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  1. I heard from a good source after villa at home that the new expansion will incorporate new dressing rooms And that the old dressing rooms are to be made into a museum. also this expansion is only the start of many things that are planned. i was told exciting times ahead.
  2. Mark Albrighton rang me, sticking his nose in my business
  3. I bought that dvd and ive only watched it once, it was without doubt the worst thing to come out of the title success
  4. Id be more than happy for the club to donate my remaining season ticket money if not used towards the NHS
  5. Count yourself lucky mate, we cant even get in our toilets in the kop
  6. Lets just say the person works in a specific area of the club
  7. Was told last night that both the east stand and the north stand pylons have been tested ready for expansion. although the north stand will be developed as and when needed. like i say i was told April is when announcements should happen
  8. From what im hearing April is when all will be revealed
  9. You seem to have a bit of a history in selling away tickets? The last 4 prem away games? newcastle burnley wolves norwich why buy them if you clearly have no intention of attending?? really does my frickin head in
  10. On our way were on our way to the champions league were on our way johnny evans at the back Jamie vardy in attack pack your bags cus Leicester’s on our way
  11. Like it, although i did hear a slightly different version at west ham were jonny evans was replaced with lord farquaard at the back. But both good imo.
  12. Happy new year to all of you on foxestalk. i know im getting it in early but i have to be at Bristol airport at 5am for my 7oclock flight up to Newcastle. if 2020 is as good as 2019 then were in for a treat
  13. Nothing around stratford, usual lcfc pubs are oneills or the rocket both 5 mins walk from st pancras on Euston road
  14. Rumour has it that the tunnel and dressing rooms are being incorporated into the new east stand development. the old dressing rooms ect are being turned into a museum. the new east stand is going to be the new facade of the stadium. not sure how true this rumour is but would be excellent in my opinion
  15. Class away day with an excellent away end i just about got my voice back now
  16. I know all the words to every song thanks its that drum that drowns out sk1 voices so making it difficult for fellow supporters to pick up where to join in the songs that are being sung.
  17. I sing loud and proud at every home and away game so not all are miserable !!!!, all im saying is that if all we can hear is a drum drowning out the songs that ufs sing then how do you expect fellow supporters to pick up and join in?
  18. Belting it out on sunday?? i sit in sk2 and all i hear is a drum !!
  19. Until we have an all singing all standing section then not a chance we can create anything like that
  20. Slightly different version ? Dennis Praet, Dennis Praet, Dennis Praet in his blue and white hat. He passes to our Youri who slips it through to Vardy, who beats his man and scores another goal.
  21. If there in financial difficulties then why would they pay for a match ticket instead using the money to put food on the table??
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