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  1. Am I the only one who sees the utility in us having both Mendy and Choudhury? Mendy is better for games in which we won't be physically dominated and in which he can play a more cog in the system role of keeping possession ticking over and playing a bit more controlled. Hamza is better when we need to match a team's physicality and offer something different in his combative playstyle with more energy and running. Both are inferior to Ndidi but both offer a different way of contributing to the team and I think having both isn't a bad thing. I don't necessarily think eith
  2. I do appreciate that tbf, but I think for me a lot of it boils down to the notion that we've brought a very decent chunk of players through, and whilst Beaglehole does likely deserve some credit for that, I don't think you can say it was specifically him as the catalyst for doing so; it was likely a number of different youth coaches and the academy setup in general to thank for that. Which isn't to say he shouldn't get any plaudits for his part in it, but I find it unlikely he was the only contributing factor. On the other hand, the abject playstyle of his team is something directl
  3. I appreciate that historically we've brought through a decent chunk of players in your Barnes, Chilwell, Hamza and potentially KDH, not to mention in recent memory Schlupp and Kingy - but I don't think you can blindly ignore the horrific style of football that the U23s have been playing, the reports of Beaglehole refusing players loans in order to win the PL2 a while back, and other such rumblings just due to past successes. Whether that's enough to say Beaglehole should be replaced is maybe up for debate, but I think it's fairly clear that we should be doing better in certain areas of the aca
  4. Based on them having won 10 games this season and being in 7th with a loss here, I'm gonna go with a probably not?
  5. I've heard Beaglehole has him locked in his basement until he agrees to stop passing along the floor and wanting silly things like regular football in the U23s
  6. I'm willing to bet the same subsection of people would be absolutely lampooning Rodgers after the match for not rotating them if say Castagne or Ndidi were to have played and subsequently got injured again! There are certainly words like disgrace and cancerous being thrown around which entirely beggar belief We'll see how the team plays, there can definitely be certain question asked of Rodgers in individual selection if we have an abject game, but at the very least it will ensure we likely don't suffer long-term consequences to the heavy schedule of games. Hopefully i
  7. I think it's pretty clear from your previous calling Mendy a League One player at best, and your disregard for any positive performances he might have put in this season and laser-focus on any mistakes or bad performances, and ignoring any other people's points that you're not concerned with evaluating your opinion on Mendy so much as just declaring him rubbish and that's that. Which is your prerogative of course, but it means that a conversation about it is pretty useless. Mendy isn't a world-beater, that's obvious, but without him, with Hamza's lack of positional disc
  8. Chituru Odunze has apparently been called up to the US national team for their next 2 games!
  9. Hard disagree. Sportspeople have an elevated platform they can use to try to change things - and as was pointed out that has already in the past been used to make positive change - there's absolutely nothing wrong with that - and it's a relatively minor part of the matchday experience so even if somehow the idea that footballers would like to support the message of black lives mattering is weird to you, it's literally just a short, small thing at the beginning of games.
  10. You are aware the full-backs picked for the game were Aarons of Norwich and Kelly of Bournemouth right?
  11. Barnes had a loan at League 1 MK Dons and Hamza had loans at League 1 Burton before making our squad, you think they learnt nothing and wasted that time when it propelled them onto Championship loans and nearer to our first team? Also even if players we loan out aren't always going to play for us, I'm pretty sure we'd be likelier to get more money from their sales if they have proven themselves in league football. Your argument makes no sense.
  12. What? So you think Dewsbury-Hall going to Blackpool and showing good quality last season was a waste and instead he should've been playing in our reserves all season instead? Or Iversen and Knight impressing for Rotherham and Peterborough? And that's just a few examples from this year!
  13. Didn't play vs Watford Didn't play vs Brighton Subbed off after 57 minutes in the Cup loss to Chelsea Subbed off after 45 minutes in the loss to Everton Subbed on after 64 mins in the Palace win Subbed on after 82 mins in the Arsenal draw Subbed on after 45 mins in the Bournemouth disaster Didn't play vs Sheff Utd Subbed on after 70 mins in the Spurs loss Subbed on after 73 mins in the Man U loss So he started 2 games post-restart and only saw more than 45 mins of action once in the Cup for a total of 218 minutes, or 161 minutes if you
  14. I'll be honest I don't think those fivethirtyeight numbers should be taken as gospel - I do think the Belgian 1st Division is a decent enough step even though I expected him to play Championship football this season - as a goalie I'd imagine facing some teams that compete in Europe would be a decent opportunity to show his worth.
  15. If the amount of players I've seen called not good enough and called to be moved on were to do so we'd have about 7 players next season.
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