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  1. Got all four for my family this morning -- we are just members, not ST holders.
  2. I also think once certain transfer issues become apparent, there won't be a need to placate those members of the squad.
  3. I just might get one of those discount shirts with Kevin on it ... I would definitely do it if I could get exclamation points.
  4. I agree -- but I also think the manager has a squad of senior players that haven't been in a competitive game for three months. Putting a development player on the bench instead of one of them the first game out might not have been the right move.
  5. In the presser yesterday, Brendan mentioned the preparations, and mentioned a hotel. I think they went last night.
  6. 5 subs ... if we take early leads and he gets replaced with Luke Thomas to see out games, we'll know something is up.
  7. There is a difference between wanting to leave and being unhappy staying. I am not saying we won't sell Chilwell, but he doesn't seem unhappy at Leicester, and may not mind sticking around another year, especially if CL is on offer. (Similar to Maguire, who wanted to leave a year earlier -- he didn't throw his toys out of the pram, and he didn't throw a hissy fit when we were taking our time squeezing every dime out of ManU last summer.) The fact is, we don't have enough UEFA-defined "home grown" players to fill a CL or EL squad as it is ... losing Chilwell leaves us with Barnes and Hamza. That means "buying a replacement" -- at least for European games -- is at one level impossible (I know that we could survive with a 22-man CL list, but still). Add in the fact he is currently our only locked on England starter, he may still be worth more to us than Chelsea. In any event, I am completely not worried about it -- Chilwell is not as key to our system as some of the others, and I think the club (due to the reasons cited above) will value him higher than what they got for Maguire, although I don't discount the possibility of a pandemic discount.
  8. Is there a rule against this? International matches have 12 subs on the bench, and other leagues -- Italian, several South American -- have huge sub benches. Why not 7 over 21 and 5 under, to help youth development
  9. I agree ... I don't think we'd sell England's starting left back who literally can't be replaced in our (hopeful) CL squad since he is club homegrowned for just 15 million more than we got for Drinkwater. I don't think we'd take less than 85...I doubt he's going anywhere.
  10. I think we certainly need a striker -- Vardy isn't going to have less injuries next year, and Nacho is a different type (which is good to have). We need a winger -- although Barnes's 2020 form means we don't need two (although we might get two). We could use another No. 10 type (we seemed stocked on 8's) and possibly a holding midfielder. We need to try and offload every senior player on loan (except maybe Benko if he turns a corner), and see how Knight and Dewsbury-Hall due in pre-season (both are too good for League 1). But when Brendan says he wants to re-sign both Morgan and Fuchs, it does make me wonder what he means by "re-fresh".
  11. He's powerful and has an eye for goal. His career stalled after a year-long injury recovery. He trains with the first team a lot, but hasn't broken through. This year, he's been on fire for the U23's.
  12. Interesting. Swindon Town's (and the EFL's) top goal scorer was recalled from his loan by Bradford City. Swindon Town is looking to make a permanent deal for the guy, Eoin Doyle, and perhaps the recall was a negotiating tactic. But if they don't get him back, it would certainly clear a path for the Admiral.
  13. They are fighting for promotion and in first place, so the atmosphere will be competitive, but positive. Wish he was higher up the chain, though.
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