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  1. Love that & totally agree, plan B should be a slightly adapted form of plan A not the total opposite to the way in which the team are used to playing.
  2. This. At this level, the results only matter when you're playing poor football, wins mask it, losses put the spotlight on it.
  3. I agree, some people talk about the Europa league like its a competition for 3rd rate Eastern European teams. In the past 10 years the winners have included Atletico Madrid (3 times), Porto, Chelsea, Man Utd, Sevilla (3 times). For Atletico they have used it as springboard to break up the domestic dominance of the big two in Spain and cement themselves as regular contenders in both la liga and the champions league. Sevilla equally have achieved regular champions league qualification off the back of their success in europa league. I'm not sure I'd agree that we'd have "a good chance" again I think that's an under-appreciation of the strength of some of the competition but I do think the model set by the two Spanish sides is something we should be trying to emulate.
  4. nwl fox


    Sad but genuinely true. I think some are just intimidated by the possibility that a woman might know more about football than they do
  5. We don't know if there was any interest from the championship. In fact I'd suggest it's doubtful there was given that Knight went to League one Peterborough and he was in much better form of the two
  6. Not a very encouraging write up on George Thomas
  7. Jamie Varsy, obvious Chinese knock-off mate!
  8. Come off it, he's in no way comparable to Lampard, The King of Wales?? How often has he started for them in the last two years?
  9. What did you say when Burton didn't make an offer for Hamzah? Don't get me wrong I'm not saying I think Elder is good enough I just don't know how you can state it so assuredly...
  10. People were saying Hamzah had no future after he struggled to make an impact during his championship loan spell at Burton as well. I'm not sure tbh but people are just too quick to dismiss people as not good enough on here with very little actual evidence to base it on
  11. He played regularly for Wigan. Maybe we didn't encourage them to make an offer
  12. Its pretty difficult to get a look in when you're injured
  13. True, but it is what it is on that front, we can't impact what happens there now only what happens in the league
  14. Yeah looks to me like Watford have the easiest run in on paper, but hopefully the FA cup will be a sufficient distraction for them and Wolves for us to nick it. Not particularly concerned about Everton and West ham anymore as they are too inconsistent
  15. Well done to all the Puel-outers who are big enough to not feel the need to be publically vindicated! In fact, **** it, just well done to all the Puel outers, you were right, now can we please move on, we've had almost 12 months of this nonsense one way or another. Why can't we just enjoy the wins while we're getting them without having to chastise one another about who was right and wrong.
  16. What does this actually mean, I don't want them walking into my toilet while I'm having a private moment!
  17. Savage 🤣🤣🤣 What's that based on, his name??
  18. Somebody of the ilk of Indykhalia or Sean from Enderby!
  19. I think BR has recognised that with such a young team he needs to find a balance of some experience in their too. So he's keeping the team young but stacking the bench with the more experienced players because of what they can bring to the dressing room
  20. Reading that article its clear he has a great attitude. I also thought he was excellent when he came on for the u21's on Thursday, the way he reads the game sets him ahead of others for me. I do hope BR finds room to give him a few more run outs in the first team soon because I think this boy could be another with a big future and it would be great to see him make the break through at our club.
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