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  1. Adrien Silva

    Been really disappointed in him so far
  2. What is the point of Matty James?

    James had a really poor game yesterday but I don’t think he was much worse than Silva. I actually think Silva has been pretty disappointing so far; looks a bit lightweight. Several times players just strolled past him yesterday. He also has the Iborra bug of giving the ball away unecessarily. If you watch the first goal, ok there is quite a bit of time in between Silva giving the ball away and De Bruyne’s cross but ultimately, Silva gives the ball away cheaply. James does look as though he’s running through treacle at times. Lovely footballer but the injuries have taken their toll.
  3. His work rate definitely has improved. He’s leaning what is required to play for Leicester City. Hard work. It’s clear it doesn’t necessarily come naturally to him but he had a good first half.
  4. Alfie Mawson to Leicester please. What a player.
  5. Good job Puel picked the team yesterday and not you.
  6. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Love him but I can now see him downing tools purely to drive his value down.
  7. ‘Vards needs to come out for a game or two’ 😂 He was superb against Watford. One of his best performances of the season. One bad game like the whole side and he’s out. Don’t be so ridiculous
  8. Kasper 7 - Some decent saves and his distribution is underrated Amartey 7 - Not a natural on the ball but I thought he dealt pretty well with Richarlison (who looked good) Maguire 8 - Just fantastic. That stepover in the box! Dragovic 8 - Getting better and better Chilwell 7 - He's ahead of Fuchs for me now. Albrighton 6 - Awful first half, great second Ndidi - 8 Close shave between him and Vardy for MOTM. Excellent interceptions, got forward well James 7 - Another steady game and involved in the first goal. Think Puel is instructing him to get forward more Mahrez 7 - I didnt think he had his best game, actually. Fantastic goal showed why he is probably the best player we've ever had Okazaki 6 - Some frustrating moments as usual but worked hard and is vastly improved this season even versus the league winning season Vardy - 9 MOTM. Involved loads more in the game than in recent weeks. Took his penalty well, was a constant threat and worked exceptionally hard Every single player is now more comfortable with the ball at their feet thanks to Puel and his staff.
  9. Iheanacho

    He’s a great finisher but his all round game is poor and doesn’t suit our style of play. The only way he starts is as the furthest player forward , and that position is Vardy’s.
  10. Simpson

    Well said
  11. Kasper 6 One dodgy moment in the first half Simpson 8 Superb again defensively Maguire 7 Not quite as dominant in the air as usual Morgan 7 See above Chilwell 6 That pass across our box in the first half was suicidal. Few silly mistakes Mahrez 8 Their keeper should save it but he’s on fire at the moment. Magic man Iborra 6 He gave the ball away FOUR times in the opening 15 mins. It’s so annoying because he’s so much better than that. Improved second half Ndidi 9 MOTM. Everywhere Albrighton 7 Fabulous touch for Gray’s goal. Bit sloppy in possession at times Gray 7 Caused them problems. So great to see him getting regular games Vardy 6 Little bit quiet , did well for the winner. Should have had a pen Shinji and Ulloa did well when they came on. Loving the football we are playing under Puel.
  12. Maguire’s best game for us but Wood is still useless
  13. Stand out players were Iborra Ndidi Chilwell Vardy but there wasn’t a bad performance out there. My favourite game of the season so far. Imagine being one of those Leicester fans who thinks Mahrez ‘lacks end product ‘ 😂
  14. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    He’s definitely good enough for Man City