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  1. Obviously someone with some shaky info.
  2. Moussa Dembele and Virgil Van Dijk please.
  3. Roy is Martins devil doll.
  4. On their performance on the day Colin Bell, Alan Ball for Arsenal and Ian Bowyer for Leyton Orient. There must have been others but I saw a lot of top class forwards nullified by our defence in the early 70's.
  5. Yeah how are we gonna attract more players like Musa, Slim and Mendy?
  6. FFS
  7. Nobody arsed about Slim
  8. Brilliant thread. Thanks
  9. Water off a ducks back.
  10. Probably been posted before, so sorry, but was it the O'Jays?
  11. No, he doesn't do that either.
  12. Vardy doesn't do injuries he's not Sturridge
  13. I'd rest players for both Everton and WBA the semi final will be even tougher. Four draws but possibly get one win somewhere.
  14. No wonder I couldn't understand it.
  15. Start him Sunday!