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  1. Dickov22

    Who from our 10 at the World Cup will make the biggest impact

    Harry Maguire will get a goal or two
  2. Harsh. Iborra gave the ball away loads but other than that we were pretty good.
  3. Dickov22

    Riyad Mahrez

    Simply a magician. All the best to him- he deserves the big stage now.
  4. Hamer 5 Couldnt do anything about the goals Benalouane 3 Not his fault he’s playing at a level way above his capability and out of position also. He’s a car crash. Morgan 6 Thought Wes had a decent game Maguire 6 As above but was awful when in midfield. Manager’s fault for playing him out of position. Fuchs 6 Did ok Diabate 6 Willing runner, nothing came off for him. I wouldn’t have subbed him off Iborra 4 Strolled around the pitch like he was playing a pre season training session kickabout. His performance a sad reflection of the lethargy, passiveness, lack of intensity that is now all so familiar when watching our team. Choudhury 5 Some misplaced passes but wasn’t bad Mahrez 5 The season can’t end soon enough for him. Showed nothing like the levels we all know he can produce Silva 6 He didn’t have his best game but he always wanted the ball and didn’t hide like most of the others. Not a number ten. Needs to be in centre mid in the thick of the action Vardy 5 Showed his frustration at times by tracking back to get the ball and making fouls- basically because he rarely gets the ball anymore. Isolated beyond belief Dragovic 6 Iheanacho 4 Gray 4 WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY TEAM 😢
  5. Dickov22

    David Wagner

    Have you seen their squad?!
  6. Dickov22

    Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    I’ve seen enough of him to know he’s not going to cut it here. Surely you have too?
  7. Dickov22

    Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    Back with us unfortunately once this loan spell ends. They won’t be signing him.
  8. Dickov22


    He’s useless. Who cares what he does on Twitter.
  9. Dickov22


    He isn’t playing very well tonight.
  10. Dickov22

    Name a better option than puel

    Ha ha ha. And pigs can fly.
  11. Dickov22

    Adrien Silva

    He wasn’t shit at Burnley
  12. Hamer 7 Great save from Long that kept us in the game Albrighton 7 Maxium effort as ever. Lovely through ball for Vardy that almost resulted in a goal Dragovic 8 MOTM. So assured Maguire 7 Did fine Chilwell 7 Kept trying down that left hand side. Not his fault we are a team of midgets so his crosses come to nothing Mahrez 5 He’s lost interest. Average Ndidi 6 Some good interceptions but he’s played better Silva 4 Cannot believe he can be so good at Burnley and then put in a performance like that. Gave the ball away so so many times Gray 6 Kept going but lacked end product Iheanacho 6 First half some really good link up play. Second half abysmal. Went back to being half asleep and generally, brainless Vardy 6 Plenty of endeavour as usual but lacked service Subs were ridiculous- what’s the point in Chaudhury and Barnes with about 90 seconds to go?! Boring performance.
  13. 100% has to be manager’s instructions. He used to run the channels all the time. Now, he never does. I think he’s told to stay central on the last man.
  14. Iheanacho 8 😂 good grief.
  15. Dickov22

    Adrien Silva

    Gone from really good at Burnley to absolute garbage last night. No idea what is wrong with him. Couldn’t even make a simple pass. We should be on the phone to Chelsea.