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  1. He was crap every time he played last season as well. Pre season is meaningless. Fitness only. The lad isn’t good enough, not here and not at any other Premier League club. It’s absolutely obvious.
  2. You made some good points until the Iheanacho comment. Here is a player where I can see exactly why people would dislike him, because he simply doesn’t try hard enough. Without turning this Gray thread into an Iheanacho thread, Id give Gray a game every week ahead of Iheanacho. You just can’t compare the two. Gray might have poor games, but it’s never for a lack of trying. Iheanacho on the other hand...
  3. Just don’t get the hate for Gray amongst our fan base. He hasn’t kicked on as much as I thought he would do but he’s still so young and can be really good at times. Glad Rodgers seems to like him and I’m sure he’ll improve him. Whatever happened to trying to improve young players rather than just getting rid of them?
  4. By no means was he brilliant last night but he was certainly (along with Wes) the best of a bad bunch. I’m quite baffled by the amount of criticism on here.
  5. I must have been watching a different game to most Kasper 7 Ricardo 5 Wes 8 Maguire 6 Chilwell 7 Gray 4 Maddison 7 Tilemans 6 Ndidi 5 Barnes 5 Vardy 5 Albrighton made a real difference when he came on. Some great crosses Iheanacho’s contribution was to be offside twice. It’s quite staggering how awful he is
  6. Stick Mahrez in this side, keep Tielemans and we are a top 6 or even 4 side next season.
  7. Kasper 4 Just lump it up field on 90+ mins ffs Ricardo 6 Did ok and kept trying to attack. Unlucky yellow Morgan 6 Didn’t think he could do much about the goal Maguire 5 Clumsy today Evans 6 Important tackle early on Chilwell 7 Felt sorry for him because we’ve had a lot of joy recently with him and Barnes down the left. The formation meant he had very little help down that left hand side. Kept going though Tielemans 7 He’s a bit lightweight but another good game and nice assist Ndidi 7 Our only physical presence in the middle of the pitch. Played well Maddison 6 As with Tielemans, so lightweight. Thought he was really good last 15 mins Barnes 4 Prefer to see him wide. Didn’t play well Vardy 6 Took his goal superbly Don’t like us playing three centre halves.
  8. Ive given up on him. He’s just not good enough and doesn’t have the right attitude to make it here.
  9. Kasper 7 One really top save in the first half Ricardo 6 Some really dash moments from him. Kept getting turned because he kept going flying in to get to the ball Evans 7 Steady but struggled with Dunk and Duffy at times Maguire 7 As above. That run was hilarious Chilwell 7 Played well again. So strong in the air *what was pleasing was that the defenders seemed more inclined to play long balls into the channels than under Puel* Gray 8 MOTM He is one who will really thrive under Rodgers. Needs a run of games on the wing and his confidence will improve Ndidi 7 Solid game again Tielemans 7 Great first half but he tires so quickly Maddison 5 His worst game for us. Kept losing the ball and ducked a few challenges Barnes 8 Needs a goal but what a player he is. Confident, direct, strong. Love watching him play Vardy 6 Really off it at the moment, despite his goal. He’s had spells like this before though and come through them Mendy 7 Did really well when he came on Iheanacho still managed to be useless with a brainless offside despite only being on for 1 minute *we lack a physical presence in midfield. Hope Rodgers addresses it*
  10. Absolutely fantastic news.
  11. Barnes Gray Ndidi Chilwell Maddison Ricardo. At times, we look a really really good side. I think the right manager can do some really good things with this side. Just a feeling I’ve got. Need another striker yes but Vardy will be a changed man from now until the end of the season. Just wait
  12. Not sure I agree actually. I think if we get a really good manager in, those players you mention will flourish. We’re on the cusp of something special with this squad.
  13. Nice to hear some ambition as opposed to the ‘we can’t compete with Wolves West Ham and Everton’ nonsense Puel came out with. God I’m glad he’s gone and
  14. Can’t wait to see the real Jamie Vardy back in action on Tuesday.
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