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  1. 100% First time I've really seen him make a mistake/beaten like that.
  2. I guess that's my point. He can still come on in certain situations. The way he charged in against Robertson and completely played himself out – allowing Robertson to cross for the second goal – still makes me angry.
  3. We miss Ricardo badly. Albrighton has been a great servant for us, but in these two games it's became blatantly obvious that he serves no purpose in the opening XI.
  4. I don't buy this losing to a "far superior" team. Liverpool weren't great tonight and this is the club that shipped 7 against Villa this season. They were there for the taking. I saw nothing from them that screamed "world beaters". We were poor and deserved nothing, however. Albrighton should not have started and Evans cost us two goals. Jonny was great last season, but I feel that he needs Cags beside him to warrant a place in the side now. As for Tielemans and Madders - that needs sorting.
  5. Albrighton has to come off if we're to have any chance here. He's not contributing anything going forward and defensively he is giving Robertson all the space he wants...
  6. Love the fact it's just not even mentioned properly. And just the one replay. Because Liverpool.
  7. I agree. For now. But imagine if they do learn to play together - with Ndidi/Mendy to support them! And the only one way they'll ever do that, is to...? Exactly. Let them play!
  8. All I'm saying is that I recognise why Rodgers took him off. He struggled a bit. No shame in that.
  9. Yes, Thomas definitely found it hard going today. Put us under pressure a couple of times after losing the ball. Still a great talent and really look forward to him developing. The things he did well today were better than what we saw him in the games after lockdown – so he's improving!
  10. I had this very conversation with someone else. I think little Wes has a decent head on his shoulders – demonstrated by the fact that his "dream" is to return and play for Marseille, his home town, one day. Slightly hopeful thinking perhaps, but if we offer European football each season, and a chance of winning something – and he doesn't get a new agent who's a **** – I see us holding onto him for a few seasons yet. He's so young and has lots to learn. That in mind, I hope our fans won't lose their s••t when he will make the inevitable mistake or few (and they will come, due to t
  11. I think this Mediocentro is an Arsenal fan. Which, of course, automatically disqualifies him and his opinions from any serious conversation about football.
  12. It's a massively big in "cult team" terms. A bit like St Pauli.
  13. Vardy and Under when Rodgers told them to get ready to go on.....
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