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  1. Never heard the bloke, but if he's that bad then I suggest you log on to the BBC live text commentary instead of stressing yourself out listening to some "tw#t" on local radio
  2. Seems there's an awful lot of people spend an awful lot of time listening to him!
  3. I've watched a lot of villa games this season, and there's no way grealish is on par with maddison. Maddison is way ahead in the batting order for a full England cap, and rightly so, and there's also no way they could play in the same team.
  4. I'm an older person (60) and I certainly don't think I'm better than the majority of supporters (barring the prawn sandwich brigade at the legends lounge seats) who I had the unfortunate recent experience of spending an afternoon with for my birthday. Someone much younger behind me complained to a steward that I dared to stand up early when vardy scored, causing them to miss the goal, and I was told I would be on CCTV for the rest of the game. I think the main point I'm making is, there are younger supporters that are just as bad if not worse than some of the older ones. What I would say though is I spent most Saturday's standing in the Filbo kop during the 70s and 80s and there's no comparison to the comparatively sedate atmosphere these days. Still miss it now.
  5. Apart from the result, didn't particularly enjoy burnley. Right sh##thole, p##sed it down all day, then took us nearly 5 hours to get back to Leicester. Yesterday was great though. Brilliant atmosphere, nice town and home in just over two hours. Happy days.
  6. definitely. Great atmosphere today
  7. You mean the Centre back partnering Harry for England tonight .
  8. They love him already. So do the fans. Great atmosphere in our end yesterday. Shit journey back to Leicester but still on a high so we weren't bothered.
  9. He only scored one goal for Chelsea which is why his only option for a move was the equivalent of our division 1. Wasn't long before he was found out at Chelsea for being the average (at best) footballer that he was. Still don't understand why his opinion is actually taken seriously.
  10. I might have my rose tinted glasses on, but I really think we will 😎
  11. I hope he doesn't replace Maddison With anyone, least of all Mendy. He's still the most creative player we've got. What's the point of defending for 90mins. We are not getting relegated. We need to go all out to finish as high as possible
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