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  1. We used three at the back that people on this forum has been calling for all season. We found out we were short of defensive cover of adequate quality. It was confirmed that we need a top quality right winger.
  2. Will a premier league manager be judged? It's possible. There seems to be a lack of job security that goes with the role.
  3. We need a fourth. Morgan did okay at the end of the season but I fear okay is his ceiling now.
  4. Tarkowski would be a great addition. £50 million is mad money. We may need to spend 15-20 million again to get a suitable centre back.
  5. majaco

    David Brooks

    As a Leicester fan, I feel obliged to hopefully read the transfer thread. This shows that it is even more of a waste of time than I thought. I have read just read two pages on Benrahma who there has been no real speculation about for weeks.
  6. Great player, Zaha. But I don't think he's what we need. I hope we get Brooks who I would see is a player who could get (or create) a late goal in tight match. We don't have enough players who regularly do that. Maddison, Ienacho and Vardy seem the most likely currently. A right sided forward player has to be priority. If we get one, the next weakest link in our first 11 would , in my opinion, be Barnes. Barnes is likely to improve further.
  7. majaco

    David Brooks

    Fantastic respect. What a stupid, ignorant post.
  8. Do we have room for him I the squad? He is potentially a good squad member fighting for a first team place.
  9. majaco

    David Brooks

    Get out of the forum, you wum. People were quite happy talking garbage and you spoil it by talking sense. I bet you think that your ridiculous, measured views add to the quality of debate. I agree with you. Brooks would add quality.
  10. Has Brooks or his uncle bullied you in the past? You are very negative about him.
  11. It's about margins. Brooks is marginally better than what we have got. He would improve our starting capacity. We rotate a fair amount so he wouldn't always start. If you were picking a best starting 11 from our current squad plus Brooks, Brooks would start. I see you are jumping over other people's views (you may well have the bestest views on the forum) but you have acknowledged he is marginally better. Therefore, he would help to develop the team.
  12. majaco

    David Brooks

    Brooks is on a level with Maddison. He would be a major addition giving us choice and depth. If we could get Brooks and a decent centre back (who would realistically be cover), we would have met what I would see as the minimum needed for improvement.
  13. In training, he excels at drills. But he can be a bit crude.
  14. majaco

    David Brooks

    This would be a great signing..
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