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  1. So, Chelsea third and fourth is Wolves or United's to throw away then lads? Sixth it is, that the general consensus tonight?
  2. I was not in the slightest, tiniest, remotest, vaguest way being serious.
  3. Everyone thinks that don't they. When all you gotta beat are your mates on the sofa. For me it was Soul Calibur and Pro Evo. Whooped all my mates. Games now, however good you think you are, you get on the internet and you realise you ain't shit. And that the people that are destroying you, they ain't shit compared to even bottom rung pros. I've got little interest in watching eSports, in fact I'd go so far as to say they're a serious damage to the gaming industry and I can't stand them, but you gotta recognise the skill there at least.
  5. I hate everything about this sentence.
  6. No he hasn't but I was expecting muck tbh and didn't think he'd really play much. I never bought in to the idea he was meant to be our super high profile winger signing. He's done better than I imagined. I like his link up play tbh.
  7. The thing with having them both playing @martyn is that they alternate. Someone posted a great video about this months ago when Rodgers started here, might have been Stadt or Strider, explaining how we use the two of them in alternating 10/8. One drops, takes the ball from the defence and looks to push on and the other pushes up in to the space. That zippy play you're talking about is exactly what happens when we play that way, how we were at the start of the year wasn't them both pushing up at all. The biggest defining change from Puel to Rodgers and the biggest improvement was Rodgers bringing Maddison deeper to get him involved more often. Under Puel he did exactly what we had him doing against Brighton the other day, neglecting his duties, standing miles up the pitch and never getting the ball.
  8. He's not an Ndidi replacement. To be honest, to contradict myself a bit, he's not really an outright ball winning player. He's much better on the ball than Ndidi and passes very well. The Iborra comparison someone made wasn't miles off. He's a big guy that looks to impose himself on a midfield. He definitely is a "defensive" midfielder but he's more a halfway between the deeper role Ndidi plays and a playmaker like Tielemans. He's something we don't really have at the moment.
  9. To what real end though tbh? What do you think you're really going to achieve with this, the 952387554255th post moaning about moderation of this forum? I know you mean well, I know you're trying to be diplomatic, I know you probably don't even think you're moaning, but for as long as this place has existed there has periodically been wave after wave of these posts. Do you really expect Mark to sit and answer all your bullet points and justify himself on repeat every time this shit crops up? Look at that screenshot he posted. All those reports. That's a normal day. I used to be a mod on here years ago and you get it all the time, IMs from someone who takes the internet too seriously crying that someone's been mean to them in a thread. It's incessant. You want to know how this place is moderated? With a long, drawn out sigh and a battle not to lose the will, from volunteers. This is a free site, one most of us enjoy, nobody pays Mark. In an age where most content is on social media platforms that make billions a year, we're all plugging away on a forum that Mark runs from his own pocket with a bit of contribution from adverts and donations. All the time with the same old regular voices (have a look through this sub forum, it's the same sad, no life, socially inept w@nkers in every thread) moaning about inner circles and conspiracy theories of injustice. On a ****ing Leicester City freeboard ffs. Ask yourself if you really want to be one of those, shrug, conclude that you don't and just go about your life. Occasionally you'll post something that gets deleted. It happens to all of us. Then go about your day.
  10. Liverpool'a midfield is almost an irrelevance. You could take any of them out and they'd be fine. They just need to graft, shut the game down, work hard and get the ball to better players. Their most essential players are probably the full backs, Van Dijk and the forward three.
  11. Man City win the league with a better defence all season imo. Or at very least, the title race goes down to the last day. Despite Pep towing the party line, pretending he loves Rodri and Fernandinho has centre backs, they're dreadful defensively. I'm not convinced just Laporte is enough to make the difference though. It needs to be Laporte + one other if they want to close the gap next year. The rest of their squad is insanely good, they don't need to worry about the midfield or forwards. David Silva going is sad for them on sentimental grounds but they've basically replaced him already. Liverpool have maybe the best defence in the world at the moment. Man City need to be competing with that. Otamendi, Stones, Mendy, Zinchenko et all have no place being in a team trying to win a Premier League Champions League double.
  12. None of which is a coincidence. Every other midfielder we bring in to replace him changes our shape in both attack and defence. The People's Hero (not you Woolers) Dennis Praet is the worst for this. I really like Praet as a player, he's got a great skill set, he ups the tempo of a match, he's energetic and tidy, I think he'd do really well in the Perez role, I'd much rather him be out there than Albrighton as he was the other day. But he makes too many vertical runs, constantly pushes up, wants to operate higher up the pitch, neglects his duties collecting the ball from the centre backs and holding shape in front of the defence. When YT and Madders play together, one is always showing for the ball. Always. It's what keeps possession moving instead of being about the centre backs passing to each other relentlessly. That's not Praet's game.
  13. For a bit more context here, two things: 1. Like I said, people tend to expect more than they should from "creative" midfielders. The top assist providers are nearly always players that operate in wide areas and/or near exclusively in the final third. Full backs, wingers and modern forwards dominate the charts. 2. With that in mind, only three centre mids have provided more assists in the Prem this year than YT. Two play for Man City, De Bruyne is way out on his own (and I think we can all agree he's on a level of his own), David Silva is the other and has two more assists than Tielemans. The only other centre midfielder in the league, and the one most comparable to YT, with more assists is Joao Moutinho who has one more. Moutinho is Wolves set piece taker. As an aside, only one Leicester player in any position has more PL assists than YT this year and that's Harvey Barnes. Oh and Madders is our set piece taker and has 3 which says a lot about our quality from corners. End of the day, YT is just a victim of his own success. He was in the literal form of his life during his loan spell, he was incredible. Very few people sustain that kind of form for long, when he turned up after the summer looking a bit more like his normal self, people got themselves all disappointed. But he's been good, tbh he's been everything you'd expect from a 40m player in 2019.
