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  1. Such a shame that this happens just as Leicester start doing well again. It totally devalues the CL imo.
  2. You forgot to mention it will be played in dubai or Qatar
  3. If we ended up in some protected super league that other teams couldn't get into, I might support another club instead tbh
  4. Genuinely feel like they should go and **** themselves. No self respecting club would really want to be a part of this.
  5. Thanks very much for putting the effort into doing this. I really enjoy keeping up with it and you're doing a cracking job.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/BradYNWA6/status/1373700489112662017
  7. Must win to keep the pressure on in the title race...
  8. I'd rather win the cup than get top 4. But only if we won it.
  9. Cos he hasn't had the golden head nod from @Ric Flairyet
  10. Vardy looks half a yard faster than he has done recently. Hopefully he continues to recover from now until the end of the international break.
  11. A global survey of fans as to who they would most like to see in the champions league would probably be the best way of maximising profits.
  12. They've been decimated by injuries and have very little cover. Kean Bryan wasn't even getting in the reserve team at the start of the season, now he's playing every game. Several defensive players are playing out of position. Bogle just coming back from injury but looks a threat at wingback. They're very weak down the right side and have been exposed there consistently this season. We should be looking to play a wide game and get down the sides. Harvey would have torn them a new one.
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