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  1. Hi, Can no longer go to the game on Friday night so I've got two tickets for sale in the away end, along with two coach tickets (on coach 7). Only looking for face value prices, one adult and one senior (£19.50 and £30) with booking fee of £2 so £51.50 in total. Coach tickets are £19 each. So in total £89.50, I'll have both tickets available to collect from 4pm tomorrow (Thursday) and all Friday morning.
  2. Unless you've been to see the U23's play
  3. I'm not even that bothered about last night now. Was pissed off last night but got over it quite quickly. It would've been nice to be in a cup final and a trip to Wembley. I'd be way more annoyed if we got to a semi final of the FA Cup and lost that. And yep - I've been a supporter for long enough that I am cherishing being 3rd in the Premier League, with such fantastic owners, players, manager, training ground, stadium expansion plans.
  4. I'm not one of those you're referring to but it doesn't bother me, people are emotional and gutted. Fair enough. Going to get some OTT overreactions perhaps.... I'm gutted but on the positive side we've got to remember that we're firmly in the top 4. We've brushed aside a heck of a lot of teams this season and we've got a real good opportunity of achieving top 4 and CL football for the second time ever. Also got a great opportunity in a much better cup, should easily get into the last 8 and then who knows.
  5. Yep. I'm not going to moan about the players because most of them played well and put the effort in tonight. Thought Madders was great. Gray though, just hasn't got it.
  6. At least we're in the top 4 and have have a great chance of progressing to the last 8 of the FA Cup.
  7. Yep I was also screaming at Gray to close him down, but he backed off, and then when it was too late went forward. Ridiculous.
  8. Good that Liverpool most likely play Chelsea so one of them out.
  9. Strange that a few other people have said this as well, but for some reason I've been thinking Gray has just not started peaking yet and is getting warmed up for ages now. I've always thought he was just waiting to get going and eventually would. But I was thinking whilst watching him on Brentford, for the first time this is, that I just don't think he has got anything else in him, in other words there is no waiting for him to get better, I think he's as good now as he'll always be. I expected him to better than he is. But I'm not saying he's a bad footballer, he's just not got the gift I thought he might have.
  10. cant get any tickets in the home end now by the look of it ... The quantity of tickets owned by Anonymous Client exceeds limitations! To resolve, click "Assign Owners" and assign some of the tickets to other owners. Sorry, you cannot buy any more tickets to event Aston Villa v Leicester City (CCSF) 28/01/2020 19:45. Sales to this event are limited to 0 tickets per event per history per item owner.
  11. If theres a few of us in a certain section of the home crowd its gonna be difficult being stealth all game ?
  12. It's a long shot but I'm looking for two tickets to this. If you are unable to go and need to sell two tickets please PM me.
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