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  1. Was that the match when some streaker ran on with MK my arse on his bum
  2. He would be a great loss, but who is to say a different player with a different style may not suit us better, if we sell we have to move on, hopefully the team will evolve again.
  3. So many experts, where do they come from? Vlieger thinks it is time for Tielemans to leave the King Power and says Leicester would be lucky to keep him for one more season at the most.
  4. Just shows how far we have come when we are disappointed at finishing 3rd or 4th, even after winning a trophy. Was a strange thing being at the game.
  5. Man City did drop down to the 3rd Div in 1998 and have had 25 seasons in Div 2. Chelsea like many teams bounced around Div 1 & 2, winning the league in the mid 50's, the odd cup until the Russian money came in and ruined English football.
  6. I totally agree, it is so difficult to compete with the four wealthiest clubs as they have a squad of two teams and pay huge wages, to compete in the top four with our limited funds is amazing, even if we could compete with having more money it would still take a while to get consistency of results and there would still be no guarantee we would finish any higher. Having been through the last nearly 60 years of ups and downs we are in an incredible era.
  7. I agree they should be favourites, we prefer it that way, but even with Chelskis spending they are not that much better than us, they will not win at a canter!!
  8. Ian Wright thinks we will get turned over big time, that is how we like it. “Chelsea are so militant in the way they are playing at the moment. It’s so good and it’s quite scary. “They’ve got enough players that can just win. Whereas you look at Leicester. I’m looking at (Youri) Tielemans, Kelechi (Iheanacho). “If you get (N’Golo) Kante in and around Tielemans, just blotting people, where’s the creation coming from? “I just can’t see Leicester beating them. I see Chelsea winning at a canter.”
  9. Against West Ham Man City name an unchanged line-up for the first time in the last three years
  10. All fans ask for is consistency, but it never seams to happen with certain teams, the whole issue around handball is a joke.
  11. Jonson Clarke-Harris scoring for fun at Peterborough, them and Brentford seen to find a few strikers
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