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  1. They both got new Chinese investors over the last few years and have slowly been on the way back. The difference is that Inter's lot actually looked competent and recruitment looked a lot better, AC up until recently have been buying absolute pump. It had been looking like the buyers (who borrowed massively to take control) might not quite have the clout they first appeared to. This was confirmed when they defaulted on their loans from an American hedge fund which then took ownership. From that point, they've turned it around quite a lot and the current Serie A table i
  2. They don't at all, he doesn't fit in Conte's system, has made it pretty clear he's unhappy and he's not settled at all. He's definitely going to leave unless Conte goes and Conte is doing a good job so he won't.
  3. I don't normally bash on other leagues, in fact I'm pretty keen to do the opposite, particularly in this section of foxestalk. So I hope when I say this it doesn't come off like I've just got some entrenched, elitist view of the Bundesliga - if Bailey played in the Prem he'd be just another Demarai Gray. His end product and football intelligence are shocking. For me, the biggest difference between Gray and Bailey is that at a young age, Bailey was playing against muck, starting regularly, built up his confidence and got a reputation. It's like we were saying about Edo
  4. He's just a poundshop Ozil. Same strengths and weaknesses just much shitter. The opposite of the personality we want here.
  5. Christ there's some shit transfers there.
  6. It's a game of chicken isn't it? If it gets to the end of the window and their options are pay him 300k a week to sit on the bench or loan him out, potentially increase his market value if he recovers form and also recoup say 50% of his wages, they'll blink.
  7. Oh here we go. I mean we only found Ngolo Kante there and Riyad in the league below but yknow.
  8. Jamie Carragher not even pretending to be impartial the cvnt
  9. Anyone that's been watching this season and still thinks there's easy games had utterly lost me.
  10. As soon as Mings controls the ball, his team are in possession and nobody is offside.
  11. So get a bit of positional awareness. This is like those hilarious clips where a keeper forgets there's a striker behind him and chucks the ball on the floor to kick it and gets mugged. It's a defensive mistake. The rules are fine. Literally anyone complaining about it is being a complete moron, without exception.
  12. There is absolutely zero controversy around the Mings **** up, it's not offside it's just crap defending. If the football media weren't so desperate for a bit of drama they'd have just all done what they should have done which is point out it's really embarrassing that a Premier League manager doesn't know the rules and had some weird Jonathan Pearce style meltdown. Rodri isn't interfering with play until Mings controls the ball so what's the problem? I don't even agree with the whole Martin Keown "the rule isn't in the spirit of the game" rubbish, what? If Rodri had
  13. Nice. I've got an Acer Predator Helios 300 at the moment, it's my third gaming laptop after an Alienware and an MSI and it's definitely my favourite of the three so far. I really like it to be honest.
  14. You've heard of Jamie Vardy, right?
  15. I'm not just saying this to be some sort of weirdo sjw white Knight, she's genuinely the best lino in the league. Keeps up with play, good reactions, good vision. Let's be honest, she got where she is despite prejudice not because of tokenism. She's under so much scrutiny she has to be near perfect and she usually is.
  16. Lamps is a great example of how the myth of a bias against English managers in the media is a load of bullshit. If this was Francardo Lampardio the press would have been hounding him out for weeks. He's just not good enough for this division let alone a club that spends 200m a window.
  17. Definitely helps Kevin's lack of pace that he's up against a full back with the defensive positioning skills of Maurice Gamelin circa 1939.
  18. What a ball that is from Vards. Unlucky. Deserved a goal.
  19. Aye but they've got a Sunday league gaffer that's out of his depth.
  20. No gonna lie, Sharky has been having a blinder lately. Credit where its due. His best form since 15/16.
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