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  1. Got to be seen to be going along with it all I guess
  2. He gave me one saying that I will take to my grave: "fcuk off and die"
  3. Then get some cnut getting on the bus having a go at the driver as if he has any control of the situation.
  4. This commentary Cabal that seems to dominate every channel, with the usual 'experts' being paid thousands for talking total bollocks needs to end. Can't stand any of them.
  5. Can't stand mcmanaman, yeah he ended up at Real but always thought he was an over rated skinny **** in his day and as a commentator the **** is even worse.
  6. I'm still willing to give him benefit of doubt! Which means nothing to him I know
  7. Drinkwaters big money move has ruined him as a player.
  8. Gets slagged off and I know it can be a bit buggy but I'm a massive fan.
  9. Couldn't care less about Scott from whetstone or your shitty plodcast
  10. Yes, and I also think gray could be the next Pele
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