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  1. Could someone dm me a decent stream? Boycott and all that...
  2. Listening without fake crowd noise and Schmeichel is so loud. Really controlling his back four/three. Love it.
  3. The club probably paid thousands for the rendering of that video and now kids could make it on Minecraft. Amazing really... (I'm speaking like I'm a lot older than 30 here
  4. I was only 7 when he left but I feel like I can remember the vitriol. I certainly remember the "MCGHEE SCUM" graffiti on the windows of a derelict building on the walk to the stadium
  5. Speaking as a Lecturer in English Lit, I can't agree with this statement more. The best journalism comes from good writers, not just good journalists. My favourite piece of sports journalism is David Foster Wallace's essay on Federer! That shows how a great writer can further enliven a subject already sparks love in so many people. One problem that I see from a lot of young writers is that they write quite colloquially (ie. "He has adapted has Morgan".) A lot of football journalism is written by ex-players without a background in writing, and this has caused non-players to slip into the same h
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