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  1. I think that given Jake Livermore got 7 England caps stretching into 2017, it's definitely feasible to say Matty James could've got an England cap or two had he stayed fit and progressed in our team. However, that says more about our (England's) midfield prospects during that time than Matty James' ability to be honest. It's hard to say how good James could've been, but I don't think he'll be on ridiculous wages, nor cause a fuss, so all in all as other posters have mentioned I'm fine for Matty to still be here getting towards fitness before presumably being moved on.
  2. I can't help but feel as if things are moving upwards now that we (and our board) seem to have less sway in your decisions and backroom staff!
  3. I don't think that'd be the right move for anyone. He seems to have confidence issues here, so I can't imagine how a loan in the 2nd tier of Belgian football would do for his confidence - nor do I think he would be motivated enough for Leuven themselves and I don't think they deserve someone not hungry to prove themselves. That may be speculation on my part as to Nacho's motivation levels, but I don't think he'd be giving it his all for Leuven so I don't think it'd be good for either team. I'd say either he needs full confidence from Rodgers and to come good with a decent start to next season, or he needs a completely new club where he can re-invent himself and get his confidence back.
  4. Ahh I see, I didn't realise the cut-off point for this was 21 at the start of the season! Other than Rashford, really only Calvert-Lewin has consistent gametime that I can think of up front. Though isn't Gabriel Jesus in that youth bracket because if so he should 100% be there above Rashford.
  5. I can only assume there were no other young keepers played this season - not knocking Travers at all but he played 2 games! Angus Gunn is 22 and probably a better shout there based on having actually played most of the season! Wan-Bissaka is unlucky TAA was also brilliant, England looks sorted at RB for a long time. Rice would be there and abouts in CM other than our boys, but in general I think this is a decent shout for the Best Young XI this season.
  6. So one thing I'm curious about - you've clearly performed far better without Pearson in charge - what has changed since he left in terms of personnel and tactics, and what in your (collective at any of the Leuven fans that come here) opinion needs to be strengthened in order to hopefully compete for promotion next season?
  7. I've got to say though, I'm not sure what our plan is for loaning out some of the players that maybe need to push on from U23 football, obviously there has been a lot of luck gone against them, but we have: Darnell got his suspension on his debut - and Hibs are actually 8 league games unbeaten since then without him and I think he's been injured since maybe? Ipswich just got relegated and Elder still doesn't play - he hasn't even been in the squad since February 10th and has 2 appearances. Josh Knight got instantly injured for Peterborough, though he actually came on as a very late sub in their game yesterday, so at least that's looking up. Elliott Moore and Kapustka at Leuven from what I've heard in that thread have been largely poor, though Moore better than Kapustka (and ofc Kapustka is now injured) Diabate at Sivasspor was always a bit of a weird move imo, from the sounds of it he's been doing okay there, not great not awful. Iversen from vague recollections seemed to be doing well at Oldham, and Thomas at Scunny seems to be decently rated there but not quite impactful all the time. It just doesn't really feel like we have much of a plan in terms of these loans, and from the rumblings of people more in the know than me, it wouldn't surprise me if instead of scouting out to try to find out whether a club is right for the player, we've just accepted the first bit of interest in anyone - and even then potentially only after certain player pushed for a loan to be sorted out so they wouldn't just be in the U23 purgatory for longer. I'd like to see Rodgers have a sort out of our youth setup and maybe fix some of that stuff.
  8. To be fair to us, that Liverpool side had Joe Gomez and Oxlade-Chamberlain who have full England caps and are by all accounts, pretty damn good players - plus Brewster won the Golden Boot for England's U17 World Cup winners, Ben Woodburn has 10 full Wales caps etc. I have a lot of critiques for how Beaglehole runs our U23, and I definitely think we could do with someone new, but I can't say I'm too surprised about being beat or even mullered a bit by that team.
  9. Yeah. I do wonder if maybe it hasn't helped the amount of CB shuffling we've had this season in terms of having a successful partnership. We've not had the same 2 CBs playing together for more than 5 games in a row - which I haven't check and don't know if I can be arsed to check, but feels like most teams probably haven't had the same amount of defensive instability? It tracks like this: Morgan/Maguire Evans/Maguire Morgan/Maguire for 3 games Evans/Maguire Morgan/Maguire for 2 games Evans/Morgan/Amartey 3ATB Soyuncu/Maguire Morgan/Maguire Morgan/Evans for 3 games Morgan/Soyuncu Morgan/Evans Morgan/Maguire for 3 games Soyuncu/Maguire Evans/Maguire Morgan/Maguire for 2 games Evans/Maguire for 5 games Maguire/Morgan/Evans 3ATB Evans/Maguire for 2 games Morgan/Evans Morgan/Soyuncu Morgan/Maguire So we've had Morgan/Maguire for 13 games (in which we had 5 wins and 8 losses), Evans/Maguire for 10 games (6 wins, 1 draw, 3 losses), Morgan/Evans for 5 games (2 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss), 3 ATB for 2 games (2 losses), Soyuncu/Maguire for 2 games (1 draw, 1 loss), and Morgan/Soyuncu for 2 games (1 win, 1 draw) - notably as well, the three losses under Evans/Maguire were the three in a row that sacked Puel of Man U, Spurs and Palace when we were dire. Also notably, Morgan/Maguire was the partnership for the consecutive Chelsea/Man City wins, and then Puel changed it to Soyuncu/Maguire for the subsequent 1-0 Cardiff loss. So, based on that, I think although lots of stuff can obviously be circumstantial, but I think Morgan/Maguire is clearly not a partnership we should be playing unless we're super under the cosh a la Chelsea/Man City and even then I still think Evans/Maguire seems to be our best duo. I also think it shows that Evans has probably been our best CB this season - we only have 4 losses with him starting, and 11 losses without him.
  10. In retrospect I think I am feeling a bit reactionary with Maguire. He has been pretty poor for most of the season though - and with Soyuncu, Evans and Benkovic coming into next season (though Evans of course getting older), his general poor form this season compared to the heights he hit when he first moved here and the purported mega money move we rejected just kind of make me feel like he should be doing so much better than he is, so I think I'm harsher on him than most because he has shown the ability to be brilliant.
  11. Morgan and Maguire can't continue as a partnership, and in truth I kind of want to see neither in the starting line-up right now. It was crap, we pick back up next time.
  12. It wouldn't surprise me if the reason he was below Schwarzer for Nige was the stuff he alluded to having been naive and childish - I can imagine Nige not having taken too kindly to him complaining about being behind Kasper.
  13. It runs out? I thought he was just immortal in the position
  14. I'm trying my best to stave off my pessimistic inclinations considering we're still very early into Rodgers' reign - while I think based on his past clubs I think he'd be a poor appointment, we'll see.
  15. ??? You hope that our partner club goes down for the indignity of sacking a manager that was unformly dreadful for them, and was leading them to relegation?
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