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  1. Rudkin

    Who the fook would he take to court, Ric Flair, Col city fan, Cyprus fox, lifted fox, Foxy lady etc. etc. The list goes on, who are these people? I don't know , so I'm guessing Rudders wouldn't either Thats not strictly true, I know exactly who CyprusFox is
  2. Rudkin

    Spot on
  3. Next City Manager?

    Thought Tuchel was favourite for the Bayern job
  4. Rudkin

    This exactly
  5. Next City Manager?

    Totally agree. Crying out for a Mancini or Ancelotti. Neither would take any s**t from any quarter and should command the respect of most if not all of our squad from day one imo. Just not convinced we could tempt either of them to come to little old Leicester, but it would certainly send out a message of intent to the rest of the prem and potential signings. I live in hope.
  6. Rudkin

  7. Next City Manager?

    A few papers reporting this apparently. This headline from the Express Leicester City prepare offer for Burnley boss Sean Dyche after sacking Craig Shakespeare LEICESTER CITY are ready to make Burnley manager Sean Dyche an offer he cannot refuse. By GRAHAM READ
  8. Pressure is on - bottom 3

    Can't see anything changing with Shakespeare in charge, he's totally out of his depth at this level. I agree, it is horrendous what we've become, especially when you consider the money we've spent(wasted) in the last two years.
  9. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    Don't agree. Makes him look a tw*t. Should just have said that "it's being dealt with by the club"' instead of " I ain't got a f***ing clue whats going on I'm only the manager"! As I have said before, he's completely out of his depth at this level, as a manager and front man. Get rid while we still have time to salvage our season.
  10. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    Surely if we take this to the CAS and the case is upheld, we should be due compensation from FIFA as this guy would have made a massive difference to our struggling and inept midfield imo. As for Shakespeare's comments, I'm amazed that he's so out of the loop that he "thinks its under review" and he's "waiting for the club to come back to him". We are in the f***ing shit, get some boll***s Shakespeare, demand some answers and pass it on to the supporters who are fast losing patience with this whole fiasco. I really think this issue has just emphasised the fact that Shakespeare is completely out of his depth, as are many of the backroom staff. Rudkin immediately springs to mind. How the f**k did this failed academy coach ever reach the dizzy heights of DIRECTOR OF FOOTBALL
  11. Reasons to keep Shakespeare

    Still can't think of one!
  12. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    That's if Shakey's still there come january!