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  1. Slimani

    He isn’t playing very well tonight.
  2. Name a better option than puel

    Ha ha ha. And pigs can fly.
  3. Adrien Silva

    He wasn’t shit at Burnley
  4. Hamer 7 Great save from Long that kept us in the game Albrighton 7 Maxium effort as ever. Lovely through ball for Vardy that almost resulted in a goal Dragovic 8 MOTM. So assured Maguire 7 Did fine Chilwell 7 Kept trying down that left hand side. Not his fault we are a team of midgets so his crosses come to nothing Mahrez 5 He’s lost interest. Average Ndidi 6 Some good interceptions but he’s played better Silva 4 Cannot believe he can be so good at Burnley and then put in a performance like that. Gave the ball away so so many times Gray 6 Kept going but lacked end product Iheanacho 6 First half some really good link up play. Second half abysmal. Went back to being half asleep and generally, brainless Vardy 6 Plenty of endeavour as usual but lacked service Subs were ridiculous- what’s the point in Chaudhury and Barnes with about 90 seconds to go?! Boring performance.
  5. 100% has to be manager’s instructions. He used to run the channels all the time. Now, he never does. I think he’s told to stay central on the last man.
  6. Adrien Silva

    Gone from really good at Burnley to absolute garbage last night. No idea what is wrong with him. Couldn’t even make a simple pass. We should be on the phone to Chelsea.
  7. Southampton pre match

    I’d go Kasper Simpson Morgan (he can’t surely be as bad again) Maguire Chilwell Albrighton Ndidi Silva Diabate Mahrez Vardy
  8. Kasper 4 The second goal is his fault (again). Why doesn’t he command his area? If he even makes an attempt to get that cross, Burnley don’t score Simpson 4 Worst game in a while. He seems to be getting worse going forward and in possession. Almost cost us a goal near the end, too Morgan 4 Nightmare game for Wes. At fault for the first and looked nervy all game Maguire 6 Maybe could have done a bit better for for first but I thought he had a decent game Chilwell 7 Pick of the back 4. Some really good runs and crosses, shame we rarely fill the box so a lot of them go to waste Mahrez 6 He wasn’t bad, but he didn’t create a lot either. It wasn’t for want of trying though Choudhury 6 Did ok but his positioning was odd. Almost seemed to be playing sweeper at times. Some good tackles and looks strong. Bit careless in possession Silva 8 Bar a few stray passes, I thought he was brilliant. Head and shoulders above anyone else on the pitch actually MOTM Gray 6 Thought he did pretty well Okazaki 4 Non existent again Vardy 7 Always a pest and took his goal well. He doesn’t run into the channels anymore; must be an instruction from Puel. Why? Subs: Diabate 7 - looked dangerous. I’d like him to start every week now on the wing. He’s got a lot of ability Iheanacho 7- Did great for the goal but often looks like he’s on a different wavelength to everyone else! We conceded two pathetic goals and left ourselves a mountain to climb but.... we totally outplayed them and played better than we’ve done since WBA away. It really isn’t as dire as some fans make out. Give Puel time PLEASE. Burnley were awful.
  9. Adrien Silva

    I thought he was really good yesterday. Few stray passes yes, but he was actually head and shoulders above anyone else on the pitch.
  10. Demarai Gray

    I think he’s done pretty well and Puel likes him. Plus Puel changes the side all the time.
  11. Demarai Gray

    He will start tomorrow I think.
  12. Kasper 5 Very much at fault for the goal. Does he think he’s Ederson this season? Simpson 6 Did fine Morgan 5 Hesitant for the goal. Not helped by Kasper but if he just deals with that ball, Perez doesn’t score Maguire 5 As above really. All three of them at fault and for three players who play together all the time, it’s not good enough Chilwell 6 Thought he did fine Albrighton 5 Not involved a lot Iborra 5 Thought he was to blame for the first. Too casual in letting Shelvey run past him with ease Silva 7 Very decent game, probably MOTM. Bit baffling that he hasn’t had more chances. I prefer him to Iborra Mahrez 5 Unlucky for the pen but largely anonymous Diabate 6 He has got some serious talent. Don’t think he’s a number ten though Vardy 5 It’s amazing he keeps getting all of these goals because under Puel he’s largely anonymous in our play for large sections of the game Choudhury looked really good when he came on. Lots of zip about him, confident on the ball, strong in the challenge. He’ll start at Burnley We are terrible at home. Teams come and defend against us and we have no idea on how to break them down. Pretty dull stuff but still think Puel needs much longer in the job. Before he came we were not having anywhere near enough possession in games. Something needed to be done about it. Expect him to sign a few players better suited to his style of football this summer. It was a mistake to let Ulloa and Slimani both go. We lack a physical presence up top often, especially when we need a plan B to get a goal.
  13. BHA versus LCFC match thread.

    Iborra does this on a regular basis.