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  1. Tbf to @cambridgefox we have been 100% better in this than the Bournemouth game
  2. Sorry Cambridge but the similarities are so glaring and relevant that what do you expect?
  3. Remember also that this is probably getting to the point of being 4pts lost because of the damage its now doing to our GD.
  4. **** off. This is nothing to do with fitness, squad size, injuries. This is 100% lack of mental strength. We're crumpling in an identical fashion for a second consecutive season. We lack heart, maturity and confidence. The biggest difference between us and clubs like United, Chelsea and Co is that their players have an arrogance about them. They believe in themselves faultless, United players think they're the dogs bollocks because they play for United. They have a swagger about them. We act like we're small fry. We went out of E
  5. I look forward to Strider's Brendan Rodgers tactical masterclass memes tonight.
  6. If we get a point out of this I'll buy you a pint. If we win, or even just score three, I'll buy you a case. You have my word.
  7. It's one forced change. We can argue all day long about what tactics we should play, formations, systems, styles of football, 353 vs 442vs 4241 etc. This has got absolutely nothing to do with that. We're losing this game because the players are terrified and lack composure in a pressure match. It's the same reason we bottled it last year and that's just gone and heaped it on again. We've not looked right since kick off.
  8. With all due respect, if people aren't allowed to be upset by now then when is it allowed? Follow up question, without wanting to get in to a "more fan than you" pissing contest - how do you actually manage to love this club and NOT be upset right now?
  9. We're just all so fed up of it. I know there's a few people that take it way too far, the folk that act like we're some pub team that lose every game and have all the optimism of a suicidal Eeyore. But the majority are just reasonable fans responding to what's been a really shit run of games. We should have smashed this sequence after battering WBA comfortably and now we're a goal down for like the third game in a row having put in some absolutely terrible performances and looking like we're bottling it again. This is abject and hopeless. We can barely ge
  10. This has got Bournemouth 2020 all over it.
  11. How many times have we conceded that exact counter over the last few months. Three ****ing centre backs and they all go awol.
  12. Why do we always start a game either absolutely quality or complete shit
  13. I would not trust this three to play an offside
  14. Literally just switched on, is Evans just a niggle?
  15. I genuinely think we're at our best when we play 433 with Madders deeper, contributing from more centrally. Rodgers was really quite proud last year of Madders improvement in his defensive game, picking up tackles and interceptions. For me, August to late November last season is still some of the best football I've seen us play and still what "plan A" should be. I look at everything we've done since, in particular 352 and 4231 and I see changes made for necessity more than anything else. That said, if we really are after Soumare, Gosens and one of Toney/French Eddie th
  16. Ziyech maybe but not for 40 and Odoi christ no. Tbh even Ziyech is the wrong "type" of wide player. If we're going to play 433 we need wide forwards, quick players who can contribute goals. Basically another Barnes. That or we need to double down on 352, fully commit, sign Gosens instead and work on being the best goal scoring 352 we can be, a la Atalanta.
  17. I keep hoping it's a typo and they meant Cory.
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