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  1. Still think it’s weird how Maddison and Grealish disappeared a few weeks before this article and have barely been seen since https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-9310703/amp/Premier-League-stars-hooked-sleeping-pills-chase-highs-mixing-alcohol.html
  2. Apart from one month of form he always is, and he’s got his contract now
  3. They only looked at it as Jesus stayed down feigning injury, he knew what he was doing and it’s horrible to see refs fall for it time and time again.
  4. I worry for us against these especially if we turn up with a back five as we did in the home fixture, it wasn’t even a contest at 0-3.
  5. I warned against this a few weeks ago and feel like we’ve rushed into this contract extension after a month of form
  6. Should not be starting games anymore especially out of position when Ricardo is available
  7. Well I can point out the 5-2 at Man City, it worked for a few games but then we become restricted so we had to go to our back four And now we’re behind will be actually try to attack now
  8. I hope this is a one off and we don’t plan to end the season like this in this negative set up
  9. This is why I hate the back five, no chance of getting anywhere with only Albrighton and Castagne offering any width and they are basically in line with our CBs.
  10. Perez is not suited to play against this sort of side
  11. There’s a reason Jesus and Aguero rarely start together though
  12. Seems like he’s gone AWOL for the third time this season.
  13. I'll be buying that, not far off surf green which I keep requesting
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