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  1. just pissed off! - immediate reaction was to blame gray but looking back can understand why he backed off - that kind of ball into the box was quality and a superb finish - shit happens - time to suck it up and move on.
  2. hoping he carries on - money is on for him to score at any time against everton - 5/6 odds
  3. well im lumping on leicester win abd vardy to score anytime - free money!
  4. yes not sure how we 'rode our luck' to win - brighton didnt have a shot on target the whole game!
  5. Just hope everton do nothing until friday or saturday - should be sufficient to mean they turn up as disorganised and without a clear plan as they have all season - then they can mean business when they play liverpool the following week!
  6. I will start to believe if we go to man city and win and then beat liverpool with a jamie vardy screamer - until then I can enjoy it. If it happens then every weekend of 2020 will be full of angst - just like 2016.....
  7. ok - i went to man u on saturday and it was apparent early doors thta gray was having a stinker - it happens. Its down to brendan to take action - after 25 mins he should have been hooked off - staying on for another 35 mins did him no favours and if anything has dented whatever little bit of confidence he had. Back to the subs bench for tottenham and on for the last 25 to make a positive impact.(fingers crossed|)
  8. well im going for the first time in years - my last visit was a 5-0 hammering in the days when there was standing - obviously i have tried to block out the detail of such a drubbing in my memory but i do remeber being impressed by the atmosphere their crowd generated on that day (bating us by five probably helped tho! - only other memorable thing was the journey back on the football special train - was my first time - running battles and destruction of the train with a fewpolice on the train trying to maintain order
  9. well im going to this one and i must be a lucky omen - been to seven games this season and seen us beat wolves southampton huudersfield newcastle everton and fulham with a draw at liverpool - i'll take a cheeky 2--0 away win.
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