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  1. That's the best performance I've seen from him yesterday. Thought he was superb.
  2. Hirst's hair cut, wouldn't have that if I was paid to !
  3. Nice to see Youri looking sharp and having a dip outside the box. Would like to see more shots from outside the box this season.
  4. On paper this looks like a good team and good strategy - Choudhury plays some beautiful through balls and passes and is great defensively. Wilf the same is superb, two very defensive midfielders but with good passing and vision, allowing Tielemans some free space and creativity further up behind Nacho and Vardy. C'mon lads!
  5. COME ON LEICESTER !!!!!!!!!!!
  6. yeah if they give there all thats all they can give, and thats what we need to see - a win as well please !
  7. hour and 45 mins away
  8. Yeah I like that team.
  9. I had a dream last night about our formation and team selection... not quite the team Rodgers will pick I reckon! But here it is anyway (and I believe Fuchs is injured? I remember dreaming that we have to play with a back four, and then it was a 4-4-2 Vardy Nacho Thomas Wilf Tielemans Grey Fuchs Morgan Evans Justin Schmeichel That was
  10. Yeah think you chose wisely there ^ I got home at 2.45am on Saturday morning after the A47 was closed in two long stretches on the way back from Norwich. :|
  11. different perspective then as the tv cameras are on the east stand i think at the mo?
  12. The idea of VAR is logical and makes sense. The problem with it is not the idea of it, but the people using it. Idiots basically who cannot call a decision properly. ie. the handball at Villa second leg, the KDB handball today etc.
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