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  1. Looking for one membership reference for Norwich home please. Sorted now thank you.
  2. Actually thanks for that, managed to get one..in the wheelchair bit but he will stand at the back anyway..
  3. Yes just walk to where the Kop is and it’s over to your left.
  4. It has, on sale today, let me know if you need help buying.
  5. Always a big queue... if you can get there early it really would be best bet..pop down in the morning if possible.
  6. I can help you with this but all the tickets that are left are restricted.. and on back row, and it’s very poor back there.
  7. Still looking for two tickets for Burnley. Must be together.
  8. Oh got all excited then until I read the second line..
  9. Yes! Loads left on Tuesday... I wonder if like my friends people going on the walk now want to go.
  10. Looking for two for this must be together and then one more that doesn’t have to be with the others. Big ask but friends going on the Vichai walk would like to go to game.
  11. We actually went in there and there were a few Leicester fans in... really nice old proper pub, we did get asked if we were away fans.. said no..but as we left told her the truth and she said yes I know Not that we will be going there again in the near future ( Luton, we hope) but it did appear to not have many pubs about.
  12. Looking for two adult together for Spurs. Thanks.
  13. Might get more response if you post this in the Bournemouth thread below..
  14. Edited to add, Sorry wrong game it was for Bournemouth home, I bought two tickets for a friend in M1 for this match and it would not let me leave an odd seat, so assume it does do this in that area.
  15. There are tickets available in M1 now .
  16. Not yet!! I think they have been saying that for a couple years now but never happens...maybe this is the year it will happen
  17. Thanks for that, we are looking for a new "home" pre match since Brood closed... will have to give it a try. Just looked it up, we usually go in the Blue Boar after matches and this is right near...def will give it a try.
  18. I know it is frustrating... a system where we can say "I don't need my seat, can you sell it" seems so simple...I am sure people have suggested it many times. Last two season there has been two seats empty in front of me nearly all season
  19. I received email yesterday saying can upgrade 8 times a season via club sales.
  20. DavieG has replied to your message but if you look at the top of the page right side you will see an envelope, click on it and it will open up my message... haha Oadlad you will have to get with the times ?!
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