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  1. V good win against team in 2nd place, move up to 5th
  2. Yes two great goals, is he another Mahrez
  3. Rogers can only play the players he has, if they are not good enough what can you do?
  4. Fans are just fustrated loosing to a bang average Arsenal team, but injuries are taking there toll and we somehow have to hang on in there. Arsenal did not look like scoring from open play, we should have put pressure on after scoring, alas we did not. A crap result but we move on hopefully get some results in the next few games.
  5. Probably meant in the prem not historically
  6. Yes supporters are needy, it is why they are supporters, they want to hear good things about their team. It is only natural, that is why you have a forum, so you can state your feelings, would be a bit boring else.
  7. Probably all scripted, we have to be kept in our place, do not want to upset the top six. Apparently Man Shitty are the best team in Europe, is this because all the others are bad then?
  8. London clubs paying the price - Mail Online Any three of the London’s biggest sides could have had Brendan Rodgers managing them by now but they went for seemingly more exotic options instead. They’re paying a price. Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham sink into an ever deepening pit. Thomas Tuchel unfathomably humiliates Callum Hudson-Odoi at Southampton. Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal flat-line. And Leicester sail on towards a Champions League place, continuing to do more than any other side to keep the semblance of a title race alive. It helped them that Jack Grealish was missing a Premier Leag
  9. No problem, happy with the banter, better than talking to all the Chelski fans down here.
  10. Watching Sky, where they have noticed we exist.
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