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  1. Gotta love it. Far right nationalism votes for Brexit. Brexit makes things worse. Far right nationalism gets angrier.
  2. As well as the much quoted figure about most chances created total, he also had the highest average key passes per 90m of anyone in the league last year as well as contributing the same number of assists as Bernardo Silva which is just one less than David Silva. Jesus, imagine if he was consistent.
  3. I was making a joke at their expensive more than making any sensible point about Maddison tbh.
  4. He could quite easily go ten or eleven games without a goal as Norwich bomb to be honest. When your sample size is two games and one he got a hattrick against a ****ing awful side. Don't get me wrong, I like him and them. But who knows. 16 isn't really an "only" that's a lot of goals.
  5. Not really tbh. He'd just need someone at United to get a bee in their bonnet about him for... reasons.
  6. He's new and people are excited Novelty value isn't it.
  7. @Mark is a what, thought? Hero? Dude? Star? I mean it's a good site but I think making an alt account just to climb up his arse is a bit too bum licky.
  8. I think he's quite clearly got quality. For me he was definitely man of the match against Wolves and was very good against Chelsea. Of course only time will tell how consistent or error prone he's going to be but there's clearly enough there to sing his praises.
  9. ****ing amazed he came back on. Cricket ball to the skull a lot worse than some of the knocks that end a rugby player's game. Halfpenny took a Fijian shoulder to the dish and missed months.
  10. Finnegan


    Was quite possibly me. Disappointing response from your GP, its actually quite a big deal. It was occasionally frustrating when masturbating but then you can shrug and just give up. When you're having sex and you're already vulnerable to anxiety, hence being on them in the first place, you start fixating on it, worrying about it, panicking that your girlfriend will think it's her fault, feeling embarrassed, snowballs from there and just becomes stressful. Not fun. You go and tell your GP that physical side effects are a problem, he shouldn't be making jokes he should be trying out alternatives tbf. I had side effects with citalopram that I didn't with fluoxetine but that others did and visa versa. The reason so many similar drugs exist is everyone reacts a bit differently. There's probably a combination out there that'd work better.
  11. Did someone in this thread really just try and claim Pogba is more talented than Kevin de Bruyne? Stop the Internet, I want to get off. At least when people say shit THAT retarded you know who actually watches football and who just plays fifa. ****ing hell.
  12. Boris Johnson having the nerve to call anything anti democratic.
  13. "Pushed a talented united side all the way" **** you been watching Alan
  14. When did foxestalk get so gentrified. I blame @Jon the Hat and @The People's Hero
  15. Brave mate that is. I'll have you know I've had two whole Stellas during this game you want to watch yourself.
  16. Marc Albrighton has won 100% more Premier League medals than Paul Pogba yet he's never even got an England call up. Pretty much everyone outside the New Parks thinks he's bobbins.
  17. They'll just say he's made contact and Pogba has had to evade the challenge which got nowhere near the ball. Pretty sure as the rules are currently written it was technically the right decision. It just shouldn't be tbh. I think the rules enable diving cvnts tbf. Even Vards as much as I love the guy, him and Hazard have been amongst the best in the world over the last few years at drawing a cheap foul by just running at a defenders leg. It ain't really right.
  18. Absolutely 1000% that's Annfield pre-VAR the KOP all appeals and some weak ****ing lino flags.
  19. That is 100000% a dive. That's the next rule change I'd really like to see them make. I don't care if there's technically contact. He sees the leg and literally jumps over it. He literally starts jumping before there's contact. The irony is the same ref sent Vardy off for less. Justice tbqh.
  20. How the **** is it being used to find reasons to disallow goals when the goal was given? The offside was insanely marginal so they checked it to be sure. Its probably onside with actual technology and away we go. Brilliant. I mean. What on earth?
  21. Blows my mind that anyone could watch that and moan about VAR. Took a minute, got the right decision. That's EXACTLY the sort of goal the big clubs usually have go their way because a linesman will flag it offside to favour United or Liverpool or Man City because they bottle it. This way they check it, get it mathematically correct and off we go. It stands.
  22. He's gonna be given off. Wolves are gonna love VAR
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