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  1. I feel this could probably have come sooner but great news regardless. Can't wait to see him develop.
  2. His performance against man City in the cup was the most toothless by any Leicester player I can remember. Cannot abide a player stealing a living who isn't even arsed. Get rid.
  3. I only hope the players feel 100x more embarrassed than I do. Several players there that should never wear the shirt again. Lack of professional pride is the most upsetting thing. Careful investment is desperately needed. Praying that Puel is the right man to infuse any new acquisitions with the drive and enthusiasm we are obviously lacking, but I'm really not sure.
  4. Hideously predictable end to the half. Energy levels and movement generally very good. Utterly toothless in attack. No one in the box.
  5. Percy's account of the second season seems to be exactly how most of us perceived it at the time. Sadly Claudio needed to go ASAP as a result. HOWEVER... Anyone trying to suggest that Claudio wasn't absolutely instrumental to the title win is kidding themselves. He's an absolute legend in my book and will always hold a dear place in my heart.
  6. The Football was always going to be the second priority today. he tributes to Vichai were beautiful. Extraordinarily professional performance in an impossible situation and after minimal preparation. Very proud of our club today.
  7. Not sure if Vardy and Ghezzal will be able to link up successfully....
  8. Speechless after that horrific injury. All the best to Amartey. He played that game with a real passion and I wish him a speedy recovery.
  9. Albrighton and Ghezzal absolutely pointless. Amartey and Chilwell pretty decent. Iheanacho needs more support before I'll judge him.
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