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  1. The more I watch Maddison the less arsed I am about him staying
  2. Robert Skov looks class, a right winger but cuts inside on his left similar to Mahrez
  3. Spent most of the season before last out the team
  4. He couldn’t keep his place in the Luton team at right back though
  5. We're no longer competing with Everton and West Ham, it's Brighton and Watford now. The Congerton effect.
  6. He's got two years left, last chance to sell really. We don't want to be giving out a new deal.
  7. We nullified him in the last three matches playing him out of position on the left, so Barnes can come in. Even though it worked initially, those final games of the season suggests Rodgers doesn't want both Tielemans and Maddison acting as two number 10's, so if its a choice between the two I'd choose Tielemans.
  8. He’s quite good as a commentator but all this other stuff offering far fetched opinions is getting beyond a joke.
  9. Can’t stand the boom there we go guy
  10. Three tasks for Rodgers this over the next few months. Sort the holding role out, Ndidi clearly doesn't provide what he needs from this position, that first half today was such a struggle to make any movement up the pitch. Maddison and Albrighton out wide doesn't work. He's said he wants goals from out wide, well Albrighton isn't going to provide any and by moving Maddison to the left we're doing the oppositions job ourselves of nullifying him. This also means the pace of the side is really lacking as these two are not blessed with any. Backup striker desperately needed, Vardy wasn't in the game all match but we don't have any options. I think Rodgers would ideally like a system like at Liverpool where the three forwards interchange, hopefully he can make it happen.
  11. Did not like the white shorts, that match reminded me of the struggles during 2014/15. We look and perform much better in all blue.
  12. I thought the PA man for the Arsenal game was an improvement. The guy who did the interviews (badly) at victoria park, has started going round with the t-shirt guys more recently at half time, its really awkward. He can't stop saying 'There we go' and 'Boom'. I really hope he isn't lined up to be Birch's replacement.
  13. McGinn is no better than what we already have, before you submit your first £20 million bid
  14. This is the Benalouane, Ghezzal in staff form.
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