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  1. Gray offers work-rate defending . Pace attacking. Potentially good selection (even though I like Barnes and Albrighton)
  2. I reckon quite a few of our players would improve Man U's side: Perreira, Chilwell, Tiellemans, Maddison, Choudhury or N'didi, Vardy, Evans. Soyuncu? On the other hand, I don't think many of their players would improve the Leicester line-up. De Gea, Rashford. Possibly James. Hopefully, we will show our quality today despite the challenge of going to Old Trafford.
  3. You are quite right. I am now going to do some swearing at predictive text. I wasn't even trying to take the piss out of Grealish.
  4. It would be interesting if Maddison and Grealish had a chat and both decided to play for Ireland. Instantly, the Irish would be a different proposition.
  5. I might be getting mixed up with the Choudhury thread and the images preceding events thread but is he now going to grow an impressive afro?
  6. I agree with a lot of what you say. I don't think Spurs are far ahead of us. Which of their players would be nailed on to improve our side? Like most of last season's top six, I would only want a couple for us. I think we are better than Everton and Wolves, both strong sides. But I think West Ham are dangerous. Heller could make a difference for them; he looks brilliant.
  7. People choose whether to show interest in others. If a straight man had to change with women (some could be straight, some gay, some old, some young some light, some heavy), he would probably decide that the socially responsible thing to do would be not to visually check out his changing companions. A footballer would probably be in a changing room because of playing football. He would be unlikely to be focused on asserting his sexuality. I have coached a women's team where the rainbow was represented. There were no examples of sexual impropriety in the dressing room.
  8. I'd rather have our players than theirs. Yesterday's game showed our flexibility and squad. There was quite a transition fro starting to finishing XI. Both looked good.
  9. The Bournemouth team, on paper is impressive. In the opening stages of yesterday's game, it was clear that there two teams packed full of excellent players. I think that each team would welcome players from the other into their squad. By the middle of the second half, Bournemouth looked deflated. It is great to see that we have a team capable of exerting dominance against an effective team from the division.
  10. Unfortunately, my dad, 80, took a really heavy fall walking to the ground from the car yesterday. Fortunately he's okay. Initially, when he went down, I thought he would inevitably have fractured something. Thankfully, he is okay. Because he knocked his head and had a slight graze, I wanted him to get checked out. Dad, more concerned about being embarrassed than injured, was up quickly despite initially being a bit shocked, and we continued to the ground. I asked a steward if we could see a first-raider. The steward was fantastic and took us to the medical centre (under the east stand). There were an impressive number of medics there, all of whom were brilliant Dad was thoroughly checked, a doctor was called. There were worries because of medication that Dad has to take. There was the possibility of needing to go to hospital (Dad looked more shocked than we he fell as he was looking forward to the match). At least so e of the medics seem to be full time health care professionals who volunteer for St John's Ambulance). We went to our seats and watched the game. Thanks to the two City fans who gave us support immediately after Dad fell. Thanks tp the superb volunteers and professionals at the ground.
  11. Soyuncu looks class. The ball went to him so often. He is clearly trusted by the team; he has the I intelligence to find space. People are picking out different moments where he was fantastic. I was impressed by his concentration. Perhaps he is benefiting from a run in the team. Boxing Day last year, against Cardiff, you could see some class. Then he misplaced a pass and wasn't the same. Yesterday, he looked very classy throughout the game. It is good that his main focus is on defending. However, he does get forward sometimes; so e posts suggest he doesn't. When he put one over the bar from 20 yards, my dad said, "What's he doing there?" Brilliant yesterday. Our whole defence is shaping up.
  12. Is your posting persona based on Will Ferrell's character in 'Elf? Best wishes when you start junior school next week.
  13. I do 't know why three posts are quoted above. I was aiming at two.
  14. TROLL! Your views are weird. We have a young squad. There were times under Puel where we were bereft of experience on the field. There needs to be balance. I am worried about balance in your posts.
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