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  1. Don't know if anyone has ever had the misfortune to watch a show called gossip girl. This is basically that. Dreadful in every aspect.
  2. Watching about this bombing in the Mormon religion. Bonkers.
  3. Don't think there's much debate about it, even when he was playing like the best right back in the world Southgate didn't pick TAA, no chance he will now.
  4. Gotta be Shaw at left back and Trent at right back. God knows who he'll pick though the charlatan.
  5. Liverpool still being priced up by the bookies all wrong, been filling my boots for weeks now and will continue to do so until they turn a corner.
  6. I've had to watch norbit twice in 2 weeks because the 8 year old thinks it's hilarious. One of the worst films I've ever seen.
  7. Brilliant goal again he's a a goalscorer I've said it all along when Vardy isn't firing or other attackers are out he's a must play. First touch was well off tonight but sometimes it is and doesn't matter a jott when he can finish like that.
  8. Fancy us tonight for the first time in a while. Think they're the sort of opposition who suits us, match us up and we're simply better than them, so even with the injuries and the fatigue I think we will win tonight. I've filled my boots at 2/1 and done a mental we win 3-1, youri scores and a player is sent off around 400/1 bet.
  9. More I think about it more I hope every owner just pulls their horses and he's completely finished. Absolutely bringsnthe whole game in to disrepute and anyone who backs him or tries to see it from this or that point of view will get short shrift from me. Get him in the bin. If you lose the idea of horses welfare being the absolute you lose everything. Bin.
  10. Harmless to me but can understand people being offended.
  11. Meant the remake as its free on ps+ but it's the best part of 100gb which will take a day to download with my Internet and I'll have to delete loads of stuff to free up the space.
  12. For someone who doesn't really get on with jrpgs (loved gravity rush, though) is ff7 worth a go?
  13. I'd take him in a heartbeat, imagine if we had him fit here now, would solve a lot of our problems.
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