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  1. Ironically you could get your root canal work done much cheaper in those countries.
  2. Man U are 10 million short of asking and Luckhurst is tuppence short of a shilling.
  3. Great interview, thanks for posting. Kingy is a legend and I hope he's in the squad this season. I don't remember this Puel geezer but he sounds like a right knob.
  4. Won't get fooled again. Brilliant
  5. Thanks & good luck from me and from your namesake. You Legend.
  6. Liverpool at home 1973. We didn't lose, it finished 1-1 but after the match a scouser nicked my programme right in front of the law, as I tried to get it back off him he appealed to the law for help because I was supposedly trying to steal his programme. The law told me to **** off and stop causing trouble. No I'm not over it!
  7. No wonder he can't play football.
  8. Looks like there's no decent sauce.
  9. God, you've got me thinking about sex masochism again now.
  10. It's Mike Phelan and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in disguise. The Sun will be all over it tomorrow.
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