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  1. This is so obviously fake, the Telstar football wasn't introduced until 1968.
  2. Most folk know that Larry was from Nuneaton but not so many realise that he had a 'Wigan address' in the early days.
  3. I thought I heard someone slagging him off before kickoff but then I realised what they'd actually said is "Is that Matty James limbering up"
  4. Not sure what he's taking. .....contemplate my options. Stay in Leicester for an improbable party - Spurs would surely beat mid-table Chelsea - or go for the small chance the stars line up and Leicester City are crowned Premier League champions? Spurs hadn't won a Stamford Bridge in 26 years and weren't likely to that night either.
  5. Thanks, I'm not very good at them as a rule.
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