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  1. Sheffield United... Away.. Tuesday.

    I'd like to see Huth get a start if he's fit, instead of Benny. Apart from that, I'd be happy with this.
  2. Hoedt

    Can't agree with this, Wes has struggled big time in the first two games. I'm not sure if its his ongoing back problem or just the fact he's getting older and slower (more than likely a combination of both). Either way, where's the back up. Benny, Amartey, I don't think so? We need a quality cb replacement this transfer window as absolute priority imo.
  3. Ben Gibson - Interest

    That would make for a good new topic
  4. Ben Gibson - Interest

    Yeah it is, and thankfully a small minority. If it was Newcastle, he'd have a statue erected outside the ground by now ( if they could find room amongst the others)
  5. Ben Gibson - Interest

    Wes will probably be our only captain to ever lift the epl trophy, and for that reason alone he'll always be a legend at Leicester, not forgetting he also had a great season along side Huth. I would never be derogatory towards him and no real leicester fan should be either, but we also need to be realistic, and he's struggled big time in the first two games and we need to replace him as a first choice cb. Imo Ben Gibson would be a brilliant long term solution and would form a fantastic partnership with Harry Maguire. I can see these two also being an important part of the England set up for many years as well. Imo they are already better cbs than John Stones and Gary Cahill
  6. Hoedt

    God I f**king hope not!
  7. Chris Smalling

    Maybe the problem is, nobody is too sure what their responsibility is and they all think someone else is doing the recruiting
  8. Hoedt

  9. Drinkwater

    Anyone heard if Iborra has any chance of being fit for Saturday?
  10. Drinkwater

  11. Drinkwater

    I saw him twice at Villa Park and he was the best player on the pitch. I suggest you watch some you tube video of him an then tell me I'm taking the piss. Man City didn't buy him because he was sh*t
  12. Drinkwater

    If Delph could recapture his Villa form, its a yes from me
  13. Mahrez to .......................?

    Of course the clubs opinion counts, if they don't want him to leave then he'll stay. I was talking about the opinion of Mahrez with regard to staying, he clearly doesn't want to and this imo is affecting his performance.
  14. Drinkwater

    Not sure he's a midfielder though
  15. Mahrez to .......................?

    Can't think of a better example to prove that point.