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  1. majaco

    Jibril Abubakar

    Six syllables might defeat some people.
  2. We should be really positive about Maddison. There is a tendency on this forum to knock players. Mahrez was poor to many posters. Vardy has had his share of criticism. Stats have limitations but these also show that if the team is functioning fully, Maddison could be a major factor for us.
  3. Both are acceptable. Except under Puel where we created fewer chances and scored less goals. But both terms are grammatically correct.
  4. Morgan and Evans offer leadership
  5. Let's not wait. There has been too much positivity on Foxes Talk in the last few days. Rogers out.
  6. Let's not wait. There has been too much positivity on Foxes Talk in the last few days. Rogers out.
  7. Slagging a player off on here is no indication of his ability. Or anywhere else. Mahrez was often panned. I have sat near Vardy haters in the ground. We have some great talent.
  8. Claude Paul's blue and white army Puel's reverse psychology think tank
  9. Melrose was fantastic some games. I'd forgotten that Tommy English was forgettable.
  10. Davies was terrible. He seemed to lack being able to move.
  11. majaco


    Towards, the end against Cardiff, we seemed rudderless. Despite his age, he plays like a leader.
  12. Schlupp will be beginning to put.together a Ghezzal reel after Saturday's moment
  13. He's a professional footballer. He has defensive duties. There are very few players whoa re not required to defend. He cost us the game yesterday. It was great goal but Cardiff got the ball for free off Ghezzal who, failing to notice he no longer had the ball, ran off down the pitch a little bit. While Cardiff were beginning to use their free use of the ball, Ghezzal did a little bit of frustrated gesticulation practice. An alternative for Ghezzal would have been to go and limit the space of the goal scorer.. The goal scorer enjoyed his use of space and is probably thankful to Ghezzal. Perhaps Ghezzal could consider his defensive duties. If not, perhaps he could not play.
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