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  1. Great owners. According to The Athletic, Susan Whelan spoke “passionately” against it. The other reservations expressed were more based on logistics than principle.
  2. What an awful idea. As others have said, a Reserve Team league (which includes senior players) would be much better for development. What football really needs is a way to transfer some of that gobshit load of money at the top of the pyramid down below. That would probably have to involve legislation though (perhaps allowing the Football League to own a portion of the Premier League? Don't know, not a lawyer, nor an accountant.)
  3. Gray was obviously ("obviously" in that fan forum, I have no f'ing idea way) told to sign a new contract or find a new club -- If he doesn't play any games as he rides out a contract, someone'll take a punt on him, but I doubt he'll get a signing bonus. Putting Jaku seems like a shot across the bow to Gray, Slimani, and surprisingly Armartey (injury must be really bad -- worse than Ndidi -- or with Fofana's arrival, he's better off with a loan.)
  4. Given these lists -- and yes, it is weird that we might end up having a player eligible for Europa League but not for Premier League (but handy for away trips to the Ukraine) -- it doesn't give the club much wiggle room to improve the squad in January, unless there are outgoings. I can see Gray moving on, just so we can get a fee, and possibly Fuchs (he'd be able to start the season in MLS, and if Luke Thomas and Fofana step up, there really is no need for him). But no one else is obvious.
  5. You are correct. Not saying I am wrong, just that I was not correct.
  6. Don't think EU citizens have to clear yet.
  7. There is a pretty good article in The Athletic today on the club's sports science department and how they are trying to deal with injury prevention. https://theathletic.co.uk/2104790/2020/10/02/paul-balsom-leicester-city-head-of-innovations-soft-tissue-injuries/ It's of course behind a paywall, but I haven't used any of my 5 free 30 day passes. If anyone wants one, just zing me a dm. First come first serve.
  8. This list doesn't really leave a lot of room for movement in January, either. Assuming no more incomings and Gray goes, and KDH and Knight are away on loan, that's two potential inbound in January, without some exits -- but those two couldn't be on the Europa League squad, without pushing others out. Of course, we could bring in U21s, but they still couldn't be registered as List B in Europa League. (Not saying it's necessary for people being brought in, but signing for a club playing European football, but not being allowed to play European football has got to be irksome.) If Thom
  9. Praet's knee looks fine. Don't want to hear any bellyaching from him come Sunday.
  10. We are playing a lot of games -- injuries, suspensions and the occasional back 3 means he'll get playing time. But I wonder how many appearances Big Wes will be making this year after Little Wes's arrival.
  11. Yes, we could use KDH on the squad, assuming no more signings. Luke Thomas isn't counted on either list since he is a club home grown U21. And right now, he and (by all accounts) Fofona are our only U21 first team players -- it's a young squad, but not that young.
  12. I hadn't realized how full we were -- all of this talk of "5 new signings" must be a bit off -- unless we shift Gray. Of course, it's possible a threat of being left off the 25-man squad was used to get him to find a new club. With the two club-developed slots open, we could see a weird development: Two over-21 members of the U23s being available for Europa League, but not the Premier League (helpful on those trips to Astana.) But looking at that list, I can't see Knight or Dewsbury-Hall not going out on loan. Can't see them staying for U23 games just so they might get
  13. Best thing that could happen for the Football League -- and football in general-- would be a "Top 6" club drop down. But the odds are about 5000-1
  14. Since there won't be any fans, close and easy work for me. Don't need to see the sights. I would like Kobenhavn just for old times sake
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