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  1. Take mads off them. We won't, but we should. So as we won't, get him practicing even more dead balls, especially corners and in dangerous areas. I'd think he does this a lot already, but even if he does it for an hour, make him do 3 because he can not clear the first man. It's actually diabolical how bad they are.
  2. Should be a who gives a **** option. Voted Southampton, out of all them I'd dislike it least.
  3. Youri really disappointed me, considering how well he'd played for Belgium the last few weeks. Never got going.
  4. What exactly can you 'click and collect' from a pub? Makes no sense. Surely those in tier 3 will be better off staying shut, but will the government cover furlough etc? Wouldn't hold my breathe they'll peddle the old if youve not been forced to close we won't support the business nonsense.
  5. Don't want to slate him, he's clearly still not fully fit and today wasn't his best performance, but for the love of God take the lad off set pieces. His corners are woeful.
  6. Only problem with miles morales is its very steeply priced for what in reality is a decent sized expansion.
  7. Best team we could put out, a shame there's no room for praet but sure he'll make an impact.
  8. Spurs hell of a price over 3/1 today, Man City the king with no clothes this season.
  9. What really, really ****s me off to the very core is people who leave their cars on outside your house. Especially early in the morning. This **** has had his range rover running for literally over 20 minutes directly outside my house. Hope he bins it when he finally ****s off.
  10. What is the fact that justifies our prime minister shaking hands with people infected with a deadly disease?
  11. 2 years on his deal come seasons end. 60m ish probably. Hopefully we'll get at least another season after this one out of him. I'm hopeful he's one that will stay a bit longer.
  12. The bloke from the asda adverts is incredibly unsettling. Just wanted to get that off my chest.
  13. Does that explain why having my arm reset was cancelled and delayed 3 times last year, after already having to wait weeks from the offset?
  14. What gets my goat is that it's the virus that is blamed for overwhelming the NHS, rather than the criminal underfunding for years and years, every winter it is stretches, beds run out, operations have waits for months. A little extra strain and obviously it'll collapse like a house of cards.
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