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  1. CyprusFox

    Helicopter crash

  2. CyprusFox

    Helicopter crash

    couldn't agree more
  3. no way the second yellow was a poor decision. Not only was it a stupid challenge after one yellow card but a reckless one warranting a yellow card. Watch this in slomo, there is no doubt imo
  4. Not sure about the first two comments, but couldn't agree more about the third. A lot of people on this forum must have been watching a different game to me. Very few moments when we controlled this game
  5. But he's always going to do that. Even more reason for an experienced cb to back off, especially after being booked
  6. I've watched it at least half a dozen times now. There's no way that wasn't a booking. Either way it was a sending off waiting to happen
  7. so why wasn't he brought on when wes got sent off. Or even better before Wes got sent off
  8. No but you can blame him for not pre-emting the fact that we were eventually going to be down to ten men
  9. Most supporters were shitting themselves after he got booked that we would be down to ten men before the end of the game. Unfortunately our manager didn't see it that way
  10. No Ghezzal is still shit. Never understood this pointless signing.
  11. Made some poor decisions(or non-decisions) today
  12. Sending off was definitely a bookable offenc IMO.
  13. What's happened to next new Turkish wonder CB? Whatever his name is.