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  1. Not surprised by this. Eleven Sports really, really ****ed up. It was only a matter of time before the leagues they won started kicking over the fact they're getting no broadcast in one of the biggest football markets in the world. I highly doubt companies who advertise in Spain and Italy at the football are thrilled by the loss of exposure. There's a lot of money in making sure Barcelona and Real Madrid get air time.
  2. I can't even bring myself to laugh. We should have a system to protect football clubs over a certain membership size so that they can legally be seized from such negligent ownership. SISU are just complete and total scum.
  3. Don't get me wrong, as much as I FEAR a drubbing I don't actually think it will be. England by five to ten I imagine.
  4. Obviously it'll be close and on the day anyone COULD win but this is the least confident I've been in a home game against England under Gats. You won your last two trips to Cardiff, you're the bookmakers favourites, you just beat Ireland away and walloped France comfortably. It's yours to lose. That's not mind games it's literally what every pundit, bookie and fan is saying and knows is fact. You can kid yourself that you're the under dogs if you want to buy in to Eddie's frankly embarrassing attempts at mind games (man should keep his gob shut, he's a brilliant coach but as a wind up merchant he just makes himself look daft), I mean whatever makes you happy really. But unless we make the game hideously boring and have an absolute stormer in the loose, AND Jaco somehow blames you for every single infringement in the scrum, I can't see us winning tbh. Our winning run masks a lot of serious problems tactically in our approach and I think we'll get throughly exposed tomorrow. I'm quite serious.
  5. You're going to win. I'm going to become a recluse for the week. Ciao.
  6. If you dig back a couple pages you'll find my team. I've played him instead of Josef, I got to 500 goals with Martinez so I've rested him to try Falcao. Josef was on 5 chem starting at CM in a 433 that I changed to 4312 in game. Falcao is at 8 chem same position as he links to FS Aouar.
  7. 6 in 3 with El Tigre in div 4 rivals. He's great, wouldn't have done it if it cost mad wedge but given what I packed basically made him free I can't complain.
  8. Whoever he was he sounded lovely tbh.
  9. There are no good Inbetweeners characters.
  10. Stop the press they caught one Good knock from England though you can only play what's in front of you, not their fault Windies haven't taken their chances. Been some great batting from both sides in this match.
  11. I really liked our tie against them. It was disappointing that penalty in the first leg but it was two teams with a similar outlook, similar attitude and I felt a lot of mutual respect as well. Just a shame we couldn't play them a year earlier.
  12. He might be a bellend off the pitch but you've got to appreciate Griezmann on it. 86th minute and one minute he's chasing these up front, next he's happily holding at right back. Man does graft.
  13. It's not like I have any bias at all, I legit don't care who wins this, happy for either team to go through. That's just shit for football. I mean that's got nothing to do with the technology it's just an awful decision by a human.
  14. Stan if this is ruled out I don't want to follow football anymore. If that much contact is a foul then **** this game.
  15. First half was shit imo but better since the break.
  16. This is 100% the Finnegan curse in full effect. I turned over cos the City game just looked like it was going to be a procession and even if there were goals it'd just be City running up the score. They're now losing and the Atleti game is shit If you're watching the Schalke match... You're welcome.
  17. I play 4312 normally, I swap to 4231 possession to close out close games.
  18. Yeah I used to go Edale a lot with my dad growing up. It's the perfect base camp for a lot of the most popular walks in the Derbyshire Peaks. It's very popular with walkers so you'll find pubs and shops about etc. Castleton is good as well, basically either side of Mam Tor which is a nice peak. This is all assuming you don't want to go to the Lake District ofc, given you've said middle England.
  19. No chance. Like 300k or whatever it is for a few extra stats. I'll stick with my red one I reckon.
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