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  1. He should (and I said at the time) have been signed when Mahrez left, but we choose Ghezzal 🙄 He is similar not just because he plays on the right and is left footed but in build and the way he plays too. Hopefully the injury hasn't affected his progress.
  2. At least the stripes are white, the collar is a disaster though. The first Adidas kit has been the best so far.
  3. I know we've had a few decent results but to end up with Justin and Albrighton as our wide options is just sad.
  4. Looks good for solving the right wing issue
  5. Fed up with Arsenal only having a backbone against us
  6. 7-0 in the last one and half games without Ben 😜
  7. It's a problem because now someone needs to make the decision to stop this, it should have lasted for 12 games like the names on the shirts and then get back to football. Same with the drinks breaks which are now tactics breaks, whats the point when its 15 degrees. It's a farce at the moment and the quality of football is definitely impacted.
  8. He won’t bring anyone on for Vardy and that’s the problem when he’s struggling and not in games as he is.
  9. How many years we had to prepare for Mahrez leaving and we still have Albrighton playing for us
  10. Hope we don't need to use any subs
  11. It's all cautious, most games have been rubbish. You'd think with no fans there they'd be more willing to take risks as no one is going to be moaning at you.
  12. Still annoys me how we gave up on him so quickly, all that palaver it took to get the work permit and he often showed promise, at least compared to Musa and Iheanacho who got many more chances with us despite little end product. He'd fit in the way we play now.
  13. Another one who made a mistake coming here, three years ago he was an ever present and highly thought of at Chester in the National League, you'd think he could have gone to a league one/two club at that point. Instead he's spent the next three years with our u23s, which included one loan where he couldn't get in the Salford team.
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