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  1. Dickov22

    Kasper Schmeichel...

    And I’d say vice versa if someone was asking would we swap Kasper for any of the sides in the league bar a few.
  2. Dickov22

    Kasper Schmeichel...

    I think Ederson is pushing De Gea from what I’ve seen of him. I wouldn’t swap Kasper for anyone really. Good player and almost as inportantly, seems a great bloke to have around the club and in the dressing room. His post after Vichai’s death just said it all for me.
  3. Dickov22

    Kasper Schmeichel...

    Someone on Twitter said he’s ‘not even in the top 6 keepers in the Premier League’. I bet to differ. I can only think of below who I’d rather have: De Gea Ederson Allison Lloris makes loads of mistakes most notably in the World Cup final. Heaton is looking good again but needs to do it over a longer period
  4. Think we are very close to being a really really good side. New manager, another striker and a midfielder (if we can’t sign Tielemans) and we are there. Kasper 6 Didn’t think he could do anything about the goals Ricardo 6 Same mistake again after last week Evans 7 Played well Maguire 6 Poor for the first goal but otherwise pretty good Chilwell 8 Pep Guardiola is going to sign him isn’t he? Ghezzal 5 Just no threat whatsoever. Tidy player but nothing else Tielemans 8 MOTM Ndidi 7 Incredible that Puel was due to leave him on the bench in favour of Mendy. Looked better without Mendy actually. Knew his job rather than having the same job as his partner like he does when Mendy plays Barnes 6 On another day he has a couple of goals. Still think he’s going to be one hell of a player Maddison 7 As always, creative and a threat. Played well Gray 6 Puel hung him out to dry. It didn’t work with him up front against Liverpool and it didn’t again yesterday. Did his best Vardy 7 Miles better as a team when he came on. Pathetic decision from Puel to drop him unless it was for the apparent name calling last week. If Vardy starts, we put away some of those chances we missed in my opinion. Manager: Leave.
  5. Dickov22

    Kasper article

    God just imagine a world where Puel stays and Kasper leaves. Other way around please
  6. Dickov22

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    Wow. And I thought Barnes looked as though he’s going to be an absolute hell of a player. Very excited by him and what a difference it makes to have someone who is willing to pick the ball up and drive forward with purpose. I loved his performance.
  7. Kasper 6 Distribution awful at times Ricardo 6 Don’t blame him entirely for the goal; he looked down the line and Vardy hasn’t made the run (is this instructional or just Vardy’s decision? Rarely see him run the channels now) Evans 8 Thought he played well despite missing the sitter second half Maguire 8 Played well Chilwell 7 Did fine Gray 6 Bit quiet Mendy 5 Sloppy in possession on several occasions. Just don’t understand his continued selection. Especially when Choudhury has looked so good Ndidi 6 Not bad but not as dominant as he was at Anfield Barnes 8 MOTM. He is going to be one hell of a player Maddison 6 Some good feet in the second half but wasn’t in the game much. Wish we’d play him in midfield where he can have more of an influence Vardy 5 Isolated as usual and missed a really good chance second half Ghezzal did well when he came on. Other two are a complete waste of time. Puel to go. Don’t think I’ll change my mind on it.
  8. Kasper 7 Made one decent save from Firmino but not really tested thanks to the defence Ricardo 7 Couple of rash moments but otherwise good Evans 7 Solid Maguire 8 One of his best games this season Chilwell 7 Dealt with Salah brilliantly. As with Ricardo there were a couple of silly fouls and moments where he dived in too quickly but overall really good. Assist as well! Albrighton 7 Worked very hard as usual. Think he played in 3 different positions ! Mendy 6 Better than recent weeks but not sure why everyone on Twitter is raving about him Ndidi 8 As with Maguire one of his best games this season. Bossed the middle Gray 6 Always a threat but decision making let him down. He needs to improve that side of his game otherwise he’ll always be a nearly man Maddison 6 Made some clever runs. No idea how he didn’t score the header Vardy 5 Not really in the game Hamza was class. Should be starting every game
  9. Makes good reading for Puel, fair play. 800 odd minutes too many for Iheanacho though.
  10. Dickov22

    Rafa Benitez

    Newcastle have been rubbish for ages. Can’t be all the owner’s fault.....
  11. Dickov22

    Claude Puel told job "Safe" - report

    I didn’t say I’d sack him did I? I feel that 5 premier league defeats in a row ( if it happens) alongside the cup defeat to Newport plus all the negative press stories we keep seeing written will mean he’d go.
  12. Dickov22

    Claude Puel told job "Safe" - report

    If he loses the next three games, there’s no way he’ll stay for the season.
  13. Well I know it was previously Mickey Walsh (brother of Steve Walsh DOF , not the player). Assume now it’s Vardy. Feel quite sorry for Puel. Not seen a journalist go after someone so much in a long time.
  14. It used to be Mickey Walsh (brother of Steve Walsh director of football). Not sure who it is now though.