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  1. This is the Leicester way, I guess. Spanked and humiliated by these no-hopers - then watch us beat ManU and Chelsea to still make it to top 4.
  2. What really ****s me off are the unforced, individual mistakes they are making. It led to the first goal, for one. There's a hell of a lot of talent in that line up, so it can't be that it's down to a lack of skill. For me it points to one of two things – either an attitude issue, or that the players are bottling it through nerves. I don't think it's the former, so I think Brendan needs to bring a bloody psychologist or something to sort them out. We need to be able to do the basics right when it matters the most – at the end of the season.
  3. I'd like to see the stat on misplaced passes for this half. I think we're going for our club record....
  4. It's a fairly simple equation. If we can't beat a 10-man Southampton or this lot at home, we don't deserve to be in the Champions League.
  5. Jonny's not injured. It's just to prove that Sean from Enderby and that other dude aren't always right.
  6. Was it wrong to silently celebrate when Dewsbury-Hall put that half-chance wide? It's just that I want either Rotherham or Sheff W to relegate Derby this weekend...and Rotherham winning this would make it a bit more likely.
  7. Yep, can't argue with that. Just so disappointing. Vardy puts his chance away and we're all set for a lovely bank holiday. Bugger.
  8. Against a decent team, a draw at this stage of the season, in our situation, would've been ok. A 10-man Southampton, though...
  9. Maddison has been poor since coming back. Maybe he feels he needs to impress/prove a point. Feel he's trying too hard. He's at his best when he's smiling and carefree.
  10. I can't remember whether it was Roy Keane who said that there were certain fixtures during the season which, for whatever reason, didn't require a pep-talk from the gaffer - and that players always turned up for those. This is certainly one of those for the Southampton lads, especially as most of them were there last season. Something to be mindful of - and I'm sure BR would have brought it up.
  11. "...since joining from Genk for £15m in early 2017" What a deal that was.
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