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  1. I remember being really chuffed when we landed him after the Euros. He looked a real talent!
  2. And if Mourinho is to be believed, Shaw has been spending most of that on takeaways.
  3. Look forward to seeing DD on the pitch for Villa in a bit! Maybe it's just me, but I can't help but have warm feelings towards every player who contributed towards the most amazing season ever. And Danny certainly played his part. And yes, that also includes Riyad. Despite what he has said since, his celebrations, his attitude – everything. He was amazing for us that season and very much part of something that I will cherish forever.
  4. With Vardy semingly scoring immediately each time his wife is mentioned by opposition fans, and now Hamza responding to the boos with a belter, it might be time for our rival fans to consider their options slightly better, when attempting to "get under the skin" of our players...
  5. Love these complete guesses to try and figure out how we will set up.. Here's BT's effort.
  6. I think we can all agree that he isn't a journalist, let alone a writer. Doing a half-decent job on radio, however. Far from the best, but certainly not the worst, having heard what other local BBC listeners around the country have to put up with.
  7. For me, today showed a few things. 1. We now have depth in our squad to become a sustained top 4-10 Premier League team for the next couple of years. Something that, had you offered it to me five years ago, I would have bitten your hand off for. Few good signings to replace/add cover the likes of Morgan, Kasper, Evans, Fuchs, Vardy and Albrighton and we can extend "couple" to "a few" years. 2. We definitely have the nucleus of a "Leicester way" now – although it's probably more a Rodgers Way at the moment. We started slow today, partly because the 11 players on the pitch hadn't played that much together. But what helped us out was that they all knew the system and the methods they were expected to deploy and implement. Once they got in a flow, we looked good again. We were obviously helped by playing a team that is in a real relegation struggle (Hammers looked awful), but this is still the Premier League, where no game is a certainty. Look at Spurs at Norwich today for an example of that. 3. The squad is in a great place mentally. We came off two heavy defeats – in games that were meant to show "where we are" as a club – with a second-string XI away from home and won. That takes a combination of confidence and a trust in your own abilities. No doubt another thing that Rodgers has helped with. A very important win in trying, challenging circumstances. A sign that we have a healthy squad spirit and some real depth in quality.
  8. You and me, mate. My comment now looks a bit foolish....😂😂
  9. I know it's early doors, but we look disjointed. I don't like wholesale changes for exactly this reason - players look like they haven't played together before. Because they haven't, really.
  10. Having first seen him during that God-awful season we got relegated to League One – and then witness him develop into a key player in the one season we had in the third tier – it just feels like he has been around forever. He really has been there for every step of our remarkable transformation. I think he was even one of the players chosen for that publicity shot in which Mandaric was handing over the "keys to the club" to Vichai...!! Therefore, I just can't fathom that he is, in fact, only 31. That's younger than Vardy! Mind-boggling.
  11. That is brilliant. The lack of self-awareness is strong with him.
  12. That's another great reminder why there should be a roller coaster at Alton Towers named after us...
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