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  1. Everton away - 7.45pm Weds 31st January

    Please can someone let me know how many tickets are left? Will it make general sale on monday? Is it only obstructed view left?
  2. Everton away - 7.45pm Weds 31st January

    After adult & 2 under 18s for this please
  3. Liverpool away - 3pm Saturday 30 December

    Pm -ed you...I live in Manchester
  4. Smuts' NFL Thread

    Not with Nick Foles..
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 102 seconds  
  6. Smuts' NFL Thread

    They'll break your heart..but if Wentz can keep fit.. I've clocked up nearly 30 years thanks to Randall Cunningham, Reggie White, Buddy Ryan and Co. back in 88.
  7. http://metro.co.uk/2017/10/29/dj-george-riley-suspended-by-bbc-following-sexual-harassment-accusations-7036486/amp/ This could be the tip of the iceburg for sports/tv presenters.. I imagine a few others are waiting nervously for the stories to come out.
  8. Stoke away - 12.30pm, Sat 4 Nov

    Would be nice for members to get something (apart from cheap pens) for their money..
  9. Stoke away - 12.30pm, Sat 4 Nov

    I'm after 3 kids tickets for this but will take adults/over 65
  10. Stoke away - 12.30pm, Sat 4 Nov

    Looking for an Adult and 2 kids tickets for this please
  11. Huddersfield (A) - 16 September 3pm

    After 2 adults and 2 kids for this. Pm me if any spares. Ta
  12. After tickets for Huddersfield away... 2 adults, 1 over 65 (or adult), 3 kids Msg me if any spares available. thanks
  13. Man City (A) 12.30pm - Sat 13 May

    Hope so..was in new 3rd tier for game last year (and Stone Roses). Great view from up there
  14. Bournemouth nearly sold out

    Only 1000 made available today? 500 more tickets will be available to silver fox on Wednesday.
  15. Man City (A) 12.30pm - Sat 13 May

    Went to Silver (and possibly beyond) last season.. I live in Chorlton so Old Trafford is my home ground. Have met up with a few other Manc Foxes for games at pub if you fancy it. I'll check with season ticket holder mate about ticket for you