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  1. Quite refreshing to see the smile erased from Klopp's mug
  2. I'm not very keen on Simone's brand of football but it's been defensive masterclass from Atleti so far.
  3. It's worrying we can't break teams down. There's been too much passing around without much effort, we struggle to create anything. Youri and Madders are comfortably numb. I'm happy with this point considering the red card but we're sitting on a third, we should be doing better than that. Wolves were better (average but better) and we should feel lucky with a draw. Ricardo my MOTM (yet again). Wilf can't come back to first eleven soon enough.
  4. Would be lovely if we nicked a win... but how
  5. This needs to be printed out and pinned to Rodgers office door. The same patterns of play every game until we concede. Agree about Rick being our most dangerous attacker atm. The others are mostly out of form. I feel especially Madders and Tielemans should be doing much more regarding the creativity. The two look pale shadows comparing to what they played first couple months this season
  6. Hear hear. I have a feeling 4 4 2 could save our arses today
  7. We're second best and we should thank VAR for not losing before the half time. BR has to inject some confidence into this team. We need to involve Vardy more, he's been criminally isolated out of the game and all our midfielders and defenders are content with just passing the ball sideways most of the time, which leads us nowhere. I'd like to see Nacho and Vards together upfront.
  8. Chills is going from bad to worse these days
  9. That was stupid from Tielers. Just pass it to Vards...
  10. Their manager looks like a villain from spaghetti western
  11. Tee hee hee... Won't miss them in CL if they lose an appeal
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