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  1. I didn't know we played on my birthday. Johnny Morris in a 1-1 draw at home to Rotherham, a result that had the fans moaning (according to Of Foxes & Fossils) despite the fact we were romping to a record breaking Division Two title! Some things never change. I'd never heard of Johnny Morris but, strangely, Animal Magic was first broadcast on my birthday five years later. I've always loved a talking chimp.
  2. I was there. It was a beautiful sunny day and The Birch's hair glowed like in an advert for Harmony hairspray.
  3. Don't forget that his career was interrupted by the Civil War.
  4. Ghezzal, Mendy and Iheanacho already have 40 European appearances between them, half of them in the Champions League.
  5. But the top clubs don't scout players via Motd they scout them by opinions on fan forums.
  6. Keith Weller was as hard as nails btw and very clever with it.
  7. I've almost got my libido back, sure I felt a twitch.
  8. I love his 50th premier league goal against man u. Mahrez stands on the ball and tells Chris Smalling "I'm just waiting for my mate and when he gets here I'm going to give him the ball and he's going to bang it in the net".
  9. I expect to see a marauding Maguire.
  10. Never a Dull Moment (well some under Claude)
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