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  1. Not only quite good at footy! Have you heard this comp on Blue Note? Only got Vol 1 but think thereare 3 or 4 vols. https://goo.gl/ZX5796 This is one of my favourite tracks
  2. Classic breaks..who hasn't sampled this?
  3. the_tank

    The Blues

    Only 10 days left to watch this John Lee Hooker documentary on iPlayer https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0004j8f
  4. @Soup you asked for it! Lived in Manchester for 25 years so here's some of the more overlooked Manchester 90s music ..hip hop/dance.
  5. Fine Quincy Jones sample.. classic stoner sample done right by Nightmares on Wax/Smokers Delight
  6. Recommend the David Axelrod compilations Anthology and Anthology II. His productions have been sampled so many times. Brilliant drums, breaks and atmospheric 60s psych-outs. Plus it features one of the men from Uncle/NCIS David McCallam.
  7. Probably a Music thread cross over but is any one onto Malcolm Gladwell, Rick Rubin and Bruce Headlam Music Podcast Broken Record? https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/pushkin-industries/broken-record
  8. the_tank


    Definitely a cover of the cover.. And an interesting podcast on it, Elvis Costello, happenchance and how one of the most covered songs in history nearly fell into obscurity
  9. the_tank


    Didn't know Marvin's was a cover.. Cover of the cover?
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