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  1. yes still waiting for one ST and one Palace ticket refund
  2. Looking for one adult ticket for this please. All sorted now.
  3. I need just one if you can split them please.
  4. splitticketing.com was 49 pounds from Leic. Via Kettering.
  5. Also looking for two as sure this won’t get past Weds.
  6. Doesn’t look like they have ever posted anything..so would seem he/he just made an account to come here and scam. 😞. Hope you have success at the Bank tomorrow.
  7. Still after ticket for this please, please message me if you can’t make it!
  8. There is a link to leave feedback.. I have just done so. https://www.skysports.com/contact-us
  9. I don’t see too many 80/90 year old grannies at away games because that’s what they would be if they were 50-60 in the 80s . Most would have been working Mums like myself, someone on here said we “grannies”must be on benefits to get away tickets... how about we worked hard and planned for our retirement. I started going to Filbert Street when I was 17... 68 now. Just spent my weeks pension on a trip to Everton... and it was great! Stayed over night too. 😍
  10. Thanks, already gone when I looked earlier. Still looking for one adult ticket. Thanks.
  11. Looking for one adult ticket for Man City away please. Sorted now x
  12. Looking for one adult for Man City away. Thank you sorted now.
  13. “Bovril “. Prompt payment for WH ticket. Thanks
  14. Agree with this, cringe worthy song about Soyuncu. I used to sit in the Kop, moved to East stand K block... from there can’t hear UFS at all.. and yes I know they sing loud over in that corner. Thought last night was dreadful. Again we need a stand were both groups of noise makers can all be together. Don’t think it will happen though.
  15. Looking for one for Norwich please. Thanks.
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