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  1. I'm checking on Shinji and Huesca every several weeks and hoping they will get the promotion. Even watched their game a few weeks ago (it was an away fixture and the pitch was horrible, which resulted in multiple sometimes comically misplaced passes from both teams, I bet he misses the clean cut green grass of KP stadium lol). I was pretty agitated when he wasn't featured in the squad for a couple weeks (could be down to some slight injury or some other reason, not necessarily the manager's shortsightedness), and the immediate effect was Huesca did poorly in those games. With him in the starting eleven they are doing much better, actually winning most games. He still seems as mobile and tenacious as when he played for us, his engine running at top speed just good old Shinji, I had a chuckle when saw how he always seemed to be the one starting the pressing, reminded me of his Leicester days. I might be mistaken but think because of his incredible work ethic, the never say die attitude (chasing opponents and lost balls, tackling, fighting against big guys and so on) he's become a bit of a fan favourite, because during that game I had watched I heard the supporters applauding him louder than other players :D
  2. Brilliant game. Macca and co. can cry themselves to sleep now Haha the bellend says they are still the best team in Europe. Why did they lose both legs then
  3. Yes, very unpleasant cnuts when we played against them, and Simeone was very irritating (as ever I guess). From a neutral perspective though on a day like today, they are a proper Champions League team who know all the tricks with a brilliant manager. And one has to appreciate the way they punctured the Liverpool balloon, about time someone did that.
  4. I see! I confess I don't watch a lot of their games :D Could be, could be! He should be banging goals left and right today though, it's the Spuds lol
  5. I don't understand the hype, this Werner bloke looks like a (very) poor man's Vards
  6. Oh absolutely, I agree about the Special One! Seemed to be well past it to me before his poisonous tenure at Man Utd was over. But still, TBF I expected him to do slightly better at Spuds. Their new manager bounce lasted about two games!
  7. I can't see exactly what the Special One is changing, there seems to be a sense of continuity with where Pochetino left off. From one bottlejob to another
  8. Rick, he's been the most consistent although recent couple months he wasn't as impressive as at the start of the season. Then Evans, he's been brilliant. Third place for Wilf who's been sorely missed when injured. Then Vards, who has been suffering from lack of service for weeks and weeks due to our dysfunctional midfielders and wingers, and for that I also partially blame BR who couldn't find a way to involve him more when our dip in form started. Cags not too far behind.
  9. I thought I misheard it. Apparently not!
  10. Very impressed with him today. Still has a lot of work to do but I don't see him losing his place anytime soon. Offers so much more than Gray. Seems to have a good understanding with Justin too.
  11. His kit has to go in the bin, can't imagine washing away all the grease
  12. League cup semifinal avenged, Villains put to sword by foxes of justice the gallant Sir Vards and his trusty page Barnesy... Feels good! :D
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