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  1. We lost that game in the midweek tactics meeting. Yeah we played averagely in possession. But we sat so deep in shape, that there was no space to move forwards with the ball when we got it. BR has tried these tactics a few times against big boys. Whilst the odd result ensues. It's really regressive football that chucks our talent in the bin for 90 mins. I'd love to know what his tactics would be if we had our strongest/fittest 11. My instinct tells me it might not be much different.
  2. Best all round game in a foxes shirt. He was sensational in holding the ball up and linking play. Plus of course the two goals. In such a good groove currently. Long may it last.
  3. I think that's the best position for him and gives him the best chance to shine. His technical ability can thrive there. And his absence of pace and strength isn't so exposed. But as others have said. He needs to back that up a few more times, before I'll be convinced we weren't fleeced by NUFC.
  4. It's remarkable isn't it. A crocked Big Wes would have him in a foot race!
  5. He is definitely not as effective going forwards on the left. I think JJ really was exceptional in his attacking on the left side. Timmy is clearly a top right back and a solid left back. Not bad for the price.
  6. Agree. Undoubtedly the skies the limit. So in potential, he is the best. But I'm fairly sure that currently if all the options being available. Rogers would have Evans pencilled in as no.1. Evans is not flashy. But rarely makes a mistake of gets pulled out of position. The Fof does. But it's not a real issue as it will get ironed out with experience.
  7. Thats a interesting view. I think he will become our best. But Evans is the most reliable one we have currently. Fof has all the attributes. But due to his age he has a rick in him a game. Once is ironed out. He's going to be phenomenal.
  8. It's remarkable how the return of Perez has garnered such optimism. I think the term is revisionism. Yes he's another body. But it's a bit like clapping for Ghezzal's return. It may disappoint.
  9. I'm pleased he's playing footie regularly again. At his pomp I think he was a Prem level player. But I've not doubt if he can stay fit he will hold his own in the championship for a good few years.
  10. I think we would have imploded. Simply don't have the resources to be spread so thin.
  11. I know big Dan scored. But in general we are woeful at attacking and defending corners. The lack of goals is in part due to Madders inconsistent service. But when he does get one right I'm not sure why our big lads seem so inept at getting on the end of them. Now Fof is back. Hopefully he can offer more threat.
  12. He looked very mobile. But I'm not sure about his reading of the game. I'm still confused about where he was playing. Few times first half he ended up between the CBs. I'm definitely sure he wasn't meant to be there. He was okay. Nothing more in my opinion. Although good technique for that first half shot.
  13. Much better 2nd half. But the 1st was terrible. We dogged that out. Great morale booster for the lads. Let's use that to get the impetus up again.
  14. I think his goal scoring prowess has never been in doubt. He is technically very good in front of goal. But he's never been allowed to play enough to get that striker mojo on. It's taking shape now. Keep it up Kel.
  15. Now I was saying some proper mean things about him during the first half. But he did get better and the goal will be great for his confidence.
  16. The engine room is anonymous tonight. And Timmy hasn't left the dressing room. We have real problems here.
  17. Christ we need to get ahead in this game, as we have nothing to bring on if we end up chasing it. How quickly a good squad has turned to bones.
  18. They can play. Just as long as someone in our coaching staff lets them no which colour shirt to pass to.
  19. It's been interesting seeing him try to fill the attacking threat more, whilst still playing deep. He's actually dribbled past a few defenders, despite his absence of pace. He's just a very technically gifted player. So pleased he's in our engine room.
  20. I agree with a lot of what you say. I think Kel has at times been really harshly treated. He could play well in a string of games. Yet the moment Vards returns from a lay off he. Nacho is dropped. To me that pattern has undoubtedly held Nachos development back. I just BR feels Vards pace, whether, he's firing or not. Stretches the pitch and creates space for others. So Vards fits the football Vision better. Regardless of his goal scoring. In my view Brendan needs to recognise that we shouldn't stick slavishly to just one blueprint. Certainly not one that is modelled on a 34 year
  21. I agree that he looks more composed in possession. But I don't think he goes forward with it. He's frustratingly lateral in his passing. Overall I think he's a better footballer. But I think Hamza despite his limitations is more combative
  22. Comparing last season's collapse and this possible influence of this season's injurie issues is a bit problematic to me. I think we have the resources to muddle through this season. With only Barnes and JJ unlikely to return. Last seasons collapse was less about injuries and entirely to do with impetus and motivation. We lost it over the Xmas period when Liverpool battered us and Vards/Wilf were out. We never rekindled it and the Covid lockdown sadly cemented the malaise. Worryingly when we returned in May Brendan just couldn't re-fire them. I didn't ever see it being about injuries.
  23. He and Vards are very different players. But I really think they could complement each other. They just need to click and find form at the same time. Shame Nacho undercooked all of his attempted through balls.
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