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  1. RIP Bobby Kellard. I will always have great memories of the 70/71 promotion season.
  2. Yes, but apart from that what has he ever done?
  3. I finally realised last month that I don't have to watch the preamble or the halftime and full-time 'analysis' and avoiding it has enhanced the experience. I wouldn't want to go to a match with Souness, Sherwood or any of the other pundits. The first 40 years of my football experience were pretty much pundit free and better for it.
  4. For some reason it chokes me up every time, especially today. RIP
  5. BT showed Pereira on bench. Sky showing Thomas instead?
  6. I think it all started when they moved from Woolwich.
  7. I suppose he should be thankful he didn't get a card for a dive
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