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  1. After tickets for this..live in Manchester so can meet at ground for any spares. Pm me if any last minute availability Thanks
  2. Tram? Goes from Piccadilly to Altrincham and stops at Old Trafford (Next to Cricket Ground) Tram to Parr's Wood goes to Trafford Bar..10/15 minute walk
  3. Not only quite good at footy! Have you heard this comp on Blue Note? Only got Vol 1 but think thereare 3 or 4 vols. https://goo.gl/ZX5796 This is one of my favourite tracks
  4. Classic breaks..who hasn't sampled this?
  5. the_tank

    The Blues

    Only 10 days left to watch this John Lee Hooker documentary on iPlayer https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0004j8f
  6. @Soup you asked for it! Lived in Manchester for 25 years so here's some of the more overlooked Manchester 90s music ..hip hop/dance.
  7. Fine Quincy Jones sample.. classic stoner sample done right by Nightmares on Wax/Smokers Delight
  8. Recommend the David Axelrod compilations Anthology and Anthology II. His productions have been sampled so many times. Brilliant drums, breaks and atmospheric 60s psych-outs. Plus it features one of the men from Uncle/NCIS David McCallam.
  9. Probably a Music thread cross over but is any one onto Malcolm Gladwell, Rick Rubin and Bruce Headlam Music Podcast Broken Record? https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/pushkin-industries/broken-record
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