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  1. Is this a self aware joke about Rick and morty fans or did you actually just say that?
  2. Didn't he say we blocked his development? Obviously a legend for us but the wantaway attitude, tantrums and negative comments did, unfortunately, sour the memory a bit. I also seem to remember him playing out his skin to score against us. Gotta love him but he doesnt make it easy.
  3. Far too long! In my humble opinion, the honorable Leicester City manager Brendan Rogers would do very well to read up thoroughly on the dying art of brevity as, at present, he is in indisputably possession of the rather unfortunate little habit of speaking in overly long sentences which, at first glance give the pleasing impression that they may well be crammed full to the brim of scintillating factual tidbits, but on closer inspection often prove to be disappointingly uninformative... Sort it out!
  4. I hope this doesn't prove to be an Ünder-whelming signing...
  5. Would rather see Conor McGregor come in and fill the void that Big Waz left in the team.
  6. Finally, foxestalk drags itself out of the gutter. Lovely stuff.
  7. Marcus Aurelius People need to chill out, no way should you be annoyed or suffering anxiety half way through a transfer window, should the club not have lived up to your high expectations. Trust the process. Alas...... If only the foxestalk members could be as stoic as Marcus Aurelius.
  8. He means we need to stop using resources on it by talking about it in this thread. How are any of our other transfers going to get across the line if we're all talking for page after page about Trincao?!
  9. Not close to being an upgrade on Albrighton. No thanks.
  10. Got a good feeling about this one
  11. Lol. I will present match of the day in my undies if this happens.
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