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  1. Even if he was fit I'd start Perez, confident, had a good game last week, linking up well with Vardy and Nacho rotating infront and behind.
  2. Perez Nacho and Vardy linked up beautifully last game, why would you change the fluidity ?
  3. Cant be doing with the way she pauses after every word tho. Who speaks like that? Feckin annoying.
  4. When was the last time we scored a feckin header as well. Double impressive. Well in Nach!
  5. Worst away day ever that was, the A47 got closed due to an accident, didn't end up getting home until about 3am.
  6. Probably not a popular choice but why not play Nacho instead of Perez. Yes that penalty at Selhurst Park was bloody irritating but up until that point I thought he was doing well for form, his goal to game ratio in the few months running up to that game was really good. Perez was rubbish last game, but then the whole team pretty much were, and I suppose tbf to Perez he did score, albeit, a disallowed goal.
  7. What's the latest on Madders? Fit to play?
  8. Wondering whether Rodgers should have started Vardy and a stronger line up, gone for the jugular, 2 goals up (penalty most likely would have gone in and a couple of other chances first half) and then bring Vardy off second half after 70 minutes. When you look at Klopp and Pep they consistently start the strongest team they can, see the game out and then bring Mane or Salah or Sterling off etc. How many times do we see Mane spitting the dummy when he's been subbed off? Lots of times, that's because he always starts, and then gets rested when the other team is deflated. Think w
  9. Vardy was rested this time last year in the same sort of fixture just after Christmas, I think he'll be rested again today. If he does come on it'll be last 20 minutes probably.
  10. He came on for a bit in our last european game........
  11. I think playing Barnes is a smart idea cos these will have a go at us and we'll benefit from Barnes and Under countering. Justin and Thomas have been superb as well as cover.
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