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  1. I'm trying my best to stave off my pessimistic inclinations considering we're still very early into Rodgers' reign - while I think based on his past clubs I think he'd be a poor appointment, we'll see.
  2. ??? You hope that our partner club goes down for the indignity of sacking a manager that was unformly dreadful for them, and was leading them to relegation?
  3. I think that if Kasper remains undroppable even in the face of making high-profile errors, then Ward will probably decide to move on.
  4. It's the hope that gets you. That was awful.
  5. The real question I have is why do you seem to have a problem with implementing a zero tolerance policy for abuse in any circumstance?
  6. In the end things can change very quickly in just a few seasons. In recent history, we're the most successful Midlands club when it comes to trophies, and that could be used to mean we're the 'biggest' Midlands club - but there are so many conflicting parameters about what actually constitutes one club being bigger than another that it's basically just a dick-measuring contest. We're pretty big right now, so are Wolves in terms of current performance and in terms of financial health and future prospects I'd say. Villa, Forest, Derby etc are below in terms of recent success and in terms of stability I'd say, yet all have had their day previously and could easily do so in the future - it's just the ebb and flow of our leagues. Let's just enjoy the fact we're in the Prem, realistically aiming for that coveted 7th spot and for the most part not looking behind up towards relegation.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ-1G_bfKbs&feature=youtu.be For anyone who hasn't seen it.
  8. In the end I appreciate everything he tried to do, and I think the level of animosity he gets is totally overblown and you can see examples of that in this thread but it just probably will never work, and so I think we need to move on. I only hope the next manager can start brightly and rejuvenate some of our underperforming players.
  9. First time this season I'm saying this but I think it's time for him to go.
  10. I'm so ready for this season to end so I can get back to enjoying my weekends tbh
  11. Reghba has re-signed for Bohemian for a year, so either the deal's off or it's now going to cost a fair bit more I'd imagine.
  12. I've not been closely following things with him, but last I saw he hasn't even been making the teamsheet for Championship Ipswich. I'd love him to be a capable backup, but I don't know how confident I'd be with him as the next in line if Chilwell were to pick up an injury really.
  13. I really hope for you guys' sake that the appointment is a good one. By which I mean not an English one.
  14. I distinctly remember thinking Kerrea Gilbert was pretty decent for us! I was always baffled that he ended up not making it in the football league and just dropped off the pyramid completely.
  15. He was brilliant and is one of my favourite managers we've ever had, there's no denying all that he did for the club, but I don't think it's disrespectful to say that he has done very poorly at OH Leuven, and hasn't pulled up trees in any other jobs since he left us. Calling for him to replace Puel in my opinion is the completely wrong move as he hasn't shown the aptitude elsewhere to warrant being our current manager unfortunately.
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