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  1. Calvert lewin or rashford. Kane did absolutely nothing today except for slice a sitter. He looked completely unfit or absolutely knackered.
  2. Has kane got lead in his boots? Drop him he is absolutely pathetic.
  3. I've backed France 9/2 outright. Hell of a price for the current world Cup champions who have the best midfield and a real cohesion.
  4. Obviously gameplay and especially teaser trailers can be hugely misleading. Having said that. All aboard the hype train, chop choo.
  5. Watched the first 2 episodes of Lisey's Story on Apple TV. Weird as all hell but it's got me hooked, adapted by Stephen King himself, which I think is pretty rare.
  6. I think people have got a pretty twisted view of this one. IF Barcelona wanted cags they wouldn't pay anywhere near as much as a Premier league team. They are Barcelona, cags is aware they are Barcelona and would for absolutely certain want to push a move through. Which lowers the price considerably. Reckon we'd be lucky to get 60m for him from Barca, but it's a big if that he's even on their radar.
  7. Bf4 was the last really good bf for sure.
  8. Someone who's Premier league or international quality. Southgate is a championship manager at best, think his cv backs that up its not a slight just what he is.
  9. Southgate must be relived inside if TAA is crocked, means he doesn't have 5o bat away questions about why he isn't playing him, bet it hurt he had to pick him in the first place. Don't get what he's got against the lad, this season; first half especially he wasn't at it, but he was one of if not the best rb in world football before that and barely got a sniff at international level. Often a case of better the devil you know but I really can not wait until Southgate is replaced.
  10. Watched oxygen, French film on Netflix, buried alive with a bit more to it. 6.5/10 The Woman In The Window, a poor rip off of rear window. 3/10.
  11. Young lad died from injuries sustained in qualifying in moto 3 yesterday, poor lad, reminds us how dangerous this sport is. RIP.
  12. You didn't live through the levien years? If you didn't boo after a game you might have literally exploded.
  13. The only one from made in Chelsea I'd recognise would be the blonde lad who's the heir to mcvities, I think. Bunch of pricks, yeah, but best not to pay it any attention than get annoyed by it.
  14. To be fair to them Chelsea have been exceptional. Shows how well we did in the fa cup final to edge them.
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