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  1. Going to have to get the other game on my laptop. Double screening here.
  2. Literally both of their penalties were nailed on and the one they had given against them was absolutely disgraceful.
  3. Yeah but I want him to knock out England before he goes home.
  4. Sorry boys but he's got both Portugal ones completely bang on. First one the keeper should have been sent off tbqh and that ones blatant handball. Defender only has his himself to blame, wtf are his hands doing there.
  5. If England wind up getting Hungary in the next round it'll be the most England of all England draws in history. You jammy cvnts.
  6. If this is given its ****ing corrupt. That's never a pen.
  7. Red card all day long. If an outfield player does the equivelant he's walking. I hate that keepers get away with that. We've seen Ederson do some shockers.
  8. Both of these teams are criminally negative for sides with the attacking quality they do. France even more so. Three great forwards with three defensive midfielders and defensive full backs playing behind them. What?
  9. The guy that's just scored for Hungary shouldn't be on the pitch. He went off with a concussion a couple of days ago what is he doing playing?
  10. I mean in all fairness, this would be a bit different. They were crap last time, this current Portugal team is obviously ridiculously good.
  11. Finnegan


    Really? Because all I see is a chatty kid that was quite clearly raised on a healthy diet of FIFA, Sky Sports News and football social media. Just seems like a classic Gen Z boy tbh.
  12. You played three low scoring teams with unimpressive forward lines and played defensive football, grinding to two absolutely turgid 1-0 wins and a goalless draw. But you think you're going to be MORE expansive against one of Portugal, Germany or France? Teams absolutely over loaded with attacking talent?
  13. It's an absolutely great tool for almost everything except transfer rumours, for which it's woeful.
  14. They're striving for consistency, it's admirable.
  15. I mean they only really just scraped in to the tournament anyway Tbf.
  16. Barca sign older players all the time to go and play for Barca B and then make a bit of profit when they sell them on. If he goes to Barcelona he'll just be the next Hiroki Abe, Rey Manaj, Matheus Pereira, etc and he'll never actually get a kick for the first team. Kid needs to find some humility and go and earn his career and - if you're not full of shit which is likely - get muppets like you out of his ear.
  17. Presumably because they wanted to give him either a lot less money or a lot less time than he was hoping for. Which, again, we should probably be doing. I think he's a smart piece of business, by the way. I don't particularly object to signing him. I just don't think it should be for a lot of money and I doubt it is.
  18. I actually wouldn't have, to be honest. Evans was in high demand, is a highly regarded professional, a natural leader and someone for whom athleticism is not a crucial part of his game. Ryan Bertrand is a nearly 32 year old full back being released on a free because his lower mid table club don't really need him anymore. His career is absolutely moving to its final stages. He can come here, be backup, get a bit of European football and accept a likely two year contract on a fraction of what he was on at Soton or he can go and pimp himself out to Championship / relegati
  19. Which is ironic because they believe everything they read on Facebook or see on YouTube.
  20. Look around the league, or even around Europe. How much transfer business has been done? We've just ended the longest 18 odd month run of disrupted football and a lot of people want a holiday, clubs are in financial turmoil, there's travel restrictions all over the world which will slow down most transfers, there's major tournaments going on in Europe and South America where plenty of players are on international duty - and THEY will need holidays afterwards. This is going to be a slow and drawn out transfer window and people just need patience. It might
  21. Guiness World Record for loudest sigh ever recorded, today at 7pm as the entire country of England reacts to the squad announcement as Gareth Southgate "goes for it." Pickford Stones, Mings, Coady Trippier, Henderson, Rice, Phillips, Shaw Kane, Sterling
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