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  1. 60 quid a month or thereabouts, sky is poison and carragher exemplifies that. I'll never be able to look at him without picturing him gobbing on a child. Scum.
  2. Wider point is fair enough but without those 2 signings I doubt very much they'd be such a force, defensively they're by far their two most important players. I agree their recruitment has been brilliant, and the prices they've got for outgoings arguably even better, I just don't see how playing down the players they have spent big money on detracts or enhances the point as a whole.
  3. I'll never understand this trail of thinking, it's like saying aside from coutinho and Suarez sales their net spend is through the roof, aside from 15/16 Leicester haven't won anything for 20 years etc etc etc, aside from my dangling bits and lack of ovaries I could be a mother.
  4. See people have mentioned spec ops the line and the last guardian, two absolute belters. Spec ops was a complete shock to me as I thought I was going to be playing a cod clone and though the gameplay was relatively run of the mill the story absolutely blew my mind it was staggering how good it was. The last guardian was also exceptionally well told and very emotional, I hope on the ps5 they re-release it (long shot) because all that let it down was some dodgy textures, a temperamental camera and a very unpredictable frame rate, all things easily solved with a bit more polish and a bit more umph under the hood. Even with the stated flaws it was a joy to play, triiiico duha.
  5. See how the lads do against Burnley, if no improvement can't do any harm to chuck him in and see what happens.
  6. No legs then, we won't match his wages and he won't entertain leaving to half his money for over 4 years, you're talking over £15m pre tax.
  7. How long does he have left on his contract at Man U?
  8. He obviously believed in his own ability at the time of the move, and he and Kante won the prem together in a 2 so sure he had every reason to think he'd be a success there. Just a shame it never happened, I'm sure he had no idea quite how badly it would turn out.
  9. Didn't drinkwater play most the last season with us injured? You can't be thrust in to a game like that when you haven't played a game for 2 years and expect it to go well, terrible management by villa, that won't have done his confidence any good. I'll always love him. I remember in our Championship winning season a drunk sitting next to me saying over and over 'I'd shake all their hands, all of them, but not that tw*t drinkwater!!' okay mate.
  10. I'd much rather have Riyad than coutinho in my team, no way he's worth what Barca paid even now the transfer market has got even more crazy.
  11. They've spent terribly, I said so in my original post, which is why they're in the mess they are in, seems obvious to me it's much easier to stay established than become established in the PL and a net spend stat just backs that up, if Bournemouth sold a player for 140m they'd be in the black with net spend, but their best players are barely worth a tenth of that, it's just been compounded by the fact that what they have spent has been wasted on bang average players who have just taken them backwards.
  12. When Liverpool sold coutinho who was Bournemouths best player and how much were they worth? Genuine question, you can't hope to progress from being a league 2 side to a sustainable premier League team by selling your best player for 5m then buying ten players for 500k each, it's just not realistic. It's why often promoted teams net spends are bigger than the 'top 6', you simply can't cover the cost of improving your team by selling your best players because for one they won't cover the cost and for two you'll plummet straight back down to the championship.
  13. The reason Bournemouths net spend is bigger than Liverpool's is because 3 or 4 years ago their most expensive player was probably worth a couple of million quid, so if they're going to improve they need to spend money without being able to recoup with outgoing players. Liverpool got well over 200m for 2 players so the entire squad klopp has built was basically financed by that, so this 'net spend' people try to judge teams on is ludicrous imo. The problem isn't that Bournemouth have spent money, it's that they've spent it terribly.
  14. Had praet first goal 20/1 happy days, sort of.
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