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  1. For the money Kane will cost Man City they could go and get Haaland, who's younger, fitter and probably already a better player. Unless they're that desperate not to deal with Raiola, I don't get why they wouldn't really. Dortmund will need silly money to let him go this summer, they've already said that, but Kane will cost silly money too so why not?
  2. They'd be the favourites over both of us but they're not amazing. I mean they're a lot worse than Belgium were in 2016. End of the day anything can happen in knock out tournament football.
  3. Tbf this would be consistent with our post Mahrez RW recruitment.
  4. Think it'll be boring af if I'm really honest. Come down to a bit of quality or a mistake I'd imagine. 1-0 either way.
  5. Big love for the Danes. May the winner win the whole damn thing.
  6. Yeah I think Page fell in to the trap a lot of managers do and that's over compensating for an opponent. I'm not entirely convinced we needed to swap to 352 with a makeshift "fast" front two. As Rodgers has found out a few times this season, more defenders =/= a better defence. We were probably more secure with a better out ball and a more balanced team round the park. I'm pretty confident whichever of those teams we get in the next round, he'll go back 4231 with Moore up top.
  7. Finnegan


    And here we go again, the Cult of Albrighton marches on.
  8. Finnegan


    That's true. Marc Albrighton is very, very consistent. Consistently worse than Maddison.
  9. I always get him and Mcgregor mixed up. Basically the same player. Which one have we been linked with before?
  10. I'd say they're all flip of a coin games in the context of tournament football. All four of us are on enough of a par that it'd just likely come down to who was in the best form on the day. I'd say if Bale and Ramsey played like they did against Turkey then we've got more "match winners" than any of those other sides, that's probably the only thing that stands us apart.
  11. Yeah it's complete and total garbage. I like transfermarkt, it gives nice, basic stats in a concise format. But the transfer rumours section is absolutely rubbish. It's basically exactly this. They're all trying to make a career out of the same thing but he's blown them out of the water when it comes to contacts with agents and players. They can't just keep posting exactly the same as he does after him, the only way they can stay relevant is to post something different. Which invariably means either being pedantic or making shit up and taking a
  12. I feel comfortable saying this now that we've actually achieved a semblance of success in the modern era, 1958 was a fraud. Most significantly, we shouldn't have qualified, we did so on ridiculous political grounds. We weren't there on merit. When we did get there, we got out of the group without winning a single game and then lost immediately to Brazil in the knock out stages. There's this myth in Welsh football of "Wales got to the quarter finals and only just lost to Brazil! Pele once said it was his most important goal!" like mighty Wales were so hard to stop it t
  13. It's Savoy blue. It's an important colour in the history of Italian unification. It's significant like Orange is for the Dutch.
  14. Don't know about "pleased." We absolutely shagged Russia in the last Euros and we just beat Finland home and away, without Ramsey, who is probably our most important player. We're not exactly the most terrifying team in the draw but we're probably not the worst either.
  15. Everyone's high on enthusiasm, its all bravado. We've just qualified for the knock out stages of a proper tournament for only the second time ever. I think people can be forgiven for getting a bit carried away. I don't know any serious fans that aren't well aware that anyone we get in the next round will be tough.
  16. We're getting in to Kieffer time. 1-1 this is gonna be. You heard it here first.
  17. My favourite one was earlier when he said that if Wales kept a clean sheet, Switzerland needed to score five or whatever it is. Overlooking the fact that we only need a point to finish second.
  18. Big John "The thing there.... is to keep it down"
  19. He was a millisecond late and stood on his foot by accident. The player was fine and is now back running around, there was never any considerable risk of injury. The reaction bought the red card. Vardy was sent off for much worse a few years ago and this place went ballistic over it. If that was against England not Wales none of you would think it was a red tbqh.
  20. All bets are off when it comes to bias and International football though is my point. There's never any impartiality.
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