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  1. The official figures are about 600 UK cases. Estimates suggest the reality is 10,000
  2. It could be argued that the players are not suffering under Rodgers. 3rd place. League Cup semis. FA Cup quarters (so far). The club have had few better season's.
  3. Of course it was a good cup run. With your level of negativity, you should be a poster on Foxes talk.
  4. A Norwich defender's arm knocks the ball onto attacker Kelechi Ienacho's arm. No offence committed by the defender. Kelechi scores. Handball because he is the attacker. Previously, Kevin de Bruyne redefines what is a natural position for hands to be in.
  5. The ball co es off a yellow arm and hots kelechi's arm. No goal. No free kick to Leicester
  6. Vardy's class apparent in this game.
  7. A reminder to many of us that we are not the most limited poster on Foxes Talk. Thanks for the affirmation , Brooksy.
  8. People o Foxes Talk don't overrate him! Chilwell is a good player. His confidence is down. The way that fans slate him is counter-productive.
  9. Do you know how much work Chilwell puts in behind the scenes?
  10. His pace was not as impressive as it was in November
  11. Class player. It's up to Rodgers to sort. Class coach: Rodgers.
  12. We were good today. Robbed by institutionalised cheating.
  13. De Bruyne handles the ball looking at it. Praet's hands are hit by the ball when not looking at it. Iennacho is taken out by reckless play without remit. VAR favours big clubs again. Have a look at yourselves, Premier League and referees.
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