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  1. Anyone got a reference I can use for this please? Need to buy today ideally. A 4th person wants to come along and their reference doesn’t come up for a while yet. Thanks
  2. Genuinely believe he was destined for failure before he started. Large chunks of the fan base never took to him and his demeanour. The place is now flat with neither the players nor fans trying to help the other out. Feels like a downward spiral and nothing he can do can change that. Im a believer in momentum and the two cups have completely killed that. I’d make a change now, put a temporary manager in charge perhaps an ex player with good rapport (like Man Utd have done) till the end of the season whilst we conduct a thorough top to bottom review of what our plan is going forwar
  3. Just so predictable and frustrating. Whilst I accept the limitations of the personnel we have I.e. no holdup striker surely we have to try something different when plan a doesnt work. To simply sub a striker for a striker (and one who is significantly worse) is crazy. Two great results but decision making today has baffled me. Opened the red wine to try and block that out.
  4. There are no words to describe the tragedy that occurred on Saturday evening. Having just been to the ground and stood there empty and overwhelmed at the same time I have no idea how his family are coping. His legacy will go down in folklore as one of the greatest stories of all time. Rest in peace Vichai, we will all miss you x
  5. Haven’t been that angry walking away from the ground in a long time. I’ve always tried to support Puel as changes were needed and unfortunately I don’t think we can sack him. We are mid table and have some exhorting young players and after a year of his management we would get hammered for sacking him and I have no clue who we could attract. In conclusion I think we have to give him the season unless the wheels properly fall off. That being said it’s time for him to sack off old loyalties and play round pegs in round holes. If he’s brought Ricardo as a right back then play him the
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