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  1. This story lines up with the version of events I've heard before. "He spoke to Arsene Wenger, he said chat shit get banged"
  2. I had this too yesterday. I entered my phone number when I signed up to the LFC website, so he must be calling every fan one by one and checking in with them. What a guy!
  3. So under this idea, we'd get CL (assuming it goes ahead). And Sheffield United get to play a cup final against Villa where, if they win, SU get champions league instead of Manure and Villa get relegated. I'm in.
  4. I'll be absolutely disgusted with the club if they take taxpayer money to pay non-playing staff. Liverpool are a joke.
  5. My mate, who works in the Brazilian waxing parlour on Narborough Road is ITK. She says this transfer is a hair's breadth away from being completed.
  6. Can't wait to see this celebration at the KP, first game back!
  7. Finally, someone talking my language
  8. It's ridiculous to hype up a player this much after such a small number of first team performances. I worry that the people praising him the most now will be the same ones slating him when his form inevitably dips at some point. It was an abysmal villa team he did well against, not Barcelona. I think we need to see him do the same against a better range of opposition before deciding he's Luton's answer to Maldini!
  9. I'm glad that James Justin looks like a good backup of anyone comes in for Chilwell. But the criticism of Chilwell on here is waaaay over the top. He's had some very poor performances for us recently but he's also been absolutely excellent for long spells. He was bossing it around the time he had those England callups.
  10. Nacho's tackle and run were crucial for the goal. Colour me impressed.
  11. Somebody please make a gif of Wilf kicking a chunk out of grealish. I could watch that forever
  12. More like James Justin time to save our season...
  13. First time we've had all the first team players available for at least 2 months. Desperately in need of a win. This seems like the obvious team selection to me.
  14. All the joy has gone from watching football recently. **** VAR
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