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  1. The sound McManaman made when Fletcher mentioned the prospect of Guardiola and Bielsa's sides meeting soon... it was borderline NSFW.
  2. A footballer's career is short. He's 29 now and we haven't been in the Champions League again since he was 26. If he was still playing for us, we would have stood a better chance of making the Champions League and winning the league again but the overwhelming probability is that we still would have done neither (with, perhaps, the exception of last season). Footballer's careers and the fortunes and statuses of football clubs move at different paces. So I don't begrudge him wanting to leave one bit. He had a chance of earning way more money than we could offer him, picking up multiple trophies, and working with one of the world's greatest coaches, if not the greatest. He's still the most ridiculously talented player I've seen play for us, too. Some of the things he was able to do were just majestic. Watching opposition defenders not know how to deal with him was incredible. They knew what they had to do (show him onto his right foot) but they couldn't do it. They were powerless. But, it is the way he forced himself out that slightly taints my view of him. We wanted more money for Maguire but Harry didn't resort to the kind of behaviour that Mahrez did. We're all different, I suppose, and Mahrez did stay here for a lot longer than he wanted, but the lead-up to his departure could've been handled with more humility from his end. In short, I still love Mahrez the player. When he's retired and a coach, pundit, famous personality, or whatever, he'll still be one of The Immortals. He'll be the most talented player in the side that won our first ever title and we'll never forget him for that. The first will always be the most special, something we're extremely fortunate as fans to have experienced.
  3. Their away kit is superb isn't it. Ancelotti's jacket is a bit of me as well. As for Calvert-Lewin, he's proof that if you can add hard work and good coaching to obvious ability, a player can really blossom. He's exactly the kind of player that George Hirst should be looking to for inspiration right now.
  4. Agreed. Trossard was superb but he really should be hitting the target for the chance where he hit the bar. Brighton were brilliant but their own worst enemies at the same time.
  5. What a bag of sh!t. Brighton really deserved to win that. How many chances did they have? Their overall play was superb too. A set piece, a moment of brilliance, and some dozy defending were the difference there.
  6. I really don't like Man Utd but that was a superb goal. What a player Rashford is.
  7. No less than Brighton deserve. Lovely cheeky pen as well. Love to see Man Utd getting shithoused.
  8. Probably by having a distinct identity, an underdog mentality, and the thrill of sticking it to the big boys with players and a manager who are perceived to be unfashionable. It might not be pretty but if you were a genuine Burnley fan, I can see how you'd be able to buy into it.
  9. When you comment on a football match and the commentator then makes the same point moments later.
  10. Absolutely. When panic buying stopped, everyone was able to get everything they needed. Why don't people learn? Or, why do so many people have to be so bloody selfish? Also, as if we had to give a golden hour for NHS staff to get in and buy their groceries so they were able to get what they needed. We should be absolutely ashamed.
  11. The weird thing is that Liverpool nabbed Thiago for £5m up front rising to £20m total + another £5m in potential add-ons. They also got Jota for just £4m up front with the deal totalling £45m overall when all instalments are paid. Maybe it's just PL clubs and rich Champions League clubs that can afford to accept such deals and those like ASSE are trying to extract as much up front as they can. I think this might die down a bit until nearer the deadline, by which time ASSE might have indicated what an acceptable fee will be for him. If the price is right, we'll then match it and try to persuade the player that we're the ones who really want him and have a great track record of developing young players.
  12. I love how comitted Hamza is. His hunger in the tackle is a sight to behold and in many ways is as good as your fancy flicks and tricks. It's his passing and ball control that let him down in my opinion. When Rodgers came in, we saw a marked improvement in Ndidi's touch and distribution in a short period of time. With Hamza, I don't see much improvement in that area. It would be sad to see him go as I think he has a place if played alongside Mendy or Ndidi as a pair of holding midfielders. But I can't see that being anything other than a plan B or C, so I can't see him being a first XI player for us, unfortunately, however much I'd like him to be. I think he'll be a good fit in another Premier League side though. Maybe Fulham could do with some bite in their midfield. He'd do well under Sean Dyche at Burnley too, for example. Or even at Palace under Roy.
  13. I wonder how the other powerful people behind the scenes at ASSE feel about rejecting €32m. I'd guess they would show a united front, but privately there must be some disagreement. That's a phenomenal amount of money at this present time.
  14. I guess he'll be rested for the Arsenal game then? Thomas and Justin in for that game?
  15. If he's the next Korean superstar definitely gerrimin. If he's good enough then that's great for the team, but they do love their football in Korea, particularly the Premier League. It'll be a market worth exploiting for sure.
  16. Should've bought Upemacano. Same with Man Utd going after Sancho when they really could do with spending the money on a genuinely world class CB. I can't understand why nobody has made a serious offer for him yet (that we know of).
  17. They may be understrength at CB but Dyche will still set them up to be compact and difficult to break down. Rodriguez can be randomly dangerous, McNeil will be their creative spark and Wood will look to bully Ndidi I'd have thought. Tough, tough game this one. I'd take 1-0 all day long. We should have enough to beat them but it could be a slog.
  18. Fully appreciate all of that, but Big Ron also famously signed and worked with many black players but then called Marcel Dessailly a lazy n-word when he thought he was off air. I'm not saying Souness is the same and his relatively recently aired views on LGBT issues shows he's not a dinosaur when it comes to certain social issues. I'm also sure that Souness doesn't ever intend to say racist things or intentionally hold racist views. But it is possible for people who aren't racists to occasionally say racist things without realising it. Calling black players 'lazy' and intimating that they have attitude problems are racist tropes and are, ironically, lazy assumptions to make. If you're going to make accusations like that, they need to be based on hard evidence. You can't go round calling people lazy and not back it up. But making those assumptions may not make you a racist, it may just be a subconscious racist thought you had. If you're human enough to recognise that and learn from it, then it's an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. By Souness's own admission, attending Brighton Pride opened his eyes and helped him grow as a person, so he certainly seems capable of doing that on other issues too.
  19. I think we'll go back in with a big bid on deadline day personally. There's plenty of time left in this window yet.
  20. Kinell lads I'm going to have a sex wee at any moment.
  21. Yeah, I think it was on one of the episodes of the All or Nothing Spurs doc where Daniel Levy said that ten years ago deals at the top level took about a week but those same types of deal take about a month nowadays. I'd guess this has been in the pipeline for a while if that's the case.
  22. I'm now absolutely pumped for this signing!
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