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  1. One thing that might cause it to backfire is that the money might not actually be there -- so many big TV contracts across the world have been nullified because networks just can't pay what they agree. Even in the US, the big leagues are bracing themselves for a cut in revenue during the next round of contracts. I'd love to see these guys agree to some big deal, and then just not get paid.
  2. It's like saying Leicester in 2016 (and Liverpool last year, for that matter) shouldn't be allowed to win the league because they didn't win the league the year before. Absolutely insane. Seriously, not even Roma fans would buy that logic. No football fans do -- only brand managers and marketing majors.
  3. The Premier League has the most to lose from a European Super League -- it makes more money than any of the other leagues, is the most competitive and has the most teams with followings outside the Big 6: There are more Leeds, Everton, and Aston Villa fans in the world than comparable teams in the other big leagues. What I don't get about the European Super League proponents is that it will just be kicking the can down the road for most of them. A closed "Super League" will itself develop its own Burnleys and Southhamptons. When the next TV deal comes, the perpetual losers of the S
  4. I had a friend in Rome who did the English language Serie A commentary from a studio in the city, even if it was the Milan derby.
  5. If Gray comes off the bench, there will be a literal price tag attached to his shirt.
  6. He has been wrong a few times, which points to either an effort by the club to sniff out the leak with bad info, or someone having a peak at the training ground. It could be his source dries up once the team moves to Seagrave.
  7. Not really. The whole point of subscription based models like Prime is to make people forget they are paying for it. If you are paying £70 a year for Prime, but really only signed up for the Premier League, you are going to be slightly peeved every time you spend extra on a game, but won't give it a second thought if you spend a tenner on a movie. Same if you signed up for Prime for next day shipping or videos -- you won't think twice about paying for a football match, but will be a little peeved with a late package or not enough free good movies. Does Amazo
  8. Depends. If a large proportion of people subscribing to Prime for football end up spending more on Amazon -- especially buying movies and TV -- then it makes sense to keep it part of the basic service.
  9. Albrighton amazes me -- every window since Summer 16 (face it, winter 16 with Gray) it seems the manager signs someone to replace him, and he always works his way back into the 11, even with little end product.
  10. He played and scored from a free kick for the U23's today. I noticed the Twitter feed didn't use his photo after he scored, which is unusual.
  11. If I remember correctly, he didn't know the League Cup semifinal was over two legs in 15-16 until he won the QF -- and complained about it, only having been in the league 3 months.
  12. It's a shame that Gray and Slimani aren't in the Europa League, or we could play the same team in Ukraine we did against the West Ham U23's!
  13. If the big clubs are so worried about the player's welfare, the Premier League should write regulations about how many minutes a player can play in a week, and make a minimum about of turnaround for players between games. Literally force them to use their squads.
  14. This is especially true when you consider many of the new mega-stadiums in the US function almost like duty free shops at airports once you go inside -- and it makes sense: "Captive" costumers with time to waste and money to burn.
  15. Corporate is insane. Usually your club seats and boxes are generating 90 percent of income. But even in general seating, making it easier to buy food and drink and making the food desirable (neat trick, would be great if the King Power would learn it) can really add the £££. Also, being able to buy merchandise once in the ground would also increase revenue.
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