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  1. majaco

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Claude Paul's blue and white army Puel's reverse psychology think tank
  2. majaco

    Wilde Donald Guerrier

    Offensive. Limited
  3. majaco

    Have we been linked with any strikers?

    Sell him to Bournemouth for 40 mill!
  4. majaco

    Solanke and Clyne to Bournemouth?

    Bournemouth have previous in taking Liverpool rejects: Ibe, Brad Smith. We should jump on the bandwagon and offer them Slimani for 39 million and Benalouane for 18 million.
  5. majaco

    The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

    Melrose was fantastic some games. I'd forgotten that Tommy English was forgettable.
  6. majaco

    The "do they mean us?" thread pt 2

    Davies was terrible. He seemed to lack being able to move.
  7. majaco


    Towards, the end against Cardiff, we seemed rudderless. Despite his age, he plays like a leader.
  8. majaco

    Experience and leadership needed

    Evans made a difference today. Simpson solidifies the team. Hamza adds a bit of charisma.
  9. majaco


    Schlupp will be beginning to put.together a Ghezzal reel after Saturday's moment
  10. majaco

    Experience and leadership needed

    I like Soyuncu; I was with family members who don't. For this reason, I was focused on him from behind the goal. His confidence went and I ran out of being able to defend him.
  11. majaco


    He's a professional footballer. He has defensive duties. There are very few players whoa re not required to defend. He cost us the game yesterday. It was great goal but Cardiff got the ball for free off Ghezzal who, failing to notice he no longer had the ball, ran off down the pitch a little bit. While Cardiff were beginning to use their free use of the ball, Ghezzal did a little bit of frustrated gesticulation practice. An alternative for Ghezzal would have been to go and limit the space of the goal scorer.. The goal scorer enjoyed his use of space and is probably thankful to Ghezzal. Perhaps Ghezzal could consider his defensive duties. If not, perhaps he could not play.
  12. We need to sign a bit of a experience and leadership. With Morgan out yesterday, Albrighton and Vardy subbed, I think Ndidi was the.most experienced player on the field until Okazaki came on. Gray showed a moment of leadership following Maddison's penalty miss; however, Soyuncu would have benefited from some calm guidance following his first woeful howler. Part of our 2015/16 success was the arrival of experienced players Okazaki and Fuchs. Fuchs' leadership was vital. There was a certain inevitability that Cardiff would score yesterday, the final few minutes looked like the naive bunch versus the know-how 11.
  13. Vardy was okay. Definitely.better than Iheanacho
  14. majaco


    It didn't. He is defensively poor. Some of his creativity is good. Overall, he was a negative in the game.
  15. majaco

    Post Match: City 0 - 1 Cardiff

    We lack experience and leadership. Was Ndidi the most experienced Leicester player on the pitch before Okazaki came on . Soyuncu looked good until his first howler, then he was poor. He needed a leader near him to put his head back on. We did some quality things but at times messed up the basics. Ghezzal looks.good creatively but defensively is shocking. The way he lost the ball just before we conceded should be included in the training programme for clown training. Frustrating!