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  1. Yes he was like he the best manager ever until he left if that counts! But to be honest I don't care what he thinks he was soo over rated as a player anyway!
  2. Solid performance today can only get better with game time shame its taken soo long for him to get the chance just hope Morgan don't get any games! Don't know why we offered him a new contract!
  3. In general I'm disappointed! We had no spark going forward! Quite a lot of slack passes and need to work on getting the ball into the box with a quality ball as were never going to score! But on a positive note a few good performances and room for improvement! We didn't lose which is better then previous seasons!
  4. I hate the logic of "its easier to sack the manager then sack the players that's not doing a job" but that's the world we live in! I think I made things perfectly clear that I'm not always happy and i don't agree with all his decisions I just state that there's no1 better out there at the minute! I'm not 1 of the blinkered "I think he is doing everything right puel in" people but you provide me with a better realistic option!
  5. I get that but there is no one out there that's an improvement yes I am miffed that we missed out on 2 cup chances playing weekend sides and resting players and Saturday wasn't his fault mendy cost us both goals and there sending off just put them in defence mode for second half! Our problem is we have no other goal threat other them vardy and puel has addressed this by bringing Barnes back because he don't want to get ripped off again for another shit striker! Don't get me wrong I'm not always happy with the job he is doing and some of the decisions he is making but I just think the Leicester
  6. I'm only a puel in person because we got no one else to come in and will take time to assess the squad fiddle with everything and get his own transfers sorted! I think we should stick with him and then sack him the day after the season finished! I just don't see any better options out there at the minute!
  7. Hope he starts instead of mendy in next game as mendy is becoming a liability! Not the same player he was earlier in season! Think he needs a rest and Barnes would offer some strong competition although I still can't see what puel has against ibora and silva!
  8. Just annoyed that this is a missed opportunity for silverware! Enough said
  9. Well we defiantly need to sort out our strikers in January! I would rather give Raul uche a chance then any other option we have at the moment if vardy can't play! Ihanacho is just useless slimani not cut out for prem and as much as I like okazaki he just can't score! We need to cut our losses and sell all 3 and find another option! Only problem is I don't know who would be worth while signing that's not going to have us ripped off again!
  10. The new efl highlights are now on quest this season
  11. Will take a season to get sorted! Do we get to use Wembley for home stadium while it's being done at least we would fill it week in week out unlike spurs! Haha on a serious note anything been said about what the total capacity will end up being?
  12. Maguire for me he has the leadership qualities needed will be playing week in week out and previous experience being captain as Well
  13. Really not interested in this piece of crap news it's just papers needing to fill space and couldn't have thought up of anything better or more realistic
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