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  1. I can't be the only one who doesn't quite get this bit?
  2. I'm staying with a girl I've been seeing for around 4 months, her, her 7 year old daughter and me, it's stressing me the hell out, we're trying to give the little girl structure with a bit of learning, bit of creative time and some garden play, but she is winding me up something chronic, everything her mum tells her to do is met with some form of frustration or verbal outrage, we were long distance before all this and to go from that to living together for what has already been 12 days is really trying my patience, I've never been with a girl who has kids before and obviously this isn't a normal situation where I can pop to the pub or have my day at work to occupy myself, just seems like I can't get a break, the little girl will literally follow me up the stairs to the toilet and sits outside 'are you finished yet let's play!' it's driving me mad, it's 15+ hours a day and I'm just not used to it and not coping all that well, and I feel guilty, she's not going to school, expending enough energy and it's not fair on her either, sure people are in far worse positions than me I just needed a rant.
  3. Rave reviews, looks to have really pushed the envelope, you'd expect nothing less, just a shame I won't be able to get to a vr headset for weeks now! Not even got my ps4 where I'm locked down
  4. Didn't think it translated brilliantly to the ps4, felt really at home on the vita, sequel was good too and built for the ps4 so faired much better.
  5. Cash in the £50+m with no ill feeling, persist with Justin and have Fuchs here as back up next season, best for everyone I feel.
  6. anyone got a link to a stream for the game?
  7. Either Alyx Vance from the half life series or Trico from The Last Guardian.
  8. Shadow of the colossus well worth a look, especially if you're in to old school adventure games.
  9. No need to insult me, he purposefully stopped a breakaway by bringing down their player, it wasn't malicious but it was stopping a break and makes it an automatic yellow so I struggle to see how you think that's Dean making up for something yet the first yellow he got was deserved where most would argue it probably wasn't even a free kick, but feel free to pick out one word which can be used in a manner of different ways rather than answer a simple question, by all means.
  10. The first yellow where he won the ball was deserved but the second one where he hacked their player down to stop a breakaway wasn't? Interesting way of looking at it.
  11. Pickford's distribution is good but he's a bang average goalkeeper who has loads of mistakes/rash decisions in him. Bin.
  12. Remembering stuff like this is why I don't care if Riyad comes out with some tripe about us or forced a move, look what the lad did for us.
  13. Not that strange, they'd want £150m or thereabouts for Pogba and who would pay it? PSG and Madrid are the only two teams realistically and if they don't want him he's stuck there.
  14. Really a person from Asia or the middle East or wherever in the world a supporter might be from, doesn't care much for 'proper' local fans gatekeeping how and why they should support what team they do and being derisory towards them in an insultingly general way, and nor should they.
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