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  1. My thoughts exactly
  2. Certainly very difficult to police, but what are potential consequences should a club be caught out? Are they strict enough to make a club think twice about an illegal approach? If not, why not? Lot of questions here I know!
  3. Any info, however vague, is always welcome. In your position you will obviously be fed info from a variety of sources, some more reliable than others. Whereas I'm sure many of the "itks" on this forum have a far more tenuous link to the club. At the end of the day its down to each of us individually whether or not we take these links seriously. After all, the transfer news topic would be pretty boring, or even non-existent, if the itks decided not to post for risk of abuse or p*sstakes.
  4. Good reason for that!
  5. When will it be announced?
  6. And me. Hope there's someone else in the frame. Boudebouz?
  7. Surely Sam Hughes fits that bill.?
  8. Exactly
  9. If he doesn't fit in to how the manager wants us to play then theres little point in keeping him imo. Flog him back to Sporting and include a deal for Silva.
  10. William Hill have us 1/3, West Ham 7/4
  11. This exactly!
  12. And thats probably the single best reason for the expansion. There's an awful lot of people that have been season ticket holders for years and had to give them up for whatever reason, and then haven't been able to attend a single match this last crazy couple of years.