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  1. Beats the God-awful home kit hands down.
  2. I wish I had. He's complete trash. Not up to standard.
  3. I don't want to see Bennett in a Leicester shirt ever again.
  4. A bit like England against Iceland, eh?
  5. Palace though...awful. Have just put on £10 on them to go down next season. Unless they sack Woy, they have no chance.
  6. I've got a funny feeling that Wes will play a blinder. (Please don't let this be a "My mate's the ref" moment)...
  7. Their way of playing could play into our hands. If they fail to overload us – and leave gaps behind – we have Vardy to exploit the space. But, as our confidence seems completely shot, I don't fancy our chances.
  8. That's all interesting. Shame that we probably won't take a single point from our last three games.
  9. It's a massive opportunity missed. And that's what really gets me. This is probably the most disappointing end to a season ever. I mean, as far as I can remember, all the times we've got relegated, the writing was on the wall long before. This season, we've gone from "don't write off Leicester as title contenders just yet" and seemingly having already booked our Champions League spot at the beginning of January to...well. This. Starting with the somewhat symbolic 1-2 loss at home to Southampton, the last 13 games have yielded just 14 points. It's too simple to say that the players – or Rodgers – have bottled it. Or that teams have figured us out. Or that we over-achieved before January. For me, there are a huge number of factors that have contributed to this mess. They range from small incidents which took less than a second (starting with that Southampton equaliser in January that came off Maddison's face and wrong-footed Kasper, ending with Kasper's awful non-clearance last night) to bigger issues that no doubt have had an impact: injuries to Ricardo and Maddison, lockdown disruption, Vardy struggling with confidence... I don't know. There is no way we will qualify for the Champions League now. It's out of our hands. It just feels like we've missed out on a huge opportunity as a club.
  10. Well that was unexpected.
  11. Sheff U have done their bit. Over to you, Court of Arbitration for Sport.
  12. If you haven't yet visited Arsenal Fan TV – or AFTV as they were forced to rebrand themselves – then do so as soon as you can. The tears, excuses and delusion are real. Here's a flavour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CPY1_kn6QY
  13. I know the knee-jerk reaction is "we're shit" and "goodbye Champions League". But we were actually much better in the second half than we have been since lockdown. Everton had nothing. Have faith. Brendan will sort it.
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