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  1. Kept my head down a bit really when this came out because I know how wound up people are in general this week and it's understandable. But I was against Man City getting done in the first place and am against FFP in general so, I have to be honest, I'm pretty glad it's been over turned and I hope it it has a lasting impact on FFP. People need to wake up and accept that FFP is about clubs with the biggest commercial footprint trying to create a closed shop, it's not about protecting the little guy or creating a level playing field. You want to talk about salary and spending caps that have a flat rate regardless of your revenue as a club? I'm all in. FFP itself is ridiculous. We were good enough to be third on merit, good enough to finish top four on merit, I still maintain we've got the third best first eleven in the league on paper - it was ours for the taking. We ****ed it up. Getting salty and throwing accusations of corruption at CAS doesn't stop the fact we could, should and would still be about 10 points clear of 4th right now if we'd done nothing differently more than just beat the bottom two clubs in the league this season and nothing else. That's on us and us alone.
  2. Tbf the fact that two of them have apologised publicly probably tells you they're aware how big a deal it was for us.
  3. Tbf we'd already lost when he did it.
  4. Fair but he got away with far more than he got caught doing throughout his career. I actually think a peak Wasyl playing alongside Cags might be my dream centre back partnership.
  5. Need to get Wasyl back to coach the dark arts.
  6. Does he have the exact same role as your other CB? Hidden stats like ambition, important games and consistency can also play a part. High tempo on low tempo strategies can cause your players to be more direct than you expect. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking high tempo with short passing means your players pinging fast passes to each other. High tempo means they're trying to get as quickly as possible in to goal scoring positions which is inherently means being more direct.
  7. I see it as a symptom of what's been said about Rodgers even before he came here. Right back at the start the skeptics were talking about how he got sacked at Liverpool because he couldn't stop the rot. I see it happen to us and I see a manager panic. He needs the win so much yesterday that he over thinks things, gets scared and tries to close up shop. Anxiety kills reason out of desperation.
  8. The whole thing was stupid. I've calmed down a bit since last night's tantrum but I'm still pretty furious. Iheanacho, Perez and Vardy were dominating the game. They had next to zero goal threat because we had them constantly pegged back. With Fuchs and an inexperienced right wing back playing, the goal threat was always going to be about overloading that middle and dazzling them. It was working. As soon as we took Nacho off and opted to defend we gave them confidence. I'm not having Eddie Howe made any genius changes to save the game, we threw it away. If we came out unchanged after the break, started at pace again, they'd have folded. Instead we cut off the supply to Vardy by moving Perez and taking off his partner. So where were goals ever going to come from in the second half? He tried to settle for one nil and it blew up. That still doesn't excuse Kasper and the defence for throwing it away but still.
  9. I've been very pro Rodgers all season, have defended him constantly, even recently. But the thing that got him sacked St Liverpool and the one constant throughout his career is an inability to turn around a slump. He's a good technical coach, he coaches movement and rhythm very well, he improves players in that regard. But he isn't that Pearson style people person, he'll never get them fired up or feeling super human. He's not got any clue how to rally them round and get them to fight. Unless the players can do it themselves it won't stop.
  10. I'm not comparing the situations like for like in the slightest. Just the emotion. I feel as apoplectic at Rodgers and Kasper as I was with Kermogant then.
  11. I've got to be honest I don't think I've been this angry at Leicester since Kermogate.
  12. I wouldn't ****ing mind but they're all rimming Solanke, it was the tame shit finish of a guy that's never scored a top flight goal before. Straight at Kasper. Clown just let it straight through him.
  13. Probably going to down as the worst half time tactical change in the history of the world. How often are we losing at half time, desperate for a change and he doesn't bother. Then he goes and does this. Honestly **** off.
  14. Sack everyone. Don't even sell them just sack them all. I don't ****ing care anymore. What the ****.
  15. Absolute ****ing joke. Now we've got to get back in to the lead having shipped a striker off for a midfielder with an infamously diabolical track record of goals and assists.
  16. We are a ****ing embarrassment. Why the absolute **** have we decided to bottle it and park the bus against ****ing Bournemouth. They're conceding like twenty goals a game and haven't had a shot on target in six years. Ffs Leicester. Absolutely shit.
  17. If these go down I'd love a cheeky punt on Brooks.
  18. We've had so many shit one nils with these. Is important we get a second to kill it.
  19. Have you changed his individual instructions to pass shorter, is he low on composure, decisions and/or teamwork? Is he new to the team and still learning your formation? Do you have tempo set to particularly higher than is normal for a control formation?
  20. Only just switched this on. Its got the pace of an end of season mid table dead rubber. It all been like that?
  21. Finnegan

    Luka Jovic

    The people saying he's too big for us need to remember we just signed Youri Tielemans. It's a very similar story, Europe's next big thing, highly rated, gets a move to a big champions league club, it doesn't pan out, his stock takes a hit, he needs a move to a smaller club to rekindle things, preferably one where he'll actually get the spotlight. A top six premiership club is a pretty normal level for him to be looking at.
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