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  1. I've got to say I am impressed with how dedicated you are at being Hirst's hypeman.
  2. Aren't Virton the team that just got promoted from the 3rd tier?
  3. Belgium still call up Benteke??? He hasn't had a good game for Palace for about 2 whole seasons now - do Belgium really not have anyone else they could call up?
  4. @Super_horns Can't say it's an appointment that looks particularly good to me, but I never really paid much attention to his stint with you - I'm seeing a fair bit of derision about him hating wingers though - what say you?
  5. There's a difference between discussing Southgate's flaws as a manager, and calling him a poverty manager and refusing to listen to anything positive about his tenure.
  6. He's definitely not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination, but when I remember the World Cup - lucky maybe as we were at times, and especially when I remember were it not for his dodgy dealings, we would have had Sam Allardyce in charge, then I'm pretty content with Southgate. As posters have said above, I sometimes just didn't bother watching England games - more often than not, I do now.
  7. I don't think it's as simple as good to be loaned out, bad to be retained really, even if I have clamoured for more of our young players to get league loans. At the end of the day, players need the right club to be on loan at. Based on what Foxxed said, Ndukwu has gone to a club that want to play him as a winger, when that isn't where he excels - which can't be helping. However, not only do you need the right club for the player, the player himself has to be willing to work hard at the club he's at - and regardless of not being in maybe his preferred position, from reports about his play in the development squad, and now at Southend, it just doesn't sound like he's putting in the effort either. It seems like it may be a case of wrong club, and lack of effort from Nduwku.
  8. I mean to be fair we did keep giving Callum Elder new contracts until he was 24!
  9. Dang. I mean, I'm glad Hughes will be getting some league action, but I'd hoped some of the older players in the development squad might get a loan. I find it hard to see how many of them will develop any this season just playing U23 football - players like Darnell, Dewsbury-Hall who have been playing in and around that level for years.
  10. I'm just glad he's getting some real league experience. Hopefully a few of the older ones can go out before the window closes for loans.
  11. Yeah, it's mind-boggling to me that that wasn't overruled. I feel like the line being parroted of clear and obvious error is essentially a get-out clause to not change any decisions they haven't strictly made binary. for whatever reason. At the end of the day, what IS a clear and obvious error? Who decides what constitutes clear and obvious? It feels like a massive cop-out, that they've just allowed the refs to make the wrong decision frequently on that basis - because at the end of the day, I think you can explain any or try to justify any contentious decision in football - and once you can do that, then is anything a clear and obvious error to the VAR officials? They have a clear stance on right and wrong for offside and handball, therefore they have overturned decisions, whereas stuff like penalty decisions, and red cards you just can't make binary - and it feels like because there's always room for doubt, they've used that as an excuse to just allow shit decisions to happen, when they've given the impression VAR will try to cut down the amount of shit decisions. If they just planned to overturn offsides and handball, fine - as long as they said that's their aim, then it'd be fine - but they shouldn't pretend they might overturn decisions if they just won't because it's just a waste of time, and just a mockery of what they claimed VAR would do.
  12. Because the VAR officials are too incompetent to enforce their own rules even with replays.
  13. I think despite impressing in his cameo, he should continue to be an option from the bench for a bit. He looked better today than for a fair while in a Leicester shirt having been dropped for a while from the squad, and presumably been told he needs to improve, and I think giving him gametime from the bench with tiring legs could do a lot for his confidence rather than potentially be in from the off one game after a good cameo. Hopefully it'll make him hungrier and more likely to work hard to get his spot back and that can only be a good thing!
  14. Has there been any decision overturned by VAR that wasn't handball or offside? I.e. a decision that they've tried to make binary.
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