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  1. He's given us 4 seasons and is the most talented player I've ever seen play for us. Wish him all the luck in the world and he deserves champions league. He didnt have to stay another year. A certain little midfielder at the Bridge didnt bother after all.
  2. Kasper 7 One good save in the first half. Please stay Simpson 6 Uncharacteristic mistake which led to their goal Benalouane 5 Once again, gets too close to his man all the time. I don't think we'll be seeing him again in a City shirt Fuchs 6 He's a much better left back than centre back Chilwell 6 Did ok. Very silly yellow card Albrighton 6 Full of effort but little impact. He's probably exhausted Ndidi 7 Average first half, much better second. Needs to be more confident King 6 Thought he did ok actually Mahrez 6 Frustrating game from him. Won us loads of free kicks but lost the ball so often. Vardy 8 MOTM. Unlucky not to get two goals. He's just a terrier all over the pitch. Slimani 6 I didn't think he played badly, but if there's one thing he is really good at it's heading so it's a bad miss from him second half. God knows why we paid so much for him. Amatey and Gray both 6. Shakey 8. He deserves the chance to have a real go at it and build his own side. 50/50 whether he gets it though.
  3. Shakey deserves the chance .
  4. Vardy clearly can't stand him. Twice had a go at him, once ran over to Slimani's man to make a tackle, then berated him. Didnt celebrate with him when he scored, either. What waste of money he's been. No upgrade on Ulloa really. THIRTY MILLION! 😩
  5. Absolutely not. He did a decent enough job for us overall. Probably stayed two seasons too long.
  6. Seen the goals back and don't think Kasper is at fault for any.
  7. Kasper 6 Need to see the goals back on TV but I thought he could have done better on a couple of them. Particularly the fifth. Simpson 6 Probably the most solid defender on the night. Benalouane 3 I think we now know why he's barely featured since he's been here. Reminded me of the hopeless Patrick Kisnorbo. Too tight to his man every time, outmuscled constantly. Just awful. So so poor. Fuchs 4 Part of the back 4/3 that simply went to pieces. Chilwell 7 One of the only bright sparks although he needs to stop trying to do the spectacular at times when in his own half. Better going forward than he was defensively. Albrighton 5 Couple of nice crosses but no one to finish them off. Quiet Amartey 4 Not sure what his best position is. Sideways and backwards and didn't get anywhere near close enough to the front men to support them. Ndidi 5 Careless in possession at times and as above, sat too deep and left Okazaki and Vardy isolated. Mahrez 3 I love him but last night for the first time ever I genuinely think he gave up and wasn't trying hard enough. Even in the first half we had two decent breaks where he should have been busting a gut to get into the box and he was just jogging. Absolutely shocking performance and I'd leave him out Sunday if he is leaving over the summer as we all expect him to. Vardy 7 MOTM Didn't give up and put in some great challenges. Badly lacked support. Okazaki 6 Did ok. Maybe came off a bit too early. Subs all average. God knows what the point in him taking off Vardy to bring Musa on is. Slimani has been a disastrous signing really. Spurs were sensational. Oh to have a midfield pairing of Dembele and Wanyama. Absolute beasts. Harry Kane world class.
  8. I see a lot of Leicester fans hammering Mahrez on twitter 'his head's been turned. He wants to go' etc etc. Who can blame him for wanting to leave and make the best of his talent? He's given us four seasons. He's hardly Ngolo Kante, leaving the first chance he got. Mahrez deserves to play in the champions league and is soon approaching the peak of his career. Good luck to him wherever he goes. It's been a pleasure to watch him. Best Leicester player ever.
  9. Shame some of our own fans can't see how good Mahrez is.
  10. Kasper 7 Some decent saves and (unfortunately) showed Pep Guardiola that he can play a bit, too Simpson 6 Sane is top class so Simpson did ok considering Benalouane 5 Ridiculous challenge and his distribution again was awful. Poor game from him Fuchs 6 Thought he did ok Chilwell 7 So good in the air and had a good second half Mahrez 7 Played a part in the goal and had a pretty good second half. Criticism of him is embarrassing. He's a game changer. Pep recognises it and he's one of the world's best coaches. So lucky to see Mahrez play for us in my opinion. Not at last season's levels no doubt , but who is? Yet he's the only one criticised Ndidi 7 Agree with above poster. First half wasteful in possession, second half pretty good King 5 Usual King performance. Safe and steady, no more Albrighton 8 MOTM Lovely cross for the goal. Puts his body on the line. I thought Fernandinho should have been sent off Okazaki 6 Brilliant goal, good workrate Vardy 6 Not really in the game Subs 6
  11. If only Clownio had listened to Shakey and not let James go to Barnsley. He'd be a better replacement than King. Poor decision to not give him more games here this season once he got fit IMO
  12. Because of his huge fee he must go down as our worst ever signing. I swear he doesnt even understand the game. Makes the wrong runs most of the time and can't control the ball. What on earth were we thinking
  13. Kasper 8 Some really good saves. Please stay! Simpson 8 He's been exceptional all season for me. Concentration levels are great. He is always 'on it' Huth 8 He's really stepped up and improved in Wes' absence. Dealt with that fat Watford player well Benalouane 7 Some clever interceptions but his distribution if he has to pass it more than 5 yards is terrible Fuchs 7 Good game again Albrighton 9 MOTM. Everywhere and deserved his goal Drinkwater 6 Thought he had a decent game. Played a part in the first goal and one sublime cross field ball in the first half. He's becoming a scapegoat...... Ndidi 7 Really good in the air, strong in the tackle and gets goals. Shame we didn't get him in the summer Mahrez 8 Some sublime skill. Great goal Okazaki 6 Played his part in the win and did ok Vardy 9 If it wasn't for Albrighton's goal I'd give Vardy MOTM. Superb and unselfish display Surprised Shakey said it was scrappy. I thought it was a really good display. Subs did well too.
  14. He even fell over when playing the through ball for Vardy 😂