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  1. Hope he starts getting a few goals. The team looked as if they were trying to get him a one
  2. Defending may not be marvelous on the video, but Chan has the confidence and technical ability, a good shot and good ball control
  3. Up to 4th and only 2 points behind the leaders
  4. Not certain it sounds petulant, more like frustration, we could have had 4 goals and both the saints goals were fortunate, especially the first one. They were not that good, so it was a frustrating game for us and expectations were high, as we should not be loosing to Southampton at home if we want top four.
  5. England have a weak inept manager, who has done nothing, he is always smiling because he cannot beleive he has the job and they want to keep him on and blame him for nothing. England will always be dross with Southgate.
  6. Do not think he will get a chance yet. Southgate is a poor England manager, the FA like a safe bet. His tactics are poor and his choice is poor, we are lucky to be where we are, we have not played a proper team yet. Hope I am wrong, but I doubt it. If England play well then evybody is happy.
  7. Hugill & Osayi-Samuel. Are these two at QPR worth a look for the Foxes?
  8. I do not think footballers give a hoot who they supported as a child. They want success and money. If it happens to be with a club they supported then that is a bonus. They can become supporters again when their career is over.
  9. £38m would be an insult, if true, which I suspect not
  10. Maybe we could loan Bruno Fernandes in part ex? http://sportwitness.co.uk/club-planning-sign-leicester-city-midfielder-case-stars-departure/
  11. Ask Man U if they want to sign Andy King, better than Lingard
  12. Not even certain how he got in the England squad?
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