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  1. I was mocked o this forum in August for suggesting we had a team worth over 300 million
  2. So, we should keep Chilwell? Is this the thread who identified Mahrez was terrible? Is this the club where in 2016/17 I had to endure potential Vardy slayers sitting next to me? Surely we are better than that. Just because Chilwell is a top defender, does it not mean he is crap? Sell the useless academy, one of our own, products.... Seriously, I hope his recent form leads to him being backed. He is moving towards top Fuching class . I bope he is at the club for a lo g time yet.
  3. There is always a certain speculation to long range shots. In my opinion, they were decent efforts. It widened our range of pressure.
  4. Gary's decision making is I proving rapidly. Someone seems to be successfully coaching him football intelligence. He has talent. I have been defensive of him on this forum several times. He could possibly become a massive player. In today's game, his long range shots were crisp giving the massed ranks of the Arsenal defence a new problem. His ball retention seemed to be excellent. At times , he was threatening from the wing. Well done to him.
  5. We are so good. I was getting really frustrated with the ref. Allowing Arsenal to make fouls did not seem to be in the spirit of the game. I thought it got to the players. Then we scored and were dominant. Ball retention is up there with first and fourth in the division. When Maguire went, I hoped my thinking that he would be barely missed would not be in vain. Our centre backs are phenomenal. I have never seen our defence look so solid. I think Chilwell deserves more recognition. He is a top player. We have loads of top players and some are on the bench. Well done Demarai Gray. Well do e to our coaches. His football I intelligence seems to be developing rapidly. We are massive.
  6. If the ball touches her hand, it's a definite penalty. That is not a natural position.
  7. I was there. Heavily bearded Birmingham team depressed me. My dad, who has bee somewhat converted recently by me and my brother, is a Birmingham fan. When he moved to Sharnford and found himself with kids, he took us to our local team as he had gone to his. I was only 9 but i remember him being smug on that day. I have nothing against beards.
  8. Our squad looks strong. Our one current major weakness is the lack of back-up to Vardy. We need in the next two windows to address this. We need to buy players to put pressure on our current ones. If we signed a player who could displace one of our stars, it would clearly be a win-win situation. We need to bear in mind that most of our players could play in just about any team. The former big 6 will be circling. Bearing all this in mind, I think part of our strategy should be to buy two or three class Championship players in January and loan them straight back to their current clubs for the rest of the season. The clubs in question would not have their squads disrupted with immediate effect and the new signings continue to play regular football. I am no expert on Championship football but Eze and Bowen spring to mind. They would then get pre-season with Leicester. If we could get Hwang-Hee Chan or Zaha or similar quality, it would be great and they would add to the squad/team immediately. I hope there are few permanent signings in January as our current squad is strong.
  9. I pressive reel. No wonder Haaland scores so many. A lot of what he does he is quite simple but done brilliantly with awareness, technique and speed of thought. Get him in.
  10. We are third. We are competing at the top. Every game is a new target., I have supported Leicester for decades. I realised long a go we would never win the top flight! Now, I never sing that.
  11. I love being a Leicester fan. There have been lows. What the he'll do they matter. Despite my ridiculous over excitement at winning the league my favourite games may be: first - beating Shrewsbury (I was there). Second- tonight (televison). Loved being at the party where we hammered Everton 2016
  12. Albrighton rivals Steve Bruce as the best English player never to win a cap. Simpson is only top ten. Albrighton would be a better manager than Bruce.
  13. Maybe Akinbiyi is ready now. Worth giving him a go? You never know?
  14. Best of luck to him. He did some good things, We have had worse. Rogers is better.
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