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    What a mess we are. I get the frustration at the playing style, I’m in that camp too but at some point we need a manager with the strength to make changes to the playing staff in terms of moving on the old guard and changing our style. Im not convinced Puel is the right man for that job but we have at least given him 6 months to assess the squad so he should (I bloody hope so anyway) have a recruitment plan in mind. If we sack him now it’ll no doubt take a few weeks to appoint a replacement. They then need to assess the squad and sign the players to suit their plans. With the World Cup and the window closing early that’s a very tight timescale to do that effectively. Personally im still in the keep Puel camp as sacking him just doesn’t give me any hope for an overhaul and positive transfer window that we desperately need. Fingers crossed for some positive football these last 4 games and some unity at the club.
  2. narboroughblue

    Swansea City (h) Post-Match 1-1

    Some lovely football in the first half and frustrating not to be further ahead at the break. We came out second half and took an age to get going which gave Swansea the impetus they needed to equalise. Poor marking but I want my keeper coming for inswinging balls into the 6 yard box. Too often this happens and as good as Kasper is at shot stopping this and free kick positioning is a real weakness. Silva was shot and needed to come off 5 minutes earlier. Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of exciting options on the bench and the Swansea back 9 kept us at bay. After a really tough and frustrating week at least we got a point and can now properly regroup for a big finish to the season with or without Mahrez.
  3. narboroughblue

    Man City make £50million offer for Riyad Mahrez?

    Jim White on talkSPORT just claimed between £55 and £60m will get him. What a load of rubbish, or at least it better be.
  4. narboroughblue

    Harry Maguire

    Pep made a bee line for him after the cup game a few weeks back and I wondered then if there would be interest. If we could get big money and sign someone like Gibson for less it might not be the worst bit of business. Saying that I’d like to keep him if silly money isn’t offered.
  5. narboroughblue


    A friend of mine was at the Fuchs clothing launch on Thursday night and Shinji said he thinks Drinky will go to Chelsea. It's looking more and more likely, a real shame and we need to go and find a replacement now.