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  1. Yeah absolutely, for what it's worth I think Pearson is a classier guy. Klopp says and does loads of things that annoy me, I'm not actually trying to state his case to foxestalk as a lovely man. I just think people take it a bit too far trying to demonise him as some sort of monster just because he's got an impressive angry face and gets a bit heated.
  2. He's definitely imposing and I do think he has an intensity that intimidates people but like I said, there's a difference between who you are in the heat of the moment and who you are normally. I imagine most of us on here have played eleven at some point, or even regular fives / sixes. How many are willing to bet they can be a seriously overly competitive twat about it? And that's a local amateur kick about. You almost always see Klopp, Pep, Jose and Co at their worst - when emotions are running high before, during and after a high stakes game of professional football with their billionaire bosses and the world watching on. Then they get pushed and poked and scrutinised by professionals whose job it is to get a reaction. I mean, what are you expecting. These are some of the most competitive men in the world. I mean, you think Klopp is bad, you should see the Rino on form. (that's two minutes of a fifteen minute rant, the translator looks terrified)
  3. And how he's literally a psychopath bat wielding maniac. Because he's prickly over a bit of snarky criticism. Come on, this is exactly what I'm talking about. You said it yourself, these guys are under a level of pressure and scrutiny we can't possibly imagine. I'm not saying he's an angel in the slightest, nor a perfect role model, nor the best of sportsmen. I think he's fantastically biased and I agree he's hot headed. But all these implications that he's dangerous or one step away from going axe murderer because of something that happens on a football pitch are just silly in the extreme. I mean, christ alive, the vast majority on here would agree that Pearson is a really sound guy, thoughtful, stoic, well spoken, intelligent, humble, honourable. Yet he's told a fan point blank to FOAD, Klopp hasn't, he stared down a journo in a press conference and insulted him, pretty sure Klopp hasn't, and he choked a rival player on the touchline as a joke - Klopp hasn't. Now tell me who's just one comment away from turning violent maniac.
  4. To be honest, we're the hypocrites. We whinge if a guy is boring and emotionless, we whinge if he's emotional and gets caught up in the moment. We've got a five million page thread crying about anyone criticising Leicester but Klopp isn't allowed to defend criticism of his team? We love it when Wasyl smashes an opponent, we cry when someone puts in an ugly foul on our players, it's the nature of fans of a tribal sport, we all get caught up in the emotional bias of the moment. Nothing special or weird about Klopp doing the same, he's just an emotional guy that wears his heart on his sleeve. If he was five foot two you wouldn't be calling him sinister, people would probably just be calling it "little man syndrome" or some shit instead. Either way, it's just projection. As far as I'm aware he's never assaulted anyone? He just gets wound up. I guess I'm pretty tolerant of it because I've got pretty bad rage issues, most people on here know I'm fairly easy to bait and set off. I get it. I've not laid hands aggressively on another human since I was 13 though, it seems like a pretty big accusation to call someone sinister just because he does a bit of yelling or can be a bit intense when pumping with adrenaline in a post match interview. You're totally allowed to think he's a cvnt, I mean if he annoys you he annoys you, that's the fun of the sport. If he's your pantomime villain fantastic. But it's not the first time it's been implied on here that he's some sort of closet abuser and it's a bit ott.
  5. I mean, short term it's definitely a better signing than Fofana. It's not quite our recent recruitment style but there's no argument he's defensively very solid, very experienced at this level and almost certainly the right sort of personality. We need stubborn warriors back there and that's what Dyche produces.
  6. Salah is probably the most selfish player ever. Jesus.
  7. Tbf looking at that pot three is probably the best pot to be in. It's got a lot of trickier ties in it.
  8. Jose Mourinho going full Neil Warnock in the transfer market
  9. Lacazette would make my list of top five most over rated Premier league players currently. Complete donkey
  10. We're getting to the bottom of the barrel by here mun
  11. Roy Keane is hands down my favourite pundit when one team have been really shit and I'm a neutral
  12. Relative to this Fulham side he's ****ing Maradona
  13. Lol Smith "if they hadn't conceded two goals they might be doing alright" Just wow
  14. We've seen this a number of times over the years. I don't know why Sky are obsessed with talking about how he's still improving when he scores goals like that, it's almost a bit condescending or like they're trying to justify the fact they previously under rated him. He's always done this shit. His first goal for England was much like last night, he's done a flying acrobatic lob against Spurs, the wonder goal against Liverpool, the first time over the shoulder shot against Baggies. He's always had these little imaginative, unorthodox tricks up his sleeve and the common theme with all of them is that they require quick thinking and good technique.
  15. It was one game in which he had two other centre backs for help against a team that played crap and had no outright striker. Oh and he was utterly lost at sea when Ake scored. Lets not go for the typical FoxesTalk over reaction, eh.
  16. Vards. The finish alone is good enough for a goal of the month but the build up is superb. Every part of it is sublime. I love the pass and go, run and cross from Castagne its ****ing world class. He's settled so quickly it's ridiculous.
  17. Fair, I didn't realise that part, but it still doesn't change the game - if anything it disadvantages people playing it in Belgium. I like that, though, it'd be a step. It definitely safeguards the wallets of parents being hoodwinked by desperate kids and helps people with a creeping addiction to buying them. They're good social issues. But in terms of the game as a product, it won't change how it plays in the rest of the world and its a global game.
  18. He wasn't specifically referring to the change in formation, more the change in approach - ie the fact we completely parked the bus at the start of the game, willingly surrendered all possession and sat on our own six yard box. In contrast, we were ludicrously open last season when playing Liverpool and Man City, naively so. We tried to swap to 352 to attack, keep possession and win games post lockdown literally just a couple months ago, so yes I think it's very possible he'd try and line up that way again.
  19. Why the ever loving heck would you want to see Maddison out wide? We played Perez there, we won eight in a row. We play Maddison there, we look absolutely terrible. I love Madders but he's not a wide player for love nor money. Perez played there and we scored 3 and 4 in our opening games, he played there when we put a cricket score by Southampton, gave Newcastle a bumming, etc. How many times has he got to play there and we win before people on this forum start accepting its not a coincidence? "He's not a winger" just like Okazaki wasn't a striker and yet Shinji was an irreplaceable part of title winning team, we suffered greatly trying to bench him the following season.
  20. I wouldn't get too excited. Wasn't it Belgium that took a similar government enquiry and "cracked down" on gambling in games and the net result was just EA had to put the probability of getting a special card out of packs on the UI somewhere in tiny fine print. Didn't actually change the mechanics at all and didn't prevent anyone buying them. Sorry, but the industry makes way too much money for it to get properly regulated at this point without full scale revolution. It's on a long list of things that won't change until the wider population sit up and take mass action, in this instance by just not buying the game. It won't happen.
  21. No argument. Just wish he'd find the ****ing net not the keeper. It almost looks like some sort of mental block at the minute, it's good that he keeps trying though.
  22. Thought the scoreline flattered them a bit to be honest. I'm not saying they were crap but it looked like two pretty average sides, Wolves were just garbage.
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