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  1. Brilliant player. Class act. Optimistic view: he's not a guaranteed starter unless we play three centre backs. Thinking about Sunday, part of me returns to 19i2, Villa Park, and memory misery echo blasts at me. I hope we turn up on Sunday, can put 11 of our best players out and play the way we know we can.
  2. Rotherham played on Saturday and Tuesday. After tonight's game, they don't play until Sunday. Crazy fixture congestion.
  3. We lost because of individual errors. They only had four shots.
  4. West Ham only had four shots all game to give it some context. I think two were when Amartey was on the pitch. He made a couple of really poor errors when passing back but he wasn't at fault for the goals. I didn't get why Schmeichel didn't dive for the first. He was a bit unsigned but I think he left it as he thought it was going wide. That was following Soufl being given far too much space repeatedly on their right. The second followed poor judgement from both Evans and Fofana. The third was down to Iheanacho's poor first touch and then allowing t
  5. Massive game. We need to get momentum going again- an FA Cup semi would be a good time to do it! If we win, will Hasenhuttl's job be under threat. If we lose, Rodgers will take some flak.
  6. Let the club deal with it. For a couple of weeks, it has been apparent that people are being more relaxed about following the rules. We are coming out of lockdown come whether the science indicates we should or not. With the variants, I fear we will soon be Iin trouble again. Footballers are at risk through playing all the time. Soyuncu travelling to Turkey, Spain, Turkey again was ridiculous. The players were out of order. Rodgers made a statement. Maddison seems to be the one getting the most flak while Barnes seems to be conveniently ignored. In
  7. You really haven't got a clue. I have ignored several of your inaccurate posts but the stupid content is doing my head in. Shush. Covid is real. Hundreds of thousands have had to mourn.
  8. Are you policing what you see as the forum police?
  9. If this stuff was posted on our forum, I think some would call it out. Horrible humour. A few would call the people calling it out snowflakes. But I think this contractually challenges extremes like this. Disgusting stuff.
  10. Thomas has looked ready sometimes. He has looked exposed at times. With the potential he clearly has, imo a loan move would be best for his development following pre-season involvement with us.
  11. Ref is consistent. Gives fouls to Man City. Not to Leicester
  12. Poor, Ref. Surely if it's a foul He's already had the advantage
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