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  1. Wtf surely the defender just blocks him off????
  2. This is gonna be 2-0 before its 1-1 ain't it
  3. It's literally two minutes. You get that if a player gets a knock or the keeper's contact lens comes out. It's nothing. The people that keep saying it's now four quarters need to **** off and get in the sea no it isn't.
  4. I literally have no idea why it bothers anyone. It strikes me as one of those things, and there's been a lot this season, that people only get upset about because someone on Sky or BT tells them it's daft. It's a two minute stoppage for a drink, who cares? I agree it's not really necessary now we've played a few games and the weather is shit but it's still not worth being annoyed by.
  5. Five Guys is bollocks. For a start, it's restaurant prices for something TJs could knock up and for second it's something TJs could knock up.
  6. @Ian Stringer you are a bellend of the highest order.
  7. Chilwell injured mate. The suggestion was we give a toddler his professional debut at LWB away at Arsenal.
  8. If it "doesn't work out" we could already be behind before we can change. Much rather start Fuchs LB and 3 actual CBs if we're playing 3atb.
  9. I appreciate this is meant to be banter but it was an empty stadium except for a couple of people in club jackets in the stand literally banging saucepans with metal spoons. It was the most horrendous, constant, high pitch din.
  10. This is a useless stat without knowing how many of those games were Pep.
  11. I really, really like Carrie Coon, obviously the set up with the boy was curious and the strange cult thing got me interested. But within a couple of episodes, yeah, I was just bored. 1 is absolutely fantastic though. Credit especially to Jessica Biel who is sensational.
  12. Yeah giving a kid his full debut away at Arsenal in what's pretty much knock out football for us seems kinda unlikely. Especially with Fuchs and Bennett having finished the game fine against Palace.
  13. Would you rank either of 2 or 3 higher than 1? I've seen 1 and half of 2 and thought 2 was meh.
  14. Wtf there's a new Penny Dreadful???? How!? Edit: think I saw an advert for that earlier and didn't realise it was for two different shows at once, thought it was all for Perry Mason and assumed that had a paranormal twist to it. I like Natalie Dorma but I thought from first glance at the trailer that looked crap ngl. The whole point and appeal of Penny Dreadful was the low key, low fantasy Victoria English setting. You can't set something in the golden era of Hollywood and call it the same thing.
  15. I have to be honest, I'm all for calling out racists and contemporary fascists and publicly shaming them. But I do find it a bit of a shame that the Karen stereotype got hijacked a little and politicised. It was really just about laughing at pompous and entitled people. Now granted, the vast, vast, vast majority of pompous and entitled Karens do usually turn out to be fairly Conservative but A. that wasn't the point and B. you definitely can be "left wing" and still be Karen or even really non white and still be Karen. People putting the Karen hashtag on someone that's just like some white trash MAGA trailer park meth head shouting at some black kids is just not what the joke was.
  16. Whichever club official at Heidenheim decided staff banging saucepans was "atmosphere" need to be sent to help with the inventor of the vuvuzela.
  17. You must be a great employee.
  18. Well aware he'll score now I've said it but Calvert Lewin is unbelievably shit. Everton replacing Lukaku with him is almost as bad as us replacing Riyad with Ghezzal.
  19. Yeah seen a few photos after I posted that, didn't realise there's a few spots around the Kassam you can watch from outside.
  20. Why does it sound like there's fans in the ground
  21. Honestly they deserve to be dissolved as a club just for that off centre DW on the stand. That's horrific.
  22. It let's us get our currently best in form players on the pitch and cuts out the ones that are struggling. Our wingers aren't playing well, Iheanacho is. Plus, Chilwell seems to have some of his attacking confidence back but he's still an airhead that needs cover down that side and an extra CB does that. Equally, whilst I thought JJ looked great in his cameos earlier in the year, I think he's been exposed as inexperienced (totally understandable) in these few games and he could do with the support also. I'd stick with it for the next couple games probably, certainly until Maddison is fit again and then I'd maybe go back to 433. I think people pretending our wingers are crap when Barnes has something like the joint third most assists in the league and we won like 8 in a row playing 433 with him and Perez are a bit pathetic mind. Clearly 433/4141 works for us, it's just not currently.
  23. As long as he doesn't cross snakey Vards he'll be fine.
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