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  1. ? Under is the weak link because we don't know how good he is yet
  2. We thrashed them two seasons ago. We were out-clashing them even before Maitland-Niles got sent off
  3. What happened at Bournemouth was hardly down to him. Schmeichel errors and Caglar short-fuse.
  4. Why do you find this gesture objecting to racism embarrassing?
  5. If the two Weses start, their average pace will be average.
  6. No. I have already paid a subscription
  7. Two all is more likely. There have been a lot of goals at the start of the season though.
  8. If Van Dijk is injured for any length of time, the league is wide open
  9. I pay for a Sky subscription to watch players who earn more in a week than I do in a year. I am not paying the £15. However, with travel, it cost more than three times to watch a game at the King Power.
  10. I want to watch the Leicester games. I earn less in a year than players do in a week. I already pay a Sky subscription. On principle , I don't think I can pay. In other news, the right wing, capitalist government are making it illegal for schools to be critical of capitalism. Charles Dickens, JB Priestley and Willy Russell could all face long bans. The £15 charge is too much.
  11. Rhys James hit the qualifying Mark for an England cap by playing more than two games for Chelsea.
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