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  1. narboroughblue


    What a mess we are. I get the frustration at the playing style, I’m in that camp too but at some point we need a manager with the strength to make changes to the playing staff in terms of moving on the old guard and changing our style. Im not convinced Puel is the right man for that job but we have at least given him 6 months to assess the squad so he should (I bloody hope so anyway) have a recruitment plan in mind. If we sack him now it’ll no doubt take a few weeks to appoint a replacement. They then need to assess the squad and sign the players to suit their plans. With the World Cup and the window closing early that’s a very tight timescale to do that effectively. Personally im still in the keep Puel camp as sacking him just doesn’t give me any hope for an overhaul and positive transfer window that we desperately need. Fingers crossed for some positive football these last 4 games and some unity at the club.
  2. narboroughblue

    Swansea City (h) Post-Match 1-1

    Some lovely football in the first half and frustrating not to be further ahead at the break. We came out second half and took an age to get going which gave Swansea the impetus they needed to equalise. Poor marking but I want my keeper coming for inswinging balls into the 6 yard box. Too often this happens and as good as Kasper is at shot stopping this and free kick positioning is a real weakness. Silva was shot and needed to come off 5 minutes earlier. Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of exciting options on the bench and the Swansea back 9 kept us at bay. After a really tough and frustrating week at least we got a point and can now properly regroup for a big finish to the season with or without Mahrez.
  3. narboroughblue

    Man City make £50million offer for Riyad Mahrez?

    Jim White on talkSPORT just claimed between £55 and £60m will get him. What a load of rubbish, or at least it better be.
  4. narboroughblue

    Harry Maguire

    Pep made a bee line for him after the cup game a few weeks back and I wondered then if there would be interest. If we could get big money and sign someone like Gibson for less it might not be the worst bit of business. Saying that I’d like to keep him if silly money isn’t offered.
  5. narboroughblue


    A friend of mine was at the Fuchs clothing launch on Thursday night and Shinji said he thinks Drinky will go to Chelsea. It's looking more and more likely, a real shame and we need to go and find a replacement now.
  6. narboroughblue


    Not a fan at all, solid defensively most of the time and has it tough behind Mahrez but he's scared of the ball. The two incidents towards the end of the game yesterday where he miscontrolled it out of play left me with my head in my hands. An upgrade would allow us to keep possession much better. Look how much other teams full backs offer an option then watch Simpson. As I said solid defensively but to improve he needs replacing imo. Fuchs also needs to up his game, looked a bit heavy to me like he has done the start of both the seasons he's been with us. At least we have competition that side so we can change it up if needs be.
  7. narboroughblue

    Mahrez has asked to leave

    I will be sad to see him go, the most technically gifted player I've seen in a Leicester shirt and probably ever will see. That being said for the right price I think it makes sense to move him on now. The right price being between £40 and £50 million in my opinion. The problem being outside of England this really limits the list of buyers. if we do (and I hope we do as we've said) play hard ball this could well drag on quite a while which isn't ideal for either party. Think I saw third favourite with the bookies is for him to stay. That really wouldn't surprise me either. Lots of hard work for the club to do over the summer and deciding the manager position needs resolving asap.
  8. narboroughblue

    CL Quarter Final Draw

    For selfish reasons (I'm in Spain for a week when we play the second leg so can probably get to Barcelona or Madrid) I'd like any of the Spanish sides with the home leg first please.
  9. narboroughblue

    Swansea post match 2-0

    Well well that wasn't the Sunday afternoon I was hoping for. I was so annoyed on Wednesday when we rested so many of the usual starters not because I didn't want to see others tried but because a win and a goal or two could have worked wonders for confidence. Instead we instilled some confidence and goodwill in players we subsequently left out which rattled the fans further. After that performance he has to now make changes that he should have done at least for this game. I don't like criticising the manager but think his time is done. Time to find an alternative and have in place prior to the Liverpool game which is two weeks away. A shame that Claudio wouldn't then lead us out in Seville but this car crash of a season has to have its casualties and whilst not entirely to blame he is the main man and has to fall on his sword first. As to what those changes need to be I honestly don't know. I've toyed with formation changes, personnel changes and simply a mindset change to go for it from the off. Our defence is so poor but we aren't scoring goals, one problem you can potentially resolve quickly but both are nigh on impossible in the short time we have left this season. Life in the championship looks highly likely which is not something many of us expected to be saying 9 months after that May afternoon against Everton. Life as a leicester fan fan is depressing right now.
  10. narboroughblue

    Manchester United pre-match

    I can't remember the last time I didn't look forward to a trip to the KP as much as this one. It's going to be a tough watch and can't see anything other than a defeat. Really despondent about the whole situation today. What a waste of a chance to move the club on to a new level after the amazing achievement of last year. Heard we are 5/1 to be relegated and bet365 have emailed me with a code for a free 100% deposit bonus. Tempting to lump on as a sympathy bet.
  11. narboroughblue

    Slimani to China?

    TalkSPORT saying China can buy players until Feb 28th so this might rumble on beyond Tuesday. It's a tempting offer but we would need to buy first, if we don't then keep.
  12. narboroughblue

    Matty James to Barnsley

    Good luck Matty, hope the loan goes well for him as thought he did a good job for us and who knows if he can get back to that. Playing will tell I guess.
  13. narboroughblue

    Southampton (A) Post Match thread 3 - 0

    Haha. Let me rephrase I don't watch all Southampton games to prepare to face them but I do see them from time to time and watch highlights. Better?
  14. narboroughblue

    Southampton (A) Post Match thread 3 - 0

    Not read the thread as yet but will do this evening or tomorrow. Just got back from Fosse Park as shopping seemed as good as any other to take my mind off that shambles. Ranieri has delivered something I never thought I would see but recently he has been abysmal. He's had 8 days to set us up for that match and first half we were a shambles. Playing a narrow forward three simply allowed their full backs to bomb on meaning Mendy and Drinky had to cover constantly leaving Ndidi completely overrun in the middle. Surely he knew how they would play, I did and I don't watch Southampton. Along with Everton at home and Chelsea the manager has made mistake after mistake and we are so poor. I genuinely fear for our survival right now. Our transfer business has been as bad as our performances recently. Whoever our targets are let's get them over the line this week and stop dithering around. Hard to keep perspective after today. Well done to those that travelled, you deserve a medal after that performance.
  15. narboroughblue

    Okazaki - schalke

    Really like Shinji but for the right money I'd let him go. I can't see him playing ahead of Vardy or Slimani and with the changes to formation recently I don't think it suits his game. If we got around 10 million I'd let him go if not then he's a good squad player.