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  1. I've always thought he was good. I'd be happy with this signing. Like others have said it frees up Ricardo for a big money summer transfer. I love the guy but our policy of selling one big player per year has been working so well I think it might be the right time for Ricky P.
  2. Can't wait much longer to see our full strength team. Exciting times
  3. She's perfectly entitled to make that inflammatory comment just as the football world is entitled to criticise her for it. She wouldn't have said it if she wasn't looking for attention. Best thing to do if you don't like it is just ignore it. Troll pundits make a name for themselves on furore like this. Reacting does make Leeds football club look very petty.
  4. Personally I think he's just being marked by several opposition players all the way through games at the moment. Gives the impression that his touch is letting him down but I'm not so sure he's actually playing worse. We still look a better team with him in the side and tend to play higher up the pitch. I think he's the kind of player whose presence elevates the players around him and I love players like that.
  5. Thats the spirit. I really hope you're right. Football won't be the same for me after he retires.
  6. Lo Celso has been unbearable. Aurier is an absolute donkey. What a ridiculous penalty to give away. They must be fuming. Good half anyway.
  7. Lovely combination play from the two former Sheffield United players there...
  8. I've come here to announce how much I love Mendy. He is amazing. Deserves a lot of game time
  9. Comfortably winning a Premier league football match, using an alternative formation and system which has been developed over the course of several (less successful) matches, isn't a good example of the fact that he knows more about football management than people on foxestalk? Really?
  10. I'm starting to think Brendan knows more about football management than people on Foxestalk do.
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