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  1. lcfcsnow

    Corona Virus

    Well at least this R number should go down more quicker now we are finally testing people flying into the country, last but not least
  2. lcfcsnow

    Corona Virus

    I mentioned that ages ago @StanSP and sad that nothing has changed since
  3. That wouldn't be marquee given his proneness to injury and age now, but it's a done deal apparently.
  4. I've watched a few of their European games and he's not good enough, he was slower than I expected too.
  5. I did on a 18mm guard last week worked out better than I was expecting.
  6. They'd only lost 1 out of the last 6 and were playing well apparently.
  7. Good for a Norwich away kit not us.
  8. lcfcsnow

    Corona Virus

    Not sure how we can reduce this we’re on lockdown but still thousands flying into the country every day unchecked don’t make sense
  9. Couldn't get into it, didn't seem as high quality as the other two. Did only watch one episode but some of the characters annoyed me as well as the squeeling music whenever something tense was occuring.
  10. Any suggestions to watch after the stranger and safe?
  11. I couldn’t get past episode one as the voices put me right off. The alternative was watching in Spanish which was a no goer. Does it get better?
  12. He's there clear as day stood next Grealish outside?
  13. I'd be amazed if it wasn't Chilwell and Maddison carrying on from Dubai.
  14. It would be ridiculous to be a consideration. The only time a season was postponed was after 3 games when war broke out. This season is 80% done.
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