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  1. All i want to know is when - we need to let the players see how much it means
  2. pls pls pls win - i can still see ian wilson chipping into our goal from the holt end and that teletext willy puller scoring for wycombe in injury time - proper ruined my 40th bithday celebrations.ive never been to wembley for an fa cup final and it is unlikely in my lifetime (thanks covid) so if theres a god pls just let lcfc win
  3. As poor as the defence was against newcastle they all stood up tonight - all 8s from me - man of thematch was the defence both defending and going forward!
  4. wow im so pissed i can barely type - thats auto corrected 3 times now - f it - pls f=god can we jsu beat chels on saturdat - im 60 NS QOULD LIKE AN FA CUP WIN BEFORE I DIE£
  5. wonder goal = can forgive 5 minutes later stiill patting himself on the back this time - overall pretty damn solid - looking forward to thomas and justin as wing backs next season
  6. We are gettin nothing tonite thats for sure - and please bin that bloody commentator!
  7. just pissed off! - immediate reaction was to blame gray but looking back can understand why he backed off - that kind of ball into the box was quality and a superb finish - shit happens - time to suck it up and move on.
  8. hoping he carries on - money is on for him to score at any time against everton - 5/6 odds
  9. well im lumping on leicester win abd vardy to score anytime - free money!
  10. yes not sure how we 'rode our luck' to win - brighton didnt have a shot on target the whole game!
  11. Just hope everton do nothing until friday or saturday - should be sufficient to mean they turn up as disorganised and without a clear plan as they have all season - then they can mean business when they play liverpool the following week!
  12. I will start to believe if we go to man city and win and then beat liverpool with a jamie vardy screamer - until then I can enjoy it. If it happens then every weekend of 2020 will be full of angst - just like 2016.....
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