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  1. Getting school by Man City last week, fair enough, but schooled by West Ham just shows where we are really at. Making things difficult for ourselves as per.
  2. Agree, He is not a glamour player, he will never score screamers. He's just an elite ball winning DM - Among the best in the world.
  3. I am probably alone in this thought but i feel as though the only thing keeping Covid alive now is the media and their continued scaremongering. I always had the news app on my mobile and would always be greeted with the latest death tolls or the latest impending restrictions etc etc. I deleted the app around 2 months ago and other than the restrictions that are in place, i wouldn't realize Covid was still around. I don't live my life in worry and feel much happier. The Media thrive on scaring the public.
  4. More than do'able if you put some time and effort in to it. 1) Don't let your dog continue to go toilet on the garden as it will never improve, even if you clean it up quickly it will kill the grass. 2) Rake the patchy area to loosen the soil, evenly scatter lawn seed and then sprinkle over top soil or compost (Helps it germinate and prevents the birds having an easy dinner). 3) Water regularly (Morning & Night) but never when the sun is directly on it as the sun on the water will burn your grass. It will take time and effort but i have no doubt you will b
  5. Currently redoing my Garden and have ordered 4 Tonnes of screened top soil. I would highly recommend Wanlip Sand & Gravel. They undercut my second cheapest price by £140 and the quality is spot on. Not a company i would have ever used before being recommended as it feels more secure going to Garden Centres etc who probably just buy from Wanlip themselves and charge you the premium!
  6. I think the olde Tunnel Cam on Youtube will suffice me. Don't want the footballing version of TOWIE.
  7. I wouldn't say any of our players are World Class if we are looking at putting them in the same category as Messi, Ronaldo, KDB... Not to say we haven't got some incredible players though.
  8. Hopefully this isn't a duplicate of an already existing post. A great interview with Rodgers who goes into the running of the club, economics and management. Great watch..
  9. I don't like Lingard, mainly because he's Man Utd and seems like such a immature arrogant Tw@ however his improvement whilst on loan has been very good. Our match against West Ham is huge for us to prove we are a Champions League worthy team.
  10. Showing the huge gap in quality between themselves and us but nothing unexpected. Still in a great position for Champions League football which is the main thing.
  11. Good win for Turkey but Soyunchu was at fault for both goals and seemed to be beaten at almost every set piece...
  12. The only positive from Vardy's woeful performances of late is the realisation that we are not dependent on him.
  13. As a 'Top 4' Team we should be absolutely putting these to bed however despite their league position and poor performances, there's still a lot of threat within their team. If Wilder hasn't travelled then that could make our lives harder. If the players support him, they will want to go all out and try and get a result for him. If tbey don't, we all know the extra effort / quality a new face can bring. Either way, not excuses for not beating these, it's just a case of how easily we do it.
  14. If you were referring to the one I posted, it's surprisingly good considering John Stones is there next to Hummels who's just about using a zimmer frame! Alexander Arnold has tightened it up since and the GK saves a lot of easy goals!
  15. Really enjoying this one having started a couple of saves to familiarise myself as i haven't owned a copy for a few year. On to the 4th season with Borussia Dortmund now and i have managed to get together a decent team. Ronaldo's contract has since lapsed so he's no longer here however i do now have Trent Alexander Arnold as well and Tammy Abraham. Took all my strength to decline a 200m bid from Liverpool for Haaland! 1st season - Bundesliga, Domestic Cup and Europa League. 2nd Season - Bundesliga, Domestic Cup, Champions League, Super Cup. 3rd Season - Bundes
  16. No better than anyone on the pitch. His shot was the only slightly spark but the more you see it, the more you realise the GK should never be beaten by it.
  17. If any one thinks these bunch of jokers will finish top 4 then I think they need a reality check. Laughing stock of the premier league twice on the trot.
  18. I'm not worried. This isn't anything our 'world class' manager can't solve.
  19. Let's hope he gets back to form else my gran will be replacing him next week.
  20. No, same Man Utd that got Champions League Football.
  21. Not getting wins against poorer opposition is the exact reason Man Utd were even a threat to us so thats not a great example really...
  22. You've had to stretch back to 2018 to try and prove a point that means absolutely nothing... When you look at relevant, current facts, Burnley are 15th and have one of the lowest goals scored in English Football. In the grand scheme of things, we'll probably get away with it by once again relying on the teams around us. Beating the likes of Burnley are the results that get you top 4 and failing to do so is the reason we failed to get top 4 last season and will fail again this season. I mean we set up with 8 defensive / defensively minded players
  23. Kasper Ricardo ________ Soyunchu Thomas Albrighton Youri Ndidi Castagne Vardy Nacho When you say 'EIGHT' players, I think it's a poor excuse given the players still available if we would have set up to actually take 3 points. There's only one space there than I can't fill. When you look at the players on that team sheet, they have to be beating Burnley surely? And you use our 'Out of form' striker as another excuse yet Burnley sit 15th with a team of 11 out of form / sh1t playe
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