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  1. 4 more have just popped up on lcfc ticket site
  2. He pm’d me offering 1 but I declined as I was after 2 and since then managed to pick one up when some more got added on Friday. Said he lived in London and could I bacs and he’ll post. Swerved one there. What a w****r
  3. Quick question. Managed to grab one of the Villa tickets earlier think I’m on 313 points but it would not let me purchase one for my son who is on 308. Is that because it Sold out to 310 or above so any additional tickets are only sold to that level or above? Frustrating as I had both tickets in the basket.
  4. Still looking for 2 tickets for this. Either 1 adult and 1 under 18 or 2 adults. Willing to swap for 2 Chelsea tickets In j2 if preferred
  5. After an adult and u18 for this if any spares. Willing to swap for adult and u18 Chelsea ticket
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