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  1. Fair enough, but I was hoping he'd bang one in today, he had a couple chances. The kid is electric. He's shooting ability is decent already, he's having his best season right now, just imagine how good he would be if he could step it up a notch
  2. Very happy with the 3 points. We made it much harder than it should be for ourself. Some fine performances today, especially in the second half. Shout out to Albrighton, usually he's the one that frustrates me the most but he was crucial towards the end of the game, both his assist and the defensive play. If Barnes could improve his shooting ability I believe he would be one of the best wingers in the world.
  3. ****'s sake of course we let Andy ****ing Carroll score You can bet that's his only goal of the season
  4. Well done to Albrighton for spotting Tielemans and a nice clean pass
  5. We have to step up a gear or three in the second half. The points are our to lose. Come on Leicester
  6. A very good and relevant topic this. It's hard to fathom but inevitably even the biggest club legend get to retire one day. We've been extremely lucky Vards avoided any long term serious injuries but as you all know the luck can go tits up any day, and the player's career just won't go on forever in the first place. As much as I admire how Leicester City are managed I've been quite upset for a couple of seasons seeing us having no reliable back up for the no-Vardy situation. It's like we refuse to believe it will happen one day. I think the supporters are allowed to believe that, b
  7. N'didi would be wasted at the back, we need him in midfield. I'd play big Wes and Wes jr together. As long as we don't start with 5 at the back I'm optimistic about this. 4141 please. This should be a game made for Under (no Albrighton, thanks). A massive game indeed
  8. The 'Madders cam' stayed on him for a good while. This can be easily sorted out though, the person switching the cams needs a little bollocking
  9. My MOTM as well. Justinho as I called him in the match thread Fantastic performance. Can't wait till Rick comes back and they'll both be playing either RM + RB or RB + LB. Add Tim on top of that and our wings can be deadly for any team
  10. First half sexy as fuchs (well from the moment BR had a bright idea of changing the formation) Second half though... somewhat ünderwhelming! Dilly ding dilly dong, we're 3rd!
  11. Yes please! I'm anxious to see what Undy can do to these
  12. Honestly why can't we all just enjoy what they boys are playing today, whether one's a 'moaner', a 'die hard brodge fan' or somewhere in the middle
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