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  1. Robben no thanks awful player what's he ever done we need someone with more experience to help bring the kids through, ok he can defend the long balls from the likes of man city but against the more passing sides he would be lost. I can't help but think that our scouting network consists of nothing further than someone starting up football manager / filter / free agents
  2. Got no interest in a player who can't even spell his own first name right
  3. Nah mate just couldn't be arsed trying to justify our chairman's decision to get rid to a guy who clearly faps off to claudes boring voice every night.
  4. Still masturbating over his reign I see!
  5. Listen, it's going to take him a while to sort out Claude dulls mess
  6. Mmm, sensible/gullible, whatever
  7. Just covering his arse. His failures at Southampton and here were all his own doing. If what he was trying to do was correct, we would have won more games under him, end of. The 'transition' was a cop out phrase just in case it didn't work. We have a good squad he should have played to their stregnths, he didn't, got the sack for a reason.
  8. somebum

    Notre Dame

    Ah well it's only a building end of the day, one less thing for the French to Bragg about
  10. Brilliant player for us. One of if not the best
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