  14. Let's be clear, currently nobody is playing at the level I hoped for pre season. But if you look at the season as a whole I'd say Perez certainly defied expectation. He fit very, very smartly in to our passing system. Pereira is the one that draws all the plaudits down that right hand side but he's enabled by the triangle he fits in with Ayoze and YT. It's not a coincidence that we stopped winning games and started struggling when we dismantled that. People have this idea of creativity in football being about one player slotting in super through balls all over the park. It's daft, there's a reason individual assist figures are nearly always lower than goal scoring ones, it's because creativity is the job of the whole team. When the shape and system are good, the team is good. YT is a huge part in giving us that and he does it well. I'd say he's met my expectations, yeah, especially given how he'd struggled hugely at Monaco. People got worked up expecting him to come in and perform like a 25 year old Toni Kroos. It was dumb. Yes, he was in better form during his loan spell but players have peaks and troughs. He was never going to sustain that just as Vardy isn't always going to score in 11 straight games. Buuuut, for what it's worth I do understand the temptation to get mega excited for new signings.
  15. We're top four in the league, Perez and Tielemans played a massive, massive part in carrying us there. If you don't see their value in our early season form or if you're somehow blaming our slump on them then you just don't actually understand the game.
  16. Probably the most over rated young player in the Premier League. Unbelievably average. That said, "Barcelona, Real Madrid and Leicester" as a sentence deserves a thread on its own. A long way from West Ham and Everton
  17. Did you mean to quote me? I'm not sure I get the relevance of what you're saying.
  18. I up voted this because I partially agreed and it made me chuckle but I don't actually think it's fair. Anything less than fourth will be a massive disappointment and a huge loss of an immeasurable opportunity. That said, as much as I don't want to say it, fifth would still be a remarkable achievement with what we have. The well known adage in football is that the table doesn't lie but it's something of a half truth. The table doesn't lie once every fixture has been completed, until then it's skewered and only open to interpretation. We're yet to play two of our main rivals for the top four and thus can't really look at our current spot as definitive. This is a really good time to take stock of what we've got, what we've achieved so far and why it's started to go "wrong." What we have here is a very talented, very promising, very well coached first choice eleven. Beyond that, we've got a squad full of muck that's either abjectly poor or, in cases like Albrighton, just simply don't fit. Whenever we've had to rotate, we've been dreadful. The bubble burst in December as soon as we started fiddling with the system, changing shape and personnel out of necessity to try and cobble teams together out of one of the league's thinnest squads. There really probably isn't a club in the country that has such a wild imbalance between the quality of their first team and the quality of their reserves, no more is that evident than now we're replacing one of the world's best right backs with a kid who was a championship breakthrough last year. We've barely managed to field our strongest side in back to back games since we beat Villa away in the league, it's not clutching at straws for excuses to point out that that's clearly damaging to anyone's form. Clubs like Tottenham and Arsenal got their reputation because despite a wealth in technical quality, star international footballers and vast resources, they never really focused on pulling together they things that make a squad a winning one. There's no fight in those sides, no winning mentality, no real commitment. If we finish fifth, I actually hope people don't remember this team as bottlers. I hope they're able to put their disappointment aside and say - you know what - given what we've got at our disposal we gave this a really good shot. If we fall short it won't be a lack of character, it'll just be a lack of the necessary quality to complete a full 38 game domestic season, whilst going deep in two full cup runs AND having to manage a fitness sapping pandemic break. Because when it comes to the end, the table won't lie.
  19. It is but I'm not sure how. I pressed record on the replay and it said it would then be available after the match. Nothing happened but I didn't save the game itself. Not sure. I'll have a poke later.
  20. Yeah I'm done. I've just full on rage quit. I mean this version isn't enjoyable in the slightest but that's just stupid. 93rd minute of a champions league semi final first leg that I'm winning 2-1 away at Real Madrid. My keeper has the ball in his hands after catching a cross. Players moving back up pitch, game over. But wait. My goal keeper, defying all instructions and all tactical plans, attempts to punt it long and Chris Woods it straight in to Harry Kane's face (tbf, big target.) The ball cannons off his dish square perfectly to Mbappe's feet who first time squares it straight back to Harry. Sigh. Harry Kane takes the worst shot I've ever seen, a tired, half hearted prod straight at my goalkeeper, pretty common in this match engine let's be honest. Alas, my goalkeeper dives theatrically and gets two solid hands on it. Regardless, the ball then trickles slowly through him and rolls casually towards the goal line with my left side centre back just watching it calmly go in. Words can't describe how slow it was. I know all of this sounds so absurd that I must be exaggerating but honestly, to call this FIFA levels of dumb last minute manufactured drama would be an understatement of epic levels. My players in question all thrive off big matches, have really high mental stats, are consistent, confident, were playing well, high morale, good form. Honestly one of the worst things I've ever seen the match engine do in any version.
  21. I'd reserve judgement til you see it.
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