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  1. My son was with lcfc academy for 4 years until he dislocated his shoulder during a game at middlesboro. They decided to release him and he played semi pro for 2 years after but his shoulder dislocated 5 times during this period. He had an operation on his shoulder but was advised to give up football as it would more than likely happen again and put him back to square one. He hasn't played since.
  2. I think that JJ will be a great fullback in a couple of years. Fuchs at his best was a steady fullback.
  3. What a problem for Brendan. Great signing.
  4. Think the real test will be for mahrez or sterling.😃
  5. Been there twice and still can't remember much about it. Apparently a really nice town.
  6. Only place I've been where Stella is the weakest beer available
  7. I assumed he was signed to play the no 10 role he played so effectively at Newcastle with arguably inferior players around him
  8. Absolutely right, he's a young lad with massive potential
  9. I wouldn't drop praet or tilly,(I can't spell his name either) 😄
  10. You're obviously taking the piss right?
  11. Don't think he had enough of the ball to give an opinion
  12. Absolute bollocks. He's never been utilised as he was at newcastle. Gray has been deployed in many positions in the time he's been here but has always underwhelmed. If Perez was played in his preferred and obvious position he would be a different player and a massively positive inclusion in our squad/first 11.
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