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  1. Yeah, there's clearly an agenda to shove it in our face 24/7. That's not to be equated on a personal level with homosexual lbgt people. Just don't expect me to hang a rainbow flag until you hang my white straight pride one.
  2. Only really work if I would have wrote 'upgrade FROM me' but yeah good effort
  3. Well, now that I have the promise of a complete stranger, perhaps I should re evaluate all my opinions. Thanks.
  4. This pride shit is getting out of hand
  5. Happens to a lot of players rafter signing big contracts. I suppose it happens in everyday life.. Get given the contract then take the old foot off the gas. Needs to rediscover the hunger.
  6. Social media is for morons. Is this a social media?
  7. fcuk them and go for it. It helps with your claim the longer you have been there and your own personal record (sickness, disciplinary etc) But yeah, fcuk em
  8. I think poster is fully aware of digitization since the filbert Street era.
  9. Always defended trump, gone off him lately.
  10. Good result in the end. Hamza never a red as his yellow was ridiculous. We have players out of form very badly. Perez to me is a very poor waste of money. He is weak and constantly loses the ball.
  11. face facts perez is total garbage
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