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  1. I'm as livid and disappointed as anyone about this and most of our (under)performances this year but think we should wait till the end of the season with the Rodgers evaluation... Obviously we've been mostly shit since around December/January (I can't wrap my head around it, where's this rot coming from, specifically) but there's still three games to play, let's see when we finally land in the table. Massively disappointed with what BR is (not) showing in recent weeks though and the players' attitude for the game which brings the worst memories of Puel. I'd give my left nut for the old school, experienced midfield general type of player, who would keep the shit afloat and react to the game as it unfolds, giving the necessary bolocking to some of the players when they need it. Apparently Brodge can't/won't do that as a manager for some reason.
  2. Doesn't work, just knocked back these two and still feel like having a coffee overdose (and anticipating the question, no there's no vodka in the fridge ) I need some proven qualiteee.... Think I might settle on one of Puels conferences
  3. Hear hear. Always loved you Schlupperman
  4. Well, I just saw the second half of Racing (already relegated) vs Huesca. Huesca lost 0 - 1 and it was a terrible game to watch Oka had a bad day at the office but his teammates were downright atrocious. It seemed like they were having a contest for how long can you keep the ball to yourself until you lose it... every man for himself the antithesis of what football should be about. Shinji received about two (overhit) passes the whole half. I don't know how much of it was the pressure how much was due to the lack of skills but his teammates simply can't pass, with maybe one or two exceptions. Just shocking all around. Losing to the already relegated team, that surely didnt go well with Huesca hopefuls. Now they have to cross their fingers that Zaragoza will slip... The single highlight of the game was when a certain Camus came on for Santander. I thought he would be no stranger to football... but I was proven wrong I'll get my coat
  5. I have to say I appreciate the no-nonsense way Deeney took his penalties. Not a lot of technical ability but 100% of the power Good to see them 3 points safer. Now we have to pop the Cherries and everyone will be happy
  6. Tsubasa-style indeed (I loved that anime, it was very popular among boys in Poland in the early to mid 90s). An epic header, shows how fearless Shinji is - one of the reasons why we love him. Thanks a lot for these updates @kushiro I didn't know Leo had a long term injury, that explains why I didn't see him in the line ups for a while. It would be mind-blowing if we could saw both of these heroes in the Spanish top tier next season. Apart from catching some random game I've never watched La Liga but this time I'd have at least one good reason to start!
  7. For me, this proves both Ian & Vards upfront is the way to go. I wish BR was playing them together more often, not only in home games with poor opposition or where we trail 0-2 Also, BARNESINHO!!! Take a bow son
  8. I got so restless waiting for the Moaninho post match I started looking for the live stream of it on youtube. Found some WeareTottenhamTV live stream instead, so I demanded selling the whole team to the Spuds supporters on their open channel. (Un)surprisingly, a lot of them share my views
  9. I was just thinking, shouldve put a few quids on him
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