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  1. 1 Safe Standing area 2 Permanent Fan Zone 3 Museum
  2. Iheanacho

    Vardy will get extra time off post World Cup, miss the bulk of our pre season. Iheanacho will start and JV will miss out. Evolution maybe
  3. Tunnel cam

    Riyad comes down the tunnel, sound is cut and my ropey lip reading has him saying "fxxking keep it" towards person off cam. Anyone else see this?
  4. The many faces of Andy King

    A real back to school thousand yard stare and haircut off Mam. Or has he had a plug as rumoured? Any ITK?
  5. Happy Birthday Slimani

    He will continue to struggle at City as long as we set up our XI to service Vardy. We've seen how they struggle to link up together. Unless CS has some radical new approach up his sleeve prepare yourselves for more of the same.
  6. Would you still want Mahrez as a City player?

    Can only see a stalemate where RM will be encouraged to down tools and in paper-talk "force his dream move" a la Dimitri Payet.
  7. Agony, Ecstasy, Agony!

    I have the same memory. Put his studs on the ball looked up and then dribbled through them. On a terrible pitch too I recall. OOH Tommy Wright provided the excitement in that period, Mills brought the Quality.
  8. Ex-Leicester City player news

    Gary Mills leads York City to FA Trophy at Wembley. Good man and good luck to him next season in the National League.
  9. Ex-Leicester City player news

    Gary Mills confirms he is staying on as Boss at York City following their relegation to National League. Wishing him all the Luck down there.
  10. Most Underrated Player To Play For Leicester

    Andy Feeley. Ex painter& decorator who got lucky or grafting full back who operated in old div 1 and never got a chasing, I remember him playing the game of his life for us against Manchester United at Filbert Street. He was up against Strachan, Whiteside and Hughes and dished out some fearsome tackles that day.
  11. From the modern era it has to be Lee Marshall, proper pea-heart. Looking further back, Rob Johnson. Never looked comfortable here and never produced any of his Luton Town form. Somebody told he was our highest paid player too.
  12. Are white shorts gone forever?

    White shorts AND white socks please. Just because that was the home kit when I first went down Filbert Street.
  13. RIP Leicester City facebook page

    and a defender called Christian, all about balance..
  14. Ex-Leicester City player news

    Got released after their promotion, good luck to him. Always seemed decent in the U21s..
  15. Ex-Leicester City player news

    Jak McCourt signs for Northampton