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  1. When I was bout 8 I went to see the Leicester players off onto the coach before an away game at Coventry. I lived near Belfast (Army dad) at the time and that was as close as I'd been to a game in my recent memory. I got a few autographs and met a very curt Martin O'Neill. When I wished Muzzy good luck he asked if I had tickets to the game. When we said no he told us to wait right there before coming back half hour later with tickets for me and my dad. We drew 0-0 but I considered that one of the best football memories of my life. I love Muzzy to bits.
  2. I wouldn’t mind a new sponsor if it made us money, but I’d be annoyed if it were a betting company. I assume that having KP probably makes The owners money even if it’s bringing less into the club than other sponsors might
  3. Commentators who used to be players. It might be an American term. You have a professional commentator and someone with pitch experience to add 'colour'.
  4. This is spot on. I think that Scott does her research and comes into games with talking points in mind, where a lot of men who've been doing it for a while just turn up and wing it. I always thought that to be a successful woman in sport you have to work harder than men and she's a great example of that. You have to give women and BAME commentators the chance to sink or swim based on merit, and I think Scott is swimming. TBF, colour commentators are often terrible, so it's a lottery every time we turn the TV on. The amount of collective hours we have spent w
  5. And every touch of the ball sounds like a cannon
  6. Imagine thinking the idea that Black Lives Matter is outdated.
  7. Sack all pundits. I'd rather just hear a ten minute Madders interview on each game.
  8. People rate Amartey much more highly than I do, but I don't think we've ever seen him have a run in the team. All the best to him. Prove FT right!
  9. What a bizarre advert. Ignoring the respective positions of these two..."Relegation bound Fulham and Battling Sheffield Utd."
  10. Glad there’s some Leeds fans here for their cup final.
  11. I was gonna say earlier that with all the space Albrighton was getting, it would have been nice to have ünder on for. But JJ has filled that slot perfectly.
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