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  1. Depression

    @ajthefox has responded superbly but I thought I'd offer my personal insight too. I made many mistakes when trying to understand depression and anxiety in particular. I would always try to rationalise anything my misses would say. In my mind I understood why should would feel depressed as she has had a lot of losses and personal problems prior to meeting me that would make even the strongest person feel depressed. The anxiety I didn't understand. I just thought it was panic that could be rationalised an explained. It can't. Same for depression too. My misses would do very similar to yours. She would constantly question whether she was good enough for me. She would also say that if times got tough I should walk away but in the next breath she would panic I was going to leave her. She also had a fear of being alone, which I mistakenly put down to being controlling and made the situation worse. So if I had to work away for the night or go away for the weekend she would go into a blind panic and cry uncontrollably. In the heat of an episode she would also say a lot of things she didn't mean and I'd retaliate. After one bad episode she sought help at the doctors. They gave her some form of tablet to control her anxiety but also recommended counselling. Counselling was the best thing for her. I can't go into details as to what they discussed but it clearly worked. She still has her moments but now knows how to control them. I've also learnt from my mistakes and I have a better understanding on anxiety. What I would advise is to make yourself available to talk to. You may not understand or like what you hear but she will appreciate you listening, evening if she doesn't say it. Whatever you do don't retaliate as I did. Offering her your thoughts may not work either. It didn't for me but it's worth a try. Also, stick by her. You clearly love her and she can't help the way she feels. Just to fast-forward my situation slightly, I have no married my misses and recently had a child together. Times will be difficult and we both accept that but overall they can and will change for the better.
  2. As much as I love Leicester

    My main concern is our lack of identity and this is the same issue we had under Ranieri last season. The only part to our footballing formula that is consistent is us lining up 442 for every game. Other than that there's nothing. Our midfield is bypassed constantly and our most comfortable player on the ball is our centre back (Maguire). Teams don't even have to work out how we play anymore because we don't even try anything imaginative. Since Arsenal away this season, I feel like we have reverted to negative tactics albeit against teams far more difficult to breakdown than Arsenal who were a shambles at the back. I'd like to see us play on the front foot a lot more. Show a bit more arrogance against the likes of Huddersfield. I honestly believe that should we sign Silva, we have a great squad on paper. I do feel that we have a reluctance to change when it comes to players and formations. It's been this way for years and has occurred under both Ranieri and Pearson in recent years. We are now at a stage where change is needed. Not wholesale changes but subtle ones. Shakey did a fantastic job at the backend of last season by re-galvanising the team. I do fear that was as far as he could take us but I do think he deserves a chance. We have had some difficult games and a point against Huddersfield is fine as long as we back it up with home wins. Regarding our league position, we saw last season how tight it is from 8th - 15th and I'd expect it to be the same this season. 8th place and a good cup run would be a good season.
  3. Drinkwater reception next week.

    I'm going to hiss at him and throw rotten tomatoes.
  4. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    The only bids that we know came in were from Roma, which were pathetic. We were only going to sell once a team me our valuation which clearly they didn't. We obviously valued Drinkwater at less, hence why he went. I'm sure Mahrez will be a little frustrated but if he gets his head down and performs, the whole circus can begin again in January.
  5. Dear Chelsea.

    Eh? Buy your own goals you cheap bastards.
  6. Is Attending University the great Con of our time ?

    Going to Uni is all dependant on the course you take in my opinion. There are far too many bullshit courses. I am probably going to upset a few people here but going to Uni and doing art?! Doesn't make any sense to me. It's very expensive debt to come out with, when you are pretty much a glorified painter and decorator at the end of it. I am sure there's more to it but that's based on a family member who has been to Uni and took art. Too many people appear to attend because they don't know what else to do. As it's been mentioned previously, when at school it was pretty much forced on a lot of people that University is the only place to go. A lot of teachers were disappointed to find out that I didn't go to University when I went back years later. Funnily enough I am about to convert my HND in Engineering to a degree, studying day release. I am in a fortunate position where I was promoted from within my company and they are going to fund my studies. They have paid for my HNC & HND so far. I have always been far to hands on to sit in lectures daily so this route is perfect for me. I know not everyone has the same opportunity I have but being a student isn't the be all and end all.
  7. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    I thought clapping Knockaert onto the pitch was sufficient enough. The singing of his old song, which was louder than most of what we sang for the whole 90 minutes, was a bit odd. Personally I didn't join in. Union FS get some stick, some of which is warranted but I don't understand peoples issues with them starting a new chant, whether it overlapped the Knockaert one of not.
  8. Too good for Leicester!

    That I agree on. You would say that he's one of a few that we have who has the ability to play top 6 and Champions League football. As you said though last season has messed that up for him. No matter what your opinion is on Mahrez, I dont get why people get their knickers in a twist over Murphys opinion.
  9. Too good for Leicester!

    We could get top 6 however it's clear Mahrez is after European football and the big stage more regular. It's not being negative to suggest we can't offer him that. I think we all want to keep him but some accept his desires to play at a higher level.
  10. Too good for Leicester!

    That's exactly what I hope for. Although this was against an awful Brighton team. Lets see what Mahrez turns up next week. Theres no reason why we shouldnt aspire for the top 6 if we keep Mahrez.
  11. Too good for Leicester!

    Whether we want to accept it or not, Mahrez is destined to bigger and better things. He is one of a few players at the club who should be playing regular top 6 football. Wouldnt take it to heart.
  12. Do we still need a back 4?

    We don't need a back 4. Just a back 1. MAGUIRE.
  13. Brighton Post Match 2-0

    Brighton were one one of the worst teams I've seen since we have returned to the Premier League. We did a job and saw the game out. If we got out of 2nd gear we may have scored a few more. Maguire was class. Mahrez at his skillful best at time. Nice to see Okazaki score again. Concerned about Morgan though. Seemed out weak link.
  14. Cricket 2017

    What do you think the odds are on Cook getting out straight after lunch...even though its not lunch. It's nearly dinner.
  15. Speed Awareness Course

    I got done doing 83 in a 70. The speed awareness course was ok. The people on it not so much.