a big, he would have to accept.
  9. My honest opinion is they are just shocking at their job. They claim they have had warehouse issues (possibly true) and their systems have been down. They have no phone number to contact them and every time you email you speak to someone else. I honestly wonder if every person I have spoken to has put a new order on for me. I could end up with 4 more car seats at this rate. All I wanted from them when I sent the original email was clarification as to what item would be delayed. That's the plan, although I did sign for them. We actually have 5 pushchairs now in total! We best not end up with 5 babies. I am trying to find the legislation for it. Someone said 6 months but I am unsure. Honestly, I've got 30 pages of emails that I have sent them that I've just printed off. I do intend to let them do the chasing. I can't even keep track of what they are sending me. Each one seems to have a different order number. I specifically asked them if my new items would come under a new order number and I was told no.
  10. Hopefully you guys will be able to help as I am in a bit of a moral dilemma. I recently ordered a pushchair and a car seat from Kiddie shop in Peterborough, some of you may know where I mean and I received an email from them stating my order would be delayed but didn't specify a time. Bear in mind my order was already 2 weeks late by this point. Now as you can imagine, you can't wait for these things when your misses is heavily pregnant so I asked what item or items would be delayed. No answer. I emailed them again and they pretty much gave me some bullshit answer about how their stock is ordered but they didn't clarify anything. I decided to go on a bit of a social media war and see if that got their attention and it finally did. They agreed to send out a fresh order, which would arrive within 3 to 5 working days. I then received an incorrect pushchair. I contacted them and expressed my anger. They agreed to send out a correct pushchair and collect the old one. The very next day I received another incorrect pushchair! I sent another email to tell them that the correct pushchair hadn't arrived. They told me that they would organise for the collection of the incorrect pushchair but I said I wouldn't release it until they supplied me the correct one. I thought it would be my insurance policy, so to speak. 3 days later they sent me the correct pushchair, along with the correct car seat. I've still yet to hear back from them reference collecting the old item(s). Since then I have also received a further 2 pushchairs. In total I now have 4 unwanted pushchairs. Are these items classed as unsolicited or not? How long do I need to hold onto them for? Would you contact them? Also please understand these are a bastard of a company. It took me 2 weeks to even get a response from them. I know morally it's wrong to keep hold of them but I have so much hatred towards them and their lack of customer service that I really want to keep them as a **** you!
  11. How good do people think Inheanacho is going to be for Man City to even consider buying him back? He has moved for first team football and at Leicester he's going to get that. He would seriously need to be scoring on a regular basis for Man City to even consider buying him back. They are a team who can buy any player in the world. He will need to be something special. Can't say I am too worried.
  12. Almost as mental as Matty James going to the world cup next year.
  13. Should he continue to miss-control throughout training and pre-season I am sure Shakespeare and the team will make a decision on him. Strikers should be allowed adequate time to fit into a team. As should any player. The way people talk about Slimani, it's like he hasn't made any form of contribution since signing. He has scored and assisted in a season with us that was marred with injuries and in a team that was poor for the first half of the season. He deserves a fair crack at it with a good pre-season under his belt. He's better than Ulloa, contrary to some fans beliefs. He didn't put the £28-30m price tag on his head (literally his head in his case so far). I honestly believe he has a lot more to offer. Like all strikers he needs the service. I just don't think he will get the service he requires due to the way we play.
  14. Similar to a tie break in Tennis I believe?
  15. I think with a bit of luck Inheanacho will be playing that role next season. If the rumours of us looking at Sigurdsson are true, it would also suggest that we are still in the market for a number 10 too. Not too worried as it's the first pre-season game. We like to hope that by the end of the month we have someone else in.