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  1. Grown up men and (supposed) professionals acting like irresponsible brats. As most of you already said, acting like this in the decisive phase of the season is inexcusable. Selfish dimwitted *****
  2. Yeah I I've just noticed had to change streams as the other one went down I want to believe... COYL
  3. IAN !!!!! Get in! Still 20 mins to go... can we get something out of this
  4. The weakest WHam line up in months and we put on this kind of performance Madders & co cocked up massively as well. But even without them we shouldn't allow West ham to hammer us like this.
  5. **** **** **** and **** again I was so looking forward to this
  6. I have good feelings about this* Champions league man!!! Dilly ding dilly dong! Come on! *famous last words
  7. Rice, Yarmolenko and Antonio out, that's fantastic news for us. As long as we manage to keep Lingaard quiet and keep on creating chances we should be fine WHAM 0 - 3 LCFC, Ian, Tielers and Vards to share the goalscorers glory
  8. Oh well... Poland didn't have stones to score another one. Still 1-2 is far from the battering I was expecting... This England team could benefit greatly from having certain Madders in it instead of either of Fodden, Mount or Rice. None of this bunch has his vision, passing or free kick taking ability.
  9. Nice finish from the slabhead! It was inevitable. A decent second half by Poland standards but can't say they would deserve a point from this game really
  10. There's been too little quality in there to achive anything substantial. We finally have a foreign manager in Sousa, who is a tactical genius compared to previous Polish manager (but there's something Preki around him imho) but take a look at this bunch of players, would you name even one od them whom you'd like to see playing for Leicester City? Even three fully fit Lewandowskis wouldn't make all the dead wood come alive. Poland have already reached their peak in 2012 during Euros (glorious quarterfinals ty very much). I'm resigned to the fact I probably wont see Poland in quarterf
  11. Ian and Vards are becoming a formidable partnership 6 points from two must win games... perfect. Crossing my fingers for ManUre vs WHam draw and Arse winning against Spuds
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