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  1. I was appalled at the way Chilwell was treated by our fans yesterday. You could see his confidence drain the first time he made an error. He did not have a good game but he is our player. We should be behind him. He is talented; he is the England left back who came through our academy. I trust Rodgers to deal with this. The necessary man-management is undermined by our own fans. Fans should be supporters too particularly of a team that has done so well this season.
  2. Please post lyrics for all current chants here. When I am in the audience versus Southampton, it will only be third time this season I have managed the six hour round trip. The singing around me has been weak. Help me find my voice.
  3. Complete paperwork one second after the window closes
  4. Offer big money for Grealish. There will be few better players any time soon. Imagine being a defender against him.
  5. Johnson is an Etonian. Very few people are. Most people need the NHS. Let's not promote the Sun. Let's not banter indecently with any opposition fans.
  6. Great player. Hamza will be even better. Let's keep both of them.
  7. majaco


    Of all of pur excellent young players, Hamza has the most potential in my opinion.
  8. We may find that is our fortune to have him. He could come back from injury. I have just seen a Harry Arter wonder strike on MOTD. Danny Ings is scoring many. Given confidence, players come good. Amartey was getting into our team before injury. He has quality. Rodgers and team are capable of getting performances out of him. And Barnes, and Chilwell, and Gray, and Ienacho, and whoever the experts on negativity of this forum judge negatively. If Amartey is called on, he could do himself proud.
  9. Is Lingard worth minus 55 million?
  10. It would be fantastic to see him recovered and able. What a shame if the injury he sustained was the end of him at Leicester
  11. Ghana's captain in the Afcon. He's had some good games for us. He has his haters, so could get on with Barnes,Gray and Chilwell. Could Big Dan be an option soon?
  12. Get behind Barnes. Get behind Chilwell. Get behind Gray. They are Leicester players. I hope they keep being Leicester players because if they are they are performing well enough to get picked by Rodgers. Oh, get behind Rogers too.
  13. I Didn't know Les Dennis was a Leicester fan. Best wishes to you, Les.
  14. I like Maguire. I think someone should come up with better words. I was attracted by the half-rhyme of turn and turd. Makes attackers look absurd? Can't really see absurd in a football chant
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