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  1. Maddison out wide and back to two DMs, another wasted opportunity against a starting 11 no better than Crystal Palace.
  2. People starting sentences with 'so'
  3. I predict the top 6 now will be the top 6 at the end of the season. Maybe Bristol City will fade like they normally do but other than that they all look strong.
  4. I think I know who you mean, can’t remember her name but think it began with N? I saw the photos and she had the bloke with her in her profile pic, thought it was too weird and didn’t bother in the end 😳
  5. Nice to have some width but Albrighton can’t play on the right
  6. Only Beaglehole would line up with three 6'3"+ forwards though.
  7. Let's be honest he had to leave to stand a chance of a career. What concerns me is we've let the star of the u21's championships go and replaced him with another random 20 year old this time from Wexford who are bottom of the Irish 2nd division with the worst goals against
  8. We won’t steam roll anyone we’re still so reliant on Vardy and have no other options. Rodgers said last season he wants more players to contribute to goals but I can’t see any progress with this
  9. Didn’t we sign a youth player from Bury a few weeks ago? We probably have done more than most to help..
  10. He wouldn't be allowed any free kicks for us though with Beckham on them all.
  11. Needs an overhaul starting with the manager. Need to release players earlier who don’t show enough at this level or at least challenge them with a loan, there’s a few out there tonight And this buying older lower league players idea has failed
  12. Great goal for Brighton, that's the type of striker we need but probably not strong enough for Beags.
  13. I know Regbha and Muskwe are probably Beaglehole's dream strikeforce but they're just too similar for me. I've seen Muskwe a few times in these games and I'm not sure what he offers, he's gangly, awkward and doesn't score goals, basically Ryan Loft with a fancy name. We should to be looking to play with a different type of forward with Regbha.
  14. We have a thing in the last few years for picking up older players who have experience of league football for what I assume, filling out the u23s to achieve a better league position. During this time no-one looks capable of playing first team football or being successful out on loan. I'm certain that u18's progression into the u23s is being delayed due to signings such as, Mitch Clark who signed this summer as a 20 year old after a full season in league two, thrown into our u23's which will almost certainly shunt his progression and any upcoming player in the u18s in his position. Will he ever play for the club? The below examples suggest a big fat no. Sam Hughes signed a few years ago as a 20 year old after a full season in the conference. Has he made any profession in two years? Of course not, he could have been playing at league two/one level if he'd joined someone else in 2017. George Thomas signed a few years ago as a 20 year old after a full season in League one where he scored 9 goals. Has he made any profession in two years? Of course not, he could have been playing at Championship level if he'd joined someone else in 2017. Instead, in his last loan back in League one, he struggled to get a game for a Scunthorpe who ended up relegated. George Hirst another 20 year old... did nothing in 2nd division in Belgium and hasn't even appeared for us since signing. He'd be better off at a league one/two club and continue his career, instead he's here to compete with Reghba, Uche, Eppiah, Muskwe for a place in our u23s, and certainly will shunt his progression and any upcoming player in the u18s in his position such as Will Russ, Pennant, Arlott-John. These need to be experiencing football other than u18s soon if they're going to have a good career. Ryan Loft Then you've got players who were in our u18s and did make the progression a few years ago, before this started happening. The likes of Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall, Darnell Johnson, Ndukwu are they progressing? They've been stuck in the u23s for years, barely any have been sent out on loan and just seem to be wasting their career, at 21 are they still going to be here without a first team appearance like Callum Elder was at 24?
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