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  1. No one is going in January that the club wants to keep. As for the summer, Top proved with Maguire we won't be chumps. If the club keeps form, and is in Champions League, any player leaving would be very much on the club's terms -- and we just sold Maguire for 80m up front. There will be 9 figure price tags on every single one of the starting 11. Furthermore, it's not Claudio saying "we will never achieve this again" or Claude saying "we can't compete with the 'Top 9" -- NINE! The fcuker actually said we should be happy with 10th! -- the players think Rodgers can deliver Finslly, if ManCity isn't punished for its blatant FFP violations, then FFP is dead -- any other club with means would sue UEFA if they were punished after ManCity wasn't -- and Top can turn on the King Power spigot for contract renewals.
  2. We play 3 Premier League games the last week of December. I can't see Gray not starting at least one. It will be interesting to see how he handles it.
  3. I have also subscribed to The Athletic, but since I'm an American, I'm sure I get more out of it than some just following football. Tanner, I think, is getting settled and his work getting better (today's piece with Walsh was outstanding, although there was obviously bad blood between him and Ranieri, and some score-settling and narrative-controlling quotes I would have liked to see some follow up on); I do think he had to get used to breaking the Trinity Media template. I seriously don't understand why clubs are so closed off from local media in the UK, especially when the national media is so fixated on the "Big 6". It's the opposite in the US. I think this has been reflected in The Athletic's coverage of Leicester City -- two of their biggest LCFC stories (on Demarai and Rodgers) were done by their national correspondents, not Tanner, the beat reporter.
  4. Okay...the website is a mess, and filled with clickbait. But I think Jordan Blackwell is top rate, and have been pleased with his reporting, analysis, writing style, etc. since he has stepped up as Tanner's replacement.
  5. Just a reminder of this tomorrow (Tuesday) Love to meet some of you...
  6. According to press reports, he was saying this last season.
  7. Reminds me of our opening fixtures in 2017....I would feel sorry for Shakey if I didn't say "WTF are you doing???" at least once a game during his tenure that season, beginning with bringing Nacho on that first Arsenal game.
  8. I have to say, I love the memes. Mostly because in most interviews, it is pointed out Cags 1) is still limited in English and 2) enjoys inflicting violence and pain on his teammates. A dressing room either loves that guy, or hates him. It looks like they love him.
  9. I think if we get an early goal, we will cruise -- otherwise, it might be a tough fight (although the absence of Dunk might change that). Looking at our next stretch of games, it would be nice if Barnes and Perez could get on the score sheet a few times to build confidence -- also so we don't need to search for a goal-scoring winger in January. Right now, they aren't doing poorly, but are wide men are certainly the weakest part of the team (the other 7 could start for any team in England).
  10. I think the players want to play -- they are winning and won't want to take the foot off the pedal. We are in the QF of the League Cup, and they want to win. At Everton, I am thinking three changes -- Hamza, Praet, Gray to start (although I wouldn't be surprised to see Morgan, but I would rather he be on the bench) -- to reward them for good play off the bench (albeit Hamza hasn't made an appearance recently). With the FA Cup -- I don't think many will be needing a week off in the early rounds. Go by the same book as the League Cup -- first team for Premier League competition, mix of first teamers and reserves for lower league sides. It would be very manageable while keeping up league form. Liverpool has a brutal two months ahead of it (I don't count the League Cup -- I think Klopp truly hates it and would even play his U23's in the final) -- the trip to the Gulf will be brutal, especially given the fact he is going to probably face two hack-attack teams.
  11. TBF, we'll probably see a lot of that in the upcoming fixtures.
  12. Brendan has said he wants a tight squad. Mendy and Armartey can't make the bench in a cup match, and I expect them to go in January, at least on loan. If we are lucky, James will play a few U23 matches in December to prep for a loan in January. I can't see him featuring at all for the squad this year. If healthy, he will need game time.
  13. Just some advice -- look at the Manchester airport. When I had to fly to the States recently, there was a round trip flight to Houston for $500. Leicester is pretty much equidistant between that and the London airports.
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