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  1. Hard disagree. Sportspeople have an elevated platform they can use to try to change things - and as was pointed out that has already in the past been used to make positive change - there's absolutely nothing wrong with that - and it's a relatively minor part of the matchday experience so even if somehow the idea that footballers would like to support the message of black lives mattering is weird to you, it's literally just a short, small thing at the beginning of games.
  2. You are aware the full-backs picked for the game were Aarons of Norwich and Kelly of Bournemouth right?
  3. Barnes had a loan at League 1 MK Dons and Hamza had loans at League 1 Burton before making our squad, you think they learnt nothing and wasted that time when it propelled them onto Championship loans and nearer to our first team? Also even if players we loan out aren't always going to play for us, I'm pretty sure we'd be likelier to get more money from their sales if they have proven themselves in league football. Your argument makes no sense.
  4. What? So you think Dewsbury-Hall going to Blackpool and showing good quality last season was a waste and instead he should've been playing in our reserves all season instead? Or Iversen and Knight impressing for Rotherham and Peterborough? And that's just a few examples from this year!
  5. Didn't play vs Watford Didn't play vs Brighton Subbed off after 57 minutes in the Cup loss to Chelsea Subbed off after 45 minutes in the loss to Everton Subbed on after 64 mins in the Palace win Subbed on after 82 mins in the Arsenal draw Subbed on after 45 mins in the Bournemouth disaster Didn't play vs Sheff Utd Subbed on after 70 mins in the Spurs loss Subbed on after 73 mins in the Man U loss So he started 2 games post-restart and only saw more than 45 mins of action once in the Cup for a total of 218 minutes, or 161 minutes if you
  6. I'll be honest I don't think those fivethirtyeight numbers should be taken as gospel - I do think the Belgian 1st Division is a decent enough step even though I expected him to play Championship football this season - as a goalie I'd imagine facing some teams that compete in Europe would be a decent opportunity to show his worth.
  7. If the amount of players I've seen called not good enough and called to be moved on were to do so we'd have about 7 players next season.
  8. No AWB from the start is good - Williams and Fosu-Mensah are a pair of full-backs that could definitely be got at!
  9. With Hirst on the bench, I feel like we'll really get a grasp on how much Rodgers trusts Nacho given dropping him and his comments about him if we go behind.
  10. Maybe what we need is someone who hasn't been playing for months in an insidiously depressing slide down the toilet to provide something different? It's definitely more hope than expectation, but at this point with what we have I don't see why not give him a bash. And Bennett would surely be far more of a defensive choice at RB than Thomas given his trade as an oil tanker! I don't watch the unders, but hopefully Thomas has something attacking about his game - it is defensive a formation maybe, but if our wingbacks actually do something going forward then it shouldn't be just 7 defensive player
  11. Other than the Nacho exclusion I don't really think there's much I can critique, we are decimated by injury and suspension so it was always going to be a bare-bones lineup. Having said that though, the Nacho exclusion to me feels very much like Rodgers having had a bit of a go at him last time out has decided to stamp his authority by dropping him, which without knowing any context seems pretty counterproductive - Nacho has taken so long to acclimatise to our team and find any kind of form that to be dropped and criticised off what seems to be a lot of nothing seems incredibly hars
  12. If your compromise is to play Hamza or Ryan bloody Bennett at RB then I don't think scrutinising the Luke Thomas pick has much merit if I'm being honest
  13. If we slip out of the Champions League places, Rodgers is going to have presided over 2 of the biggest bottle jobs of the last 10 years. This isn't saying I want him gone, I think he should start next season with us at the very least, but if it comes to pass that we slip out, I don't know what 'big' club worth their salt would look at his record of teams absolutely falling to pieces at crucial moments and deciding he's the right man for the job.
  14. Neither Alex Ferguson nor Arsene Wenger ever played at a particularly high level, would you say either of them couldn't tell their team what to do because of it? This is completely irrelevant to managerial ability.
  15. If that's true then the question surely has to be why are our players so reliant on the fans such that the other teams in the league aren't similarly affected?
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