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  1. majaco


    Mahrez? Vardy? Huth? Vardy? Vardy? Vaaaaaarrrrddddy! We have spent better.
  2. It is going to be an interesting season. We should be targetting Champion's League qualification... but part of me is worried about relegation too. I have supported Leicester for many decades so qualify to be a pessimistic optimist.
  3. Maguire might go. For a lot of money. I would rather he stayed. However, we conceded too many goals last year. According to match ratings on this forum, he was our fourth best defender. Losing hi has jeopardy; however, there are several players who are higher priority to retain. I am fairly relaxed about this situation. I hope Maguire stays but won't feel unduly troubled or let down of he goes.
  4. It's not homophobic. Pink is , in part, a symbol of support. Ironically, pink used to be colour associated with boys.
  5. Retrospectively, I knew I was straight at about 5. That's easy. You don't need to come out, or question yourself, as straight. There are loads of images of straight people projected in so many ways. However, there are diverse ways pf being normal. Children, and everyone, should be given the message: it's okay to be you.
  6. I am a parent of a trans child. There are huge rates of suicide attempts amongst trans teenagers. It is easy to be an accepting parent of a trans child. I choose to love my daughter and keep her safe. In her first match at the KP, she saw Mahrez score with his thirteenth consecutive touch.
  7. The term coloured was used in a derogatory way in America. Because of its history it is offensive. It was also used in an offensive way in South Africa. The term 'a person of colour ' is totally acceptable. 'Aussie' is an acceptable , friendly term; however a similar shortening of the word 'Pakistani is not. Again it is historical, the term was used as a catch-all insulting term for people of Asian origin. Much to my regret, growing up in Hinckley, some racist terms were part of my vocabulary at a time where there was less awareness. People at the time did not mean to offend, we just were not educated in using language respectfully. You sound very respectful. Respect to you for your charity work. The term 'black' is generally inoffensive unlike the word 'coloured. '
  8. majaco


    If we digress to enough female icons of the British music scene, posting nothing about Tielemans, we should get to Page 200. Annie Lennox.
  9. We should offer Ienacho to Man U for a bargain £39,999,999 .99
  10. majaco


    I hate Coventry. Bit of a waste as they are irrelevant.
  11. Lynex: fantastic. I have fond memories of Lynex the goalkeeper too.
  12. majaco


    I really Don't like those right wingers.
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