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  1. Weller in tights. Did Buchanan and Peake make debuts that day?
  2. Scapegoat him following a win! Foxestalk delivers.
  3. Could Fofana play in midfield if necessary. He spent a lot of yesterday's match there anyway!
  4. No. Only weeks ago, there was discussion on this forum about whether N'didi would be able to displace Mendy. Kante was spectacular in 15/16. Perhaps our best ever midfield player. Now, I would not have him back over N'didi. Part of it is loyalty. We have a squad of players who we have been able to invest our support in. New players are coming into a great set up.
  5. I love him. I love Fofana too. And I love Evans. And I admit to A bit of a crush on Amartey. But we need someone to sit on the bench. Or the bench would be wasted. Being a Leicester fan is so good sometimes. I feel sorry for people who support other teams. Especially Tottenham fans.
  6. He is brilliant.our team is something. We are just better with him. I still say he's better than Mendy.
  7. A few more of his quality fro the Academy would be nice.
  8. Is he not rubbish any more on Foxestalk. Marvellous player. We are lucky to ha e him.
  9. Pitch is not it's usual smoothness. Good game. Two good sides.
  10. Utility player. Mainly midfield. If DOH was to return, they would be getting someone in
  11. Luton linked with signing Kai Naismith, free agent having left Wigan by mutual consent
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