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  1. I concur, though I find the foil over the windows negates the need for a hat.
  2. Song for Matt Hancock Confidence is one thing, but you took it too far; did someone tell you you were the Corona Czar? Although our future is bright, I won't forget about last night. Once upon a time I had faith in the guy but now it's time for him to depart. What else can I say? He was totally shit from the start. Totally shit from the start. *With apologies to Dave Henson.
  3. Congolesi Unsworth: Glaswegian loons; the singer’s granddad writes all the tunes. Cresta! What the **** were we drinking? HMHB: The Unfortunate Gwatkin. Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. Les Crane: Desiderata
  4. always looked the odd one out unfortunately.
  5. Ghezzal subbed off 6 minutes after coming on for Fiorintina, hope it's nothing serious.
  6. They said it was either his arse or his elbow that got in the way but they don't know which.
  7. Sorry to disagree but I'd say he hasn't got the personality of a wet paper bag.
  8. And I thought Coote was the imbecile of the week. Tough luck David, sterling effort, close but no cigar.
  9. Just make it up, when the ball was played
  10. KDB's was a decent save but he should have held on to it tbh.
  11. You probably went because we were on a great run of form and hunting Fulham down in the promotion race. Huge win. I paid on the day. Good old days! Except for the fear of violence being inflicted upon you! Not at this match though.
  12. Just seen this and I'm lucky to still be alive 😂😂😂
  13. Sad that we'll never see a City side with Youri Fuchs King Praet
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