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  1. Yeah it's amazing how many pundits still reference us being a counter attacking side! We haven't played like that since puel took over 4 years ago.
  2. Writing off a highly rated, young, international winger after 60 minutes of game time demonstrates how pig-shit stupid some elements of our support are.
  3. Dont be fooled by the sky sports Premier league superiority delusion! Plenty of good sides across Europe that you haven't necessarily heard of. And these proved they are one of them them with their play in the first 30 mins. Dunno how much league one footy you watch but they were a lot better than blackpool! These have drew with dynamo keiv and Shaktar Donestk already this season (the same Shaktar who beat real Madrid last night.) for comparison Blackpool lost 4-1 to Ipswich last week!
  4. It's like he's died 'one day we will see him defend again on that hallowed turf in the sky' but until then!
  5. Why 10 months? Seems a bit of weird figure plucked out to suit your negative view. Especially as if you had said 12 months (a more natural number) there would be an extra 11 wins lol. You may as well have gone the whole hog and asked 'are you happy with our performance over the last 10 months not including September this year!!!) Am i happy with this season so far? yes (especially considering the injury crisis)
  6. We also replaced Maguire with Soyuncu, Chillwell with Castagne, Kante with Ndidi, And drinkwater with youri (eventually!) so let's not be too doom and gloom
  7. When vardy retires we will sign a high profile striker to replace him the type who isn't happy to come and play 2nd fiddle at the moment. He won't be as good as no one ever will be but he will hopefully be an adequate replacement for an aging vardy. End of discussion.
  8. Who knows what will happen a year from now! If you had told me a year ago that it would be illegal to meet my dad and that Krameric would be the hottest property in world football I would have thought you were on the smack. Pointless thread.
  9. I thought he was good today especially first half? Were you not convinced? Half this board spent the last 2 years trying to convince everyone how shite Chillwell is now they are trying to say our best player in the first 5 games isn't an upgrade! This place is bi polar!
  10. And goals if his last 2 league games against villa are anything to go by (he scored 4 BTW)
  11. What are you smoking? Catagne is better than Chillwell and maybe I don't know much about football but Fofana looks a slight upgrade on Ryan Fuching Bennett so when players leave and better ones arrive that's called strengthening the squad!
  12. Jamie Vardy and Ricardo and to slightly lesser extent Ndidi are 3 world class players of course 3 World class players would have made a difference in a tight game like that!
  13. A lot of spoilt, entitled babies in here. We are not juventus or Bayern Munich we will occasionally lose the odd game to an inform side especially in the midst of one of the most severe injury crisis at the club for at least a decade. Still have a lot of faith in what the manager and players are doing. PS we are still 4th btw!
  14. No one mentioning we have 5 first team players missing from the starting 11 including. Vardy, Ricardo, Maddison and Ndidi who are kind of our best four players and we played 90 mins against the most in form team in the country and there was absolutely nothing in it.
  15. Shows how strong the squad is these days that we can field an 11 like that with 5 first teamers missing
  16. Like asking Harold Shipman to manage a caring bedside manner.
  17. Really don't understand why northern Ireland felt the need to start Johnny Evans in 3 games in 7 days including 120 minutes in the first one. fair enough the first one was absolutely massive for them, no complaints but that last game against Norway was a complete joke they rested every single other player except Evans and he's 32 and carrying an injury coming into the international break!
  18. Football is an incredibly high-intensity, impact sport there will always be Injurys. And I do think its a bit futile looking for someone to blame when there is a lot. However I do think there is a culture of brining people back when they are not ready. Brendan said before Man City that he would rather have an 80% fit Johnny Evans in the side than no Johnny Evans. And it's pretty obvious maddison was rushed back at the end of lockdown then aggrevated the injury. Same with wilf a couple of years ago. However I am no sports scientist and I am not privy to the players med
  19. Great for under to get 86 minutes into his legs I expect him to start against zorya a week tommorow too after which he should be pretty much up to speed in terms of match fitness.
  20. They won't be thinking long term mate a lot will be happy to get through November in the current situation. I liked the idea of a transfer tax for all buying British teams that's distributed across the pyramid. Even if it was 2% for the next 4 window the could equate to nearly 100 million quid to fill the financial void.
  21. I voted to buy it. I haven't had the best experience with streaming in the past and £15 ain't that much money to me (not boasting btw just explaining my thought process). Plus I'm a boxing fan so I'm used to buying an evening of sport. So I'd rather sit on my sofa and crack a beer and have a stress free viewing experience on the tele. But having seen the results of the poll and read some of the anger on this thread I've changed my mind and will stream it too. Solidarity my blue Brothers and sisters!
  22. Very harsh mate, they are desperate and many on the the verge of going bust. They have been out any real income for 8 months with huge outgoings and have been offered no support from the government unlike rugby league or the arts!
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