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  1. Someone else should take them for a start but seems no one wants to make that decision.
  2. Is there such a thing as too many games? Two games a week has helped with our match sharpness
  3. Is there such a thing as too many games? Seems to help with match sharpness
  4. Clearly but why would you make that as your first change to try and change the way it’s going
  5. The Matic on for Fred sub deserves a loss, negative tactics = negative results
  6. Looking like wasted a season for Iversen and Eppiah, Iversen especially as his next step should have been a full season in the Championship.
  7. I don't like how often we're using the back 5, even against Arsenal we only started playing at 4141.
  8. I think before, the best players were the ones who could handle playing in front of an audience, now no one is having that problem
  9. Matching up worked well last two games, why not let teams worry about us?
  10. Looking like a wasted year for Iversen if he's not getting games. He should have had a loan in the Championship, ideally staying at Rotherham following promotion.
  11. At least he'll be forced into playing a back four again
  12. The difference being Barnes has been on loan, proved himself and played 50+ games for us, Dewsbury-Hall has only just gone on loan this year even though they are the same age.
  13. I’ve thought the same, its definitely became harder to recover from going behind in games, shown by the lack of draws. Maybe certain players are performing better than they would do when in front of an audience too.
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