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  1. That is a huge 3 points. To go 1 down, with a load of injuries and against a decent side and to pull it back is a cracking effort and shows there is some great fighting spirit in this side. If we get top 4, this could be the game we look back on
  2. I thought that was a decent performance, all things considered. Burnley were always going to come back hard after their spanking at Spurs and we are decimated by injuries. I think those that are slagging off the team need to get some perspective
  3. Should me more IMHO and the players shouldn’t have been asked-they should have offered
  4. For me, the silence from all premier league players re their salaries is deafening. To me it’s morally wrong that the players are picking up all of their huge salaries yet some clubs are furloughing their staff. If players took a 50% pay cut (and they would still be VERY well paid), then this would make a huge difference. I really hope this happens but not sure that it will. I love football and this club but now is the time to realise that the obscene salaries have to stop-especially when we have fantastic NHS staff earning less than 1/2 a per-cent of the average premier league player.
  5. Are the players allergic to getting the ball out wide? And no urgency to get the ball forward when there was 2 minutes to go. Cr@p
  6. Apart from the finishing, that was an excellent performance. Let’s not forget Spurs are a bloody good side and we outplayed them. It’s a poor run but we’ve had some tough games. We’ve got an easier run now-can see us picking up a few wins.
  7. Puel coming out fighting. I respect him. He’s not perfect but clearly has a brain and I’d be amazed if he was sacked this season. The fact he is softly spoken works against him when we are losing but some fans can’t see beyond this. Give him time
  8. Just to put some perspective on where we are-just seen the Facebook challenge thing for where your club was 10 years ago. We were in league one ladies and gentlemen! Things could be worse!
  9. Just to put some perpective. Reality check needed I think. Disappointing result but we are 8th
  10. To be fair, we need to get rid of Schmeichel, Ward, Jakupovic, Moore, Simpson, Chilwell, Soyuncu, Morgan, Evans, Pereira, Maguire, Fuchs, Benalouane, Knight, Johnson, Hughes, Gray, Maddison, Albrighton, Amartey, Iborra, James, Silva, Mendy, Ndidi, Ghezzal, Kapusta, King, Choudhury, Leshabela, Meite, Slimani, Iheanacho, Vardy, Okazaki, Diabate and Ndukwu.
  11. Completely predictable result. We are massively inconsistent. So annoying after 2 great results. Maddison should never take a penalty again
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