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  1. Simply fontastic. Fingers crossed he stays with us for at least a couple of seasons. I'd hate to see him go to any of the big, filthy rich from the Prem
  2. The game went from total antifootball to stuff of legends amazing **** yesssss Don't forget Vardy's afterparty at ArsenalFanTV later tonight !!!!!
  3. How blessed we are to have Vards. It's not just the goals, everything he does on the pitch
  4. AHAHAHA VARDY PARTYYYYY This tactic is called 'play like shit & bang them'
  5. It's hard to be optimistic watching us play like this. BR needs to shake things up and inject some of that old qualitee & intesitee into our players. They look clueless and toothless
  6. Watching it on a French stream is quite enjoyable Lacazette... oh la la la la la, Fuchs!!! Allez le bleus
  7. That's good! It means we're going to win the league
  8. Sadly I agree with what many said in the match thread. These cnuts deserved the 3 points. We were ****ing about for most of the 90 minutes, and it's all down to BR's negative approach. If I didn't see the banners and the team names in the corner, I'd swear it was an away game against a top 4-6 team. BR was so busy chatting some mysterious shit to Madders on the sideline he forgot to bring him on earlier. What was the purpose of Hanza when we needed to press them, only Preki knows. The individual effort was there, but I feel the manager's too respectful approach was our undoing. I'd rather have
  9. Hamza to knock Grealish out?? I suppose that's what BR calls a positive substitution...
  10. FFS Barnsy... stop slowing down the play
  11. I wish we had Wasyl somewhere near the touchline, just to stare the annoying sod down
  12. We tend to have better second halves these days, so here's hoping I'd like to see Under for Perez. Maybe Madders for Youri too. I wonder if Slim shady will get a any minutes
  13. Every time we play Villa I hope that one of our defenders plant a solid elbow on Grealish. Will you do the honour young Wes
  14. Decent effort from Ian. Tim is looking great. I'd like us to be a bit more urgent, so many passes being exchanged between the CBs
  15. Their goalkeeper can count himself lucky. If Nacho touched him just a tad stronger, his ripped arm would leave the Earth's orbit
  16. He was bang average against so many teams last couple of seasons why did he have to turn up against us...
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