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  1. Won’t most people have had at least one jab by then?
  2. Thought I saw one of these on narborough road the other day. Not an LCFC one
  3. Booked in at Lane 7 on Friday. Be interesting to see how they cope with table service if it is as busy as expected
  4. Judge this on the expectations of the club and not using whataboutery have they adhered to club standards? No has the apparent leader of the players set the right example? No dis they risk a covid outbreak amongst the squad and staff? Yes did they reduce our chances of winning the last game? Yes have they alienated some of their team mates through their actions? Likely
  5. Absolutely no threat in final third and just woeful allowing a long pass like that to open us up. We were telling off our kids this morning for allowing a goal like that to happen
  6. Where we live it seems to benefit those in apartments who have their communal areas serviced but not sure what the hell I am paying out for
  7. Not against Madrid 😂
  8. Interesting conversation on 5 lives world football phone in. Asking if new habits eg. Not going to football, will mean some people don’t bother to return. Realising they don’t miss it as much as they expected to anyone here in that position or know of others not planning to return?
  9. My youngest was back at school last week. Yesterday we were greeted at the gates with instructions to go home and isolate due to contact with a positive case. I hope this isn’t the start of that cycle again
  10. Please post your favourite music in the music thread 😂
  11. Good to see higher mask compliance by “adults” when I dropped my youngest off. Still a hardcore who didn’t which is expected based on people’s attitudes in this last year. Also interesting to see how the school threatening to take action has made a lot wear a mask for the first time on school grounds. Obviously the potential personal impact struck a chord whereas they didn’t give a sh1t until that was the case.
  12. With the starting 11 and the awful start I felt it was a great result like you. can only imagine Amartey and Choudhury played (and stayed on) because of height HC game was shocking all round. think it gives us a platform for Brighton and stops the rot
  13. What’s the earliest you think we will be able to see a band? I have tickets for new order in November but really not sure it will go ahead all these festivals jumping up and down to happen in the summer seems far fetched
  14. There’s a massive Eastern European supermarket on Buckminster road now haven’t been in, often wonder what wonders are in there
  15. FLAN


    Ordered two c/W of the TRX Vintage. Sent all blue back as not as nice as the TRX Spezial. Kept yet blue/yellow also sold a few pairs on eBay that I hadn’t worn and got cheap - made a few quid only so many pairs you can wear
  16. I only read the first few lines. That’s what I was laughing at. I didn’t read the serious part underneath as I assumed it was just e same story
  17. Just put the phone down having booked in for next week. They called me im 49 and assumed it may be due to my history with epilepsy but I have been clear for 14 years 🤷🏻‍♂️ see above post about my daughters also
  18. My two eldest daughters (20/18) have been contacted for a vaccine jab. They both have absence epilepsy which is a relatively minor ailment and controlled by medication. I was surprised they were a priority
  19. This is so true and the pandemic has made it worse. What excuse can you now use to not join a late evening call? I work for an Israeli company but most work is in US so the end of my days is quite late
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