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  1. I was horrified at the abuse our fans gave to Chilwell. He's good. Give him two years , he might get to Fuchs 2016 level. He came througn the academy, he's England's left back. With confidence, he will excel. I remember him putting the frighteners up Atletico in 2017.
  2. Let's not get excited. I am too old to think I might understand the banter of someone who associates with party central Grealish. Let's ask Maddison to stay with Leicester because of his ability. Then ask him to get Grealish to co e and play for us too.
  3. Roger Davies was a terrible signing. We were terrible.
  4. Wallington, Whitworth, Rofe and 8 others.
  5. I was at the home game earlier in the season. I was a teenager. Pen 4 was not a conducive environment. If I remember correctly, in the absence of having a donkey on the bench, Henderson was brought on. He had a great moment and scored later on.
  6. Intelligent bloke. Influential too. I think Huth, Fuchs and Okazaki were all great leaders in their own way. Major factor I us becoming champions. That and Schlupp winning a late penalty against West Ham when Moss bottled it.
  7. Is Nicky Maynard still playing? Cheaper option.
  8. I saw the Dalai Lama speak at the Oxford Union in1992. He had killed some mosquitos. I also saw Madge from neighbours. I gave her a kiss on the cheek. Saw Jim Bowen too. Didn't kiss him on the cheek.
  9. The official figures are about 600 UK cases. Estimates suggest the reality is 10,000
  10. It could be argued that the players are not suffering under Rodgers. 3rd place. League Cup semis. FA Cup quarters (so far). The club have had few better season's.
  11. Of course it was a good cup run. With your level of negativity, you should be a poster on Foxes talk.
  12. A Norwich defender's arm knocks the ball onto attacker Kelechi Ienacho's arm. No offence committed by the defender. Kelechi scores. Handball because he is the attacker. Previously, Kevin de Bruyne redefines what is a natural position for hands to be in.
  13. The ball co es off a yellow arm and hots kelechi's arm. No goal. No free kick to Leicester
  14. Vardy's class apparent in this game.
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