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  1. Wouldn’t say Perez is a flop at all .. his close control when surrounded can be a pleasure to watch .. Morgan might retire from playing but I was hoping he would still have a role at the club so it will be be interesting to see exactly what his involvement is in all this. As for Hamza .. I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that since he knew he was surplus to requirements he doesn’t give a flying fvck whether we win or lose.
  2. They get a two page roasting in the Merc today .. the club did what was right considering what the rest of the population are going through but now we need to move on .. their biggest punishment will come from their own teammates.
  3. P. S. If I see Maddison or Perez I’ll give em a good slap on behalf of all at FT ..
  4. Jeez is this thread still going .. been naughty boys, been dropped, let everyone down and probably feel like shit, manager says move on now and available next week.
  5. Oh yes !!! Broken wrist eh .. I get ya ! .. Pornhub phnar phnar .. nod nod wink wink !! ..
  6. I’d definitely say moist is a much better word than sleet .. one means cold snowy rain .. and the other means .. well .. something else ..
  7. Got a feeling they will come out the traps liked scalded cats after that shambolic performance today ... Cags and maybe Maddison back in with a rocket up his arse ... after thrashing the saints we’ll be back on it for the league ... heads up peeps this season is not over by a long way.
  8. He’s been badly let down .. he’s a manager not a babysitter ..
  9. Definitely a bit of kraut in me ... have already put my towel down on the big comfy chair near the fire ... have got a pic of Maddison in my pocket btw if anyone wants a game of darts ..
  10. Had to turn the sound off ... can’t listen to the scouse tw@t for one second longer ...
  11. Nowt wrong with VAR .. he was offside and VAR quite rightly said so. There are far more important things that need sorting out in football than VAR ... like mixing in bloody reports on girls football with proper match reports .. absolute fookin disgrace !!!
  12. Defo a red mate ... more of a martial arts move than a tackle ...
  13. Not sure about that puss ... still got loads of goals in him at the highest level. Would rather have Lindgard or Bamford though ..
  14. @Facecloth @Raj @Bellend Sebastian Finished Life on Mars .. brilliant ! .. loved it ! Just started Ashes to Ashes and tbh we both thought it was a bit naff and just cashing in on the previous series .. however ... I could watch Keeley Hawes all day ! ... I think you said something about her clothes Bellend, well they looked ok to me ! ... when she bent over to have her backside stamped my gasket nearly blew off ..
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