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  1. Failure to address the lack of support for Vardy & adequate cover for when he’s missing have caught up with us. (21)
  2. Kasper 6 Thought he could have done better for the first goal maybe Ricardo 5 We seemed exposed down his side all game and he was at fault for the winner. A certain Mr Simpson wouldn’t have let Trezeguet near that one Evans 7 Pick of the back 4 and unlucky not to score Soyuncu 7 Pulled all over the place at times by Grealish but still had a good game Chilwell 6 Did ok Ndidi 6 Not his usual dominant performance but maybe he’s not fully fit Tielemans 5 Faded badly again. Looks slow and laboured at times Maddison 8 Our MOTM. On another day he scores a couple and is on the winning side. I thought he was excellent again Barnes 6 When he runs at his full back there’s no stopping him. Just doesn’t do it often enough Perez 6 Anonymous at times but when we got him on the ball he showed some real quality. Oh and a pathetic play acting episode from him in the first half Iheanacho 6 Gets an extra point for his goal but up until that point he was awful. No threat, easy to mark and the ball was bouncing off him Vardy made no impact and clearly isn’t fit. Not looked the same since Man City away. Gray useless for the winning goal. Should get a real telling off for not closing his man down
  3. All about confidence with him. When he’s feeling confident he will run at his fullback with ease and almost always beat them for pace. He just needs to do it more regularly.
  4. It isn’t Kasper’s fault that the instruction seems to be, Evans and Soyuncu stand stupidly close to him whilst they then try somehow to get the ball out of our own half, under massive pressure from Liverpool. Over and over again. It was unbelievable that we kept trying it despite them predictably being all over us from every goal kick. I was pleased when Kasper took matters into his own hands and booted it up the field. Hard to give anyone over a 4/10 other than Ndidi who was exceptional and Soyuncu. Ricardo was ok too. We’ve become too nice to play against I’m afraid. Scared to put a foot in. Tielemans Maddison Praet in particular.
  5. Leave the lad alone. Very clever feet, can finish and also works hard to help his full back when he needs to. Will get better.
  6. Thought he did absolutely fine. He’s not a Ricardo but how many full backs are in this league? 7/10 for Chilwell from me
  7. In his post match interview, Rodgers quickly jumped in before they could ask about why Maddison was being played out of position on the left. He pointed out how outstanding Maddison was ‘on the left’ against Chelsea. I think he sees it as a good option so my worry is, it continues against the better sides. It spoils Maddison, spoils Tielemans and isolates Vardy to the levels we saw under Puel.
  8. Was brilliant when he came on. Did all the horrible stuff well and also looked a massive threat offensively. To think, some fans last season wanted Ghezzal in the side ahead of Gray (James Sharpe formally of the Leicester Mercury being one of them). If it wasn’t Man U away up next, I think he actually did enough to earn himself a start in the next game.
  9. Scored 7 last season in a side largely managed (and hindered) by Claude Puel. I think that’s a decent return.
  10. Just crazy how stupid some football fans can be. Maddison is fantastic, plays with a swagger and a hunger rarely seen in English midfielders these days. We should build the team around him.
  11. I’m seemingly one of the few LCFC fans who rate Gray. He hasn’t fulfilled his potential admittedly, but I’d far rather see him play on the right that Ayoze Perez. I’d have him on the bench at least. We have really lacked width in the first two games and he’s a good option.
  12. Kasper 7 Some god saves early on to keep us in it Ricardo 6 Fantastic going forward but still not 100% confident in him defensively. Sometimes he lets crosses go in far too easily. Soyuncu 8 Strong in the air and seems to have real finesse on the ball. Another brilliant game Evans 8 Solid again Fuchs 7 Couple of nervy moments in the first half but grew into the game Ndidi 7 Bar the mistake a decent game Choudhury 6 Thought he did his job without being spectacular Maddison 8 Effort, desire, skill, vision. Ran the game second half. Wasted on the left! Needs to be central Perez 5 Struggled to get into the game but the effort was there Tielemans 5 As above really. Another (like Maddison) who seems to be playing slightly out of position and it’s affecting his game Vardy 6 Thought he struggled tbh Subs Praet 7 - He looked really classy and I can see him starting next weekend Albrighton 6 Did ok
  13. Can tell he’s got quality and also a very good work rate. Rodgers is playing him out of position in my opinion, so we’re not seeing the best of him yet.
  14. Kasper 7 Ricardo 6 Good first half but atrocious error on the touch line with Jota Soyuncu 8 Some of the defending was a bit last ditch but he did really well. Good in the air, brave and actually has quite a bit of pace Evans 7 Solid Chilwell 5 Worst game for ages not helped by a number ten playing in front of him. Lacked support Perez 6 He’s a trier but struggled to get into the game. Good close control but surely he needs to play closer to Vardy Ndidi 8 Everywhere. Even when he loses the ball, he gets it straight back Choudhury 6 Did ok but not sure we need him as well as Ndidi in these types of games Tielemans 6 Quiet by his standards Maddison 6 Some moments of quality but I wasn’t sure where he was supposed to be playing and it didn’t look like he knew either Vardy 5 Anonymous Team lacked width which I thought would be the case when I saw the line up. Not sure players like playing in a diamond because they never fully know where they’re supposed to be. Rodgers needs to pick the best team, not the best 11 players. If that means Maddison or Perez have to drop out so we can play a proper winger then so be it. Still think our decision (second summer running) not to buy a striker to help Vardy out will come back to bite us. However there were some positives; Soyuncu, the possession we had and the clean sheet. Think we can win at Chelsea
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