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  1. He's ****ing useless. I don't care how much Ricardo isn't back to his best, a 30% fit and form Ricardo is twice the player of Semedo at his best.
  2. "Not the familiar result" yes it is, he's always been a shit free kick taker. % conversion is woeful.
  3. See, if we're going to play 3atb this is how we need to do it. We need to give our wing backs the freedom to really, truly get forward and we need to get bodies up en masses to support the forwards. Five German players all in the box then including both full backs. If you're going to make a success of it, the wing backs MUST get right up the pitch providing width and they MUST be credible attacking players.
  4. Could have sworn he was off to be honest. Would have liked to have seen the lines drawn on that.
  5. I mean, no, that'll be Ben Davies
  6. This died when we finished fifth surely? I assume there's been no credible indication we're still pursuing? It's just Bertrand.
  7. Having a better conversion rate than Icardi is ridiculously impressive.
  8. You've been to Zambia? Huh, that's cool, how come you haven't mentioned that before?
  9. This is my thought also.
  10. Of course, Jermaine, the Tottenham goal keeper single handedly got that goal for France
  11. France trying to lose because they want to finish second in this group for the easier last 16 game.
  12. No offence Kingsley but you seem to be quite caught up on the fee, as if it's a source of pride. In the highly likely event that we've paid less than 37, it's not an insult to Daka. It's just Salzburg don't really have the bargaining power of bigger clubs and not do they have a history of extorting teams that want to buy their players. The whole Red Bull business model depends on being easy to trade with and not holding back players that want to leave or jeopardising their careers by being overly tough negotiators. Erling Haaland left for about 20.
  13. Theirs looks more like a generic template than ours. We're massive.
  14. I'm 1000% cheering you on to win your group. Absolutely. Definitely want you to get Portugal, Germany or France in the next round. Then all we have to do is limp in to the quarters and we win football for another four (well, three) years.
  15. He doesn't either, he's just trying to transfer the embarrassment of the result by implying you shouldn't be happy with it either. And he had the nerve to accuse us of Celtic mind games.
  16. Friend of mine made a fair point while talking about this the other day. I was talking about players being on end of season holidays and at the Euros etc. But he pointed out we may also just want to pass the cost to the next financial window. The financial year for most businesses runs til April, but FFP and similar spending rules for both the Premier League and UEFA run usually til the end of the season, which is typically the end of June, no?
  17. I know people making the Ahmed Musa comparisons are mostly joking but let's be honest, the only thing they have in common is they're fast and born on the same continent. Before he came to Leicester, the most Ahmed Musa had ever scored in a league season was 13 goals in 30 games. Patson Daka scored 27 in 28 league games last year and 24 the year before.
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