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  1. It was a totally different experience in the early eighties. You could take a Robinsons coach from Burbage, get crushed in Pen 4, visit the toilet at half-time to get a urine wash over your shoes, from the emptying bladders of those who pissed against a wall rather than waiting for urinal space, before leaving at the end of the game to get crushed again partly because of tv vans cutting down the space in the narrow streets of terraced housing. Those were the days.
  2. We should go all out for Rangers. Just to make sure Celtic fans don't have a Twitter holiday.
  3. Southampton. Stopped Mane scoring.
  4. I am optimistic about this game. Sometimes my optimism is misplaced! I think we will get something. I reckon that the Man City players will have the jitters following watching Liverpool's nervy game last night. If we do well in the last two games, I am wondering if it will encourage our players to want to stay in anticipation of what could be achieved together . On the flip side, would it mean there would me more bids from the top 6? Our players could almost be on the beach but Rogers is still new enough to make it an interesting end to the season.
  5. I wonder what letter the h#sh tag replaced?
  6. We were brilliant. I agree that Evans was fantastic: experience and ability. Great to see Hamza play so well. I thought our weakest starter was Maguire and he was good!
  7. Some of ourmidfielders are class. Back-up lacks quality
  8. Because we need to upgrade. Keep Ndidi and Choudury. I think Fuchs will leave.
  9. Sometimes, predictive text is not helpful.
  10. We have a team but the squad lacks depth. I think we need a lb, a cm, a dm and a wide player
  11. Richie Wellens. Rogers out
  12. majaco

    Jibril Abubakar

    Six syllables might defeat some people.
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