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  1. Think he will be like Jeff Schlupp more wages and on a down hill slope.Take the money and move on.
  2. Mate of mine did some work at Tony Pulis house and asked him about pre season transfers He told him he gives his chairman 7 to 8 names he wants and they start approaching players and clubs to try and get a deal.He said you will only get 2 out of 8 maybe 3 so it drags on and on trying to get players to sign with agents dragging there heels.
  3. Too right god knows how much stable fees and training costs.
  4. No shortage of money when it comes to king power racing.Getting a few winners lately. Over 100 horses they own paid out millons.So 3 more winners and we can buy a few players.
  5. Just have a penalty shoot out.All players take a shot and who scores the most wins.Self distancing will not be a problem.Shoot outs home and away they can practise for an hour before shoot out commences.Be good fun and every body on the same footing.
  6. Watched Harvey Barnes at Fleetwood in the cup a few years back and thought he was out of his depth. Went on loan to Mk Don's ,Barnsley and West Brom and now a regular starter for us perhaps this is what Gray needed to do.I find gray frustrating got some magic at times but a lazy player also.15mill will be about right sort of money so I would let him go.
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