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  1. The irony of Ronaldo making a scene over Coke when he's sat in front of an advert for Just Eat, let alone more morally reprehensible sponsors like Gazprom, Qatar and to an extent Volkswagen is pretty silly.
  2. Unless I've gotten the wrong end of the stick, it's probably something to do with the fact that what he said was like a South Slav N bomb equivalent for Albanians. So it's probable a few of the Macedonians didn't give a shit.
  3. Yeah your whole groups a bit nuts. Tbh, the only thing in your group that scares me is if we lose a lot of goal difference against Italy and finish third*. We beat Russia last time we played them, we beat Finland twice in the Nations League recently. You'd be my last choice given you beat us in the Nations League twice in 2018. That said, we were in terrible form at the time and you were in better form. If everyone was fully fit I'd probably back us to beat you atm just about. Edit: just think I've realised that doesn't mean we play Belgium, I
  4. Certainly wouldn't mind that if we get Finland in the last 16.
  5. Now this guy's gotten cocky about it you might as well lump on him signing for Chelsea tomorrow.
  6. Just lacking a top level goal scorer. Had loads of half chances, just need someone a tiny bit more predatory in the box.
  7. Seriously though, English journalists won't know what hit them with Gattuso. These people think Pearson is intimidating and Mourinho bizarre. They've seen nothing yet.
  8. Yeah I was thinking this earlier. Might be the first time in my entire life watching Leicester that we might actually find our cast offs are genuinely wanted elsewhere and we're not just waiting eternally for contracts to run out.
  9. He's been living in North America for about five or six years.
  10. His name is Matthew Colville. He's a fiction writer that writes for computer games, also writes for & creates content for tabletop RPG companies and runs a sizable YouTube channel on which he mostly discusses being a Dungeon Master for pen and paper tabletop games.
  11. In that Anfield game Tbf he wasn't at his best, he got subbed off for Haaland and then Haaland got the equaliser no?
  13. I mean that sounds a lot like he was claiming it was more or less guaranteed ngl
  14. I've not been following every post made by the Zambia mega fan on here (mostly because I didn't see him acknowledge that Daka would only be the second best Zambian born striker to play in the Premier League after the legendary Robert Earnshaw) but I understand the general gist of what he's been saying is that Daka isn't likely to go to Liverpool because he wants first team football if he's to make a big move to the Prem?
  15. Regards Fab, didn't he say previously that we'd agreed terms with Edouard and were just negotiating with Celtic to finalise it? Now he's claiming we've not bid for him?
  16. This might well be the nerdiest reaction gif I've ever seen on Foxestalk. Absolutely love it, haha.
  17. Your mate is on for Ukraine @Ric FlairFlair and he's just missed a howler. Big John is fuming at his technique on comms haha.
  18. He's played an overwhelmingly high percentage of games as a central striker. I did check whether or not he'd played to the left or right of Haaland when they were there together and even then he played down the middle I think as a 2. Thats having taken a cursory glance at Transfermarkt however. @StriderHiryu or @Ric Flair might have seen stats that say contrary. Don't think so, though.
  19. This maaaay be an unpopular opinion on here but I'd probably be OK with it. Few notes: 1. Don't @ me but some of the best, if not THE best, football we've ever played under Rodgers was with Perez at RW. I'll die on this hill. 2. We've finished 5th twice in a row with Rodgers, and won the FA Cup, with our current quota of RW stock and we aren't losing anyone this summer. 3. We have no idea how good Sowah is going to be yet or what Rodgers expectations are for him but it's very possible he's seen as an RW. 4. We all know that we hav
  20. I reckon we've quite probably got Edouard wrapped up. I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if they're both signing and Daka will play more as either a wide forward or with Edouard in a 352. I can see us selling Hamza and Praet for the same amount we spend on Edouard and Soumare given they look like they're both going to be bargains. Bertrand is a free so us spending 30m on a highly rated attack as our net outlay up to that point wouldn't be a shock. With KDH and Sowah being essentially free extra signings I can see us maybe then bringing in a CB and that'll b
  21. Oh absolutely our finishing was frustrating. We missed a penalty and a one on one for which the goalkeeper was rooted. If we buried nothing else, they should have gone in. Ramsey's first, in fairness the angle isn't great by the time he's shaping to shoot and whilst I think Moore's chance in the first half was a much bigger one for a man of his ability than the highlights coverage (which apparently missed it entirely) gave it credit for, I probably exaggerated a little suggesting it should have been a definite goal. But the all round play all over the park was brillia
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