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  1. You having a laugh. I thought Puel treated him disgracefully tbh. He'd chuck him on then bench him again for ages if it didn't score. He'd have a brief crack after zero game time, come on looking terrified, not score then get binned off again for weeks. Whatever Rodgers has done for Iheanacho behind the scenes, he's made him look infinitely more confident and interested.
  2. When had that sort of deal ever happened? Can't even do it in football manager these days! Part ex is immensely rare as it is, giving them two players isn't going to happen.
  3. I didn't mean us particularly. Any top six side in Germany, Spain, England, a top three / four club in France, who knows who could be interested in him? If he's as good as he's meant to be, good enough for us to sign him and start him, I mean that's the calibre of club that'd be paying 30m to Celtic for him.
  4. It depends doesn't it. We're naive if we think tapping up doesn't happen, it's basically 90% of an agent's job. He's going to know who's interested. If big clubs are ACTUALLY interested, if he could play champions league football next year for a team in the top four or five leagues, he's not going to Leeds. But who knows. Maybe nobody of that calibre is convinced. It's like the Aranguiz story. I can actually believe we were genuinely interested back then and that'd we'd really spoke to him, I believe he'd have come to us, it would have been a step up in his career from Internacional. But you're gonna pick up Bayer playing in Europe over us at the time any day.
  5. For me, Evans, Cags, Bennett and Wes is good enough that we shouldn't be looking at CBs at all this year. We need a long term striking option, probably a left AND right winger and a left back option even if Chilwell stays.
  6. I mean fair play, as come backs go that's not bad.
  7. Yeah they might have a bunch of weapons as fans (no offence Bear, you seem alright other than the dubiously young taste in women) but I actually don't mind the team and quite like Nuno. Don't think they've got many if any players I don't like. Jota maybe, he's a bit of a cock. If they could get in to Europe with us instead of Chelsea or United I'd be fine with that.
  8. The first touch for Laca's goal is ridiculously good.
  9. Hands up if you'd genuinely forgotten we'd signed him until you saw him coming off the bench.
  10. Bit quiet today @The Bear, you've been so active on here recently as well. Where you gone pal?
  11. I ****ing hate Roy Hodgson so much. The sooner he retires the better for football.
  12. BLM is the current universally trending slogan / hash tag. It's relevant, so everyone's rallying around it. That far right groups are trying to over emphasise every fringe twat that's acting like a nob head at protests or is equating protests to looting, it doesn't actually cheapen the movement itself. Or, it doesn't unless you're a closet racist actively looking for it to be cheapened. It's right that the league, the clubs and the players are on board with BLM. If the protests around the world were under the banner Kick It Out, there'd be the odd moron attached getting violent or there'd still be the odd looter being overly sensationalised in the right wing global media so it doesn't really matter what name you use for the cause. BLM has done more in a few weeks to raise awareness and create public pressure on major businesses and institutions than Kick It Out and Show Racism the Red Card or whatever have done in ten years.
  13. Of all the points we've dropped this season the ones against Norwich pain me the most. They're just so, damn awful. Especially given we'd be home dry if we'd beaten them twice.
  14. This will just cause less advantage because refs will be worried the advantage will be immediately lost.
  15. Liverpool have been on what we were on before THAT Brighton game.
  16. I'm really disappointed there's no Scousers in the stadium pathetically booing Sterling for him to celebrate in front of
  17. Not surprising. You play a lot of possession football with a lot of highly skill, quality dribblers, overwhelming the opponent in their own box. Just by wait of averages you're going to win penalties. If you're in the box with the ball more than any other team, you're going to get more pens.
  18. That was both Kevin de Bruyne and Gabriel Jesus in a nutshell.
  19. I'd wait and see how everyone else is hurt by this to be honest. You don't even know every club will still exist come time to start the next season. Rugby is going to be hit like grass roots / lower league football is, only worse really given you can't really play social distanced rugby. They've already started talking about ring fencing etc again.
  20. I don't hate it tbh, it's a bit basic but I like two-tone mixes. I'd like it if we had blue with a darker blue trim, it's why I like this year's checked look because it's two tonal blues. The 3 logo kinda works. Is this definitely official? I do quite like it yeah but I'm sure I've seen this before? Have they had zigzags before or was it just a previous concept? Uhhhh... If this was ever going to work it needed a different sponsor. Looks dreadful with that one.
  21. Veainu will be a huge heart breaker for Tigers fans, massively popular and probably the best bit of quality in the squad. Manu is meh. Frees them up some wage budget for someone that can actually play more than twice a year.
  22. Wtf is Pick? Is it also on Main Event?
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