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  1. Wouldn't surprise me if United are trying to do some sort of exclusive deal with EA or Konami. Occasionally licences do change, Brazilian and Portuguese teams have changed to be just abbreviations recently. Juve and Barca recently made deals with Konami that got Juve renamed in FIFA and the Nou Camp removed.
  2. Yeaaaah... I'm not really sure Spain's human rights and freedoms record is quite on a Saudi level in the 21st century?
  3. He lost a bet, it's a bit of a joke. If anyone's actually triggered by this shit I despair.
  4. Honestly, without hyperbole, this is ridiculous enough to actually start making me question my relationship with the sport. The UAE's investment in Man City is ugly enough but Saudi is another level again. And we're not talking about "a Saudi businessman" here, we're talking about the actual state. I don't care who you are or what your politics in the context of the UK, Saudi is ****ing awful. I know we have some disagreements on here over left and right but I'd like to think most of us could unite in saying they're a government we don't want involved anywhere near our league.
  5. Oh man there's a special edition? Please tell me it comes in a pride flag tin with with an Ellie action figure with unshaved armpits waving a burning bra. I'll order five.
  6. It's the board mate. They're wildly unpopular and hugely stuck in the past. There's actually an amazing amount of parallels between Tigers and United at the moment. You know how United keep pissing money away on shit players, chucking money at average ability with high reputation and making silly managerial appointments that are mostly sentimental to try and appease the fans? Yeah that's Tigers. The second most succesful team in the league are Exeter and they've been "doing a Leicester City" for several straight seasons. Good coach, sensible player recruitment, well organised, well run, round pegs in round holes. Just a really solid well run club. There's an example there for Tigers to learn from but they just keep barging on with what they think is the "Tigers way" with no real success. It's a bit of a mess.
  7. Don't try and logic it dude, you're arguing with "a GaMeR"
  8. I can't wait to play this, I might even break my own rule and pre order it. Possibly twice. Just to let Sony and Naughty Dog know I fully support their stance of rustling the jimmies of little incels on social media and that they should make way more games with lesbian feminist heroes just for the lulz.
  9. Can definitely think of an English teacher that fits Matt's description is why I say. Only teacher in however many years education I ever got a hint of their politics and even she never mentioned any political parties or state politics of any kind. But was a raging hippy and an open bisexual with very Liberal social politics. I can't say she ever pushed them on anyone and I'd say by the time I met her my own politics were already largely forming anyway but she was definitely the absolute 100% stereotype that the Tories in this thread like to fantasize are brainwashing kids. Which is pretty funny given the biggest brainwashing machine in this country and the world is the right wing, pro capitalist media machine that's brainwashed them. Even down to the point of programming them to roll their eyes and shout conspiracy theorist if you point that out. I mean, literally the majority of these institutions are owned by billionaires and multi millionaires with vested interests in a right wing, capitalist dominated system. Of course they're spreading a biased message.
  10. @MattP did you go Longslade? I know you're a bit older than me but I don't know why I've got this feeling we went to the same schools? Might be someone else on here. Think Lisoh did.
  11. Obviously fans in stadiums is preferable, atmospheres are preferable, the match day experience is preferable. I miss going to games, I can't wait for it to come back and even watching on TV its definitely weird watching empty grounds. But anyone that prefers no football to behind closed doors just isn't a fan of the actual sport itself. I mean the simple game of football. And I guess that's absolutely fair enough, I mean, don't get me wrong whatever floats your boat. People like Love Island and the X Factor, they like Adele and Arianna Grande, I don't. You're allowed to like TIFO and ultras and calling the opposition fans willy pullers, I don't resent you that. But objecting to there actually being football to watch on the telly? Politely do one. First and foremost, I love the actual game and the fact the best pros in the world are actually getting back to playing it? And I can break up the boredom of being on lockdown by watching it? As long as they're kept fairly safe then god bless it.
  12. Genuine question, this is my own ignorance, is covid 19 statistically more dangerous to BME people because they're on average from more vulnerable communities or is there evidence that it's literally, biologically less threatening to Caucasians? I know some diseases really are more or less threatening to some ethnicities? If it's the former, though, surely that's not particularly of concern to Troy Deeney with all due respect? He'd get much better healthcare than any of us.
  13. Yeah I roll my eyes and ignore it when literally any footballer speaks at the moment. Every single one has an agenda, it's not possible not to be bias when their livelihoods and careers are so valuable. Norwich want the season cancelled and relegation scrapped, Tottenham want everything wiped off and this seasons champions league teams to have another go next year, we want the season to end on PPG, Sheff Utd and Man Utd probably want to finish the remaining games and push for 4th. I've not heard a single player come out with a suggestion that's contrary to their club's current situation.
  14. Yeah its happening all over the world, look at the terrible press Jacinda's getting, the bitch.
  15. It's not Zlatanesque at all to be honest, he's a lot more like watching Kimi Raikkonen or to an extent Marshawn Lynch, he just doesn't want to be there at all and it makes it worse when he's asked completely stupid questions. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/52715123 Norwegian journo here sums it up pretty well. Got no problem with it tbh. Zlatan chased the spotlight and performs, Haaland is just trying to get out of it as quickly as possible and get back to doing whatever. But yeah, above all else definitely reminds me of Kimi, a lot.
  16. There are retarded voters of every age, there's an absolutely flooding abundance of elderly voters who just vote whatever populist tabloids tell them to with zero political awareness and a wealth of outdated, backwards, bigoted views that most of us are glad are going extinct. For balance, there's also a wealth of students neo liberals that'll also vote whatever way their favourite edgy celebrity says they should with no clue what their chosen party's manifesto actually contains. The point of democracy is that all of these people get a voice, I mean they've all got to live in this country and if you're old enough to work and pay income taxes then you should get a say on how the country is run.
  17. My mind is blown that the most right wing poster on the forum wants the voting age raised.
  18. Solid squad player in a great Monaco side. Pretty decent all round right back.
  19. Lovely goal, lovely finish, comedy defending.
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