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  1. He was bang average against so many teams last couple of seasons why did he have to turn up against us...
  2. Quit moaning and start playing Nacho and Vards more often Brenda Wasn't Slim back from the loan in June or so? A bit of dead wood maybe, but who knows BR could give him a spark
  3. Sweet 3 points against these ugly sour ****s. Gotta love the sight of rabid Dyche foaming at the sideline Also, our Belgians are the dog’s bollocks!
  4. DENNIS THE MENACE Goodnight sweet prince Dyche you ugly ****
  5. Ugh... we should be bossing those anti-football cnuts not giving them hope
  6. Justin and we're cruisin. I like that. Fair play to Perez as well.
  7. 100 x this. that would probably need its own topic but we're prone to showing mental fragility especially in latter stages of games, that was the story of the second half of last season. We need our Cags and Tims to steady the ship. I've been dreaming of a midfielder with a bit of a character for a couple seasons now. I rate and like our boys Youri, Dennis, Madders, Wilf and Hamza but they just lack in the grit department. We need more players the opposite side's supporters would call 'that dirty ****' ... I think another pair of Vardys would do
  8. Take a bow Tim! The only thing that could make his goal any better would be if he was born in Leuven (like Dennis!) or played at OHL as a young lad
  9. How about Bono. I bet he could easily outsing Kasper in the shower
  10. What a guy! I'm well chuffed for him winning the title and the Huesca's Best Player award. Here's a video of all his Huesca goals (12 which makes him their top scorer...despite missing more than few games and not taking any penalties!)
  11. Seriously... Roughly half of the games during his last two sasons at Leicester he used to go missing, it was apparent he was far from giving his best, probably just wasn't arsed enough after having his head turned by Arsenal and Man City. Can hardy compare that sulking, underperforming primadonna prone to throwing his toys in the pram to the ever consistent Kante who was always at the top of his game when he played for us. It's quite obvious to me why Pep doesnt treat him as a key player, the skills are obviously there but he's just not as reliable and hard working as the likes of Bernardo Silva. A professional should be able to put in a shift every game, not only when he feels in the right mood. His stats may be great but doesn't show the full picture.
  12. I say it's the problem with BR's timid tactics and some players around Vards (namely Maddison, Tielemans, our wingers - just all those who are supposed to be his main suppliers) underperforming. It does my head in how we have the best striker in the Prem (in my humble opinion) and so often spectacularily fail to utilize him. It's not Vardy's problem - his awareness and positioning is still spot on and the convertion rate (shots to goals) at 30.26% (it was even higher in November) realistically just won't be much higher, the top strikers (Lewandowski, Aguero, Suarez, you name it) simply don't get to be much more clinical than that. It's the issue with players around him.
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