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  1. I’m all for 3 at the back, but not when we’ve only got half a side.
  2. Southgate has made a career out of beating Tunisia, Panama, Colombia (barely) and Sweden. The mans a fraud.
  3. Lampard will be managing someone like Birmingham in 5 years time.
  4. Had a dream that Leicester as a club and city got fed up with all this Premier League nonsense, so the whole city and club decided to relocate to Spain and play in La Liga
  5. My wife just asked me if I was listening. I thought “that’s a strange way to start a conversation”.
  6. I’d be more inclined to pay the £15 if the money was going to League One and Two clubs, but the money going to Premier League clubs is pure greed. I can’t see this being a long term thing. I’m assuming the numbers of PPV viewers will be so low they’ll revise the price. It’ll be illegal streams or the radio for me. I still don’t understand how a bloke in Taiwan has better access to Premier League games, than me, 10 minutes away from the ground.
  7. South Park Pandemic Special is comedy gold.
  8. Football is part of English culture and the leagues below the Premier League is where that culture is more prominent. We don’t want B teams ruining that culture and tradition. Although I want Leicester to be the best they can be, as a fan, some of the best times are in the Championship and League One.
  9. After reading some of the posts in here, I’m suggesting that after a loss by 3 or more goals we lock all threads for 48 hours some absolute ridiculous talk.
  10. Not even trying to hide you copied and pasted that
  11. People blaming JJ when the initial mistake for the first goal was Soyuncu not tracking his man. Yes, Justin should have been more aware but if Soyuncu doesn’t make the initial mistake, there’s no goal.
  12. Don’t get all the fuss about Partey. Holding midfielder is the one position where you don’t need to pay a fortune to get a decent player.
  13. Got to draw a line under that. No point in over analysing it. Forget about it and move on.
  14. The ground would be open if the government trusted the fans.
  15. You can only go so far playing like that. I know we won the league playing like it but everything worked that season. It’s not sustainable to play like that long term. Look what happened the season after.
  16. Journal articles on university reading lists. They’re absolute sh*te. They may as well be written in French.
  17. Some girl blocked my number because I called plus size girls fat... and it was nothing to with algorithms
  18. UK related NFL issue; The BBC’s coverage of the NFL seems really poor to me this season. I enjoyed the two shows a week, one highlight, one preview. But now with them both rolled into one, just doesn’t feel as good. Especially when you’re seeing highlights from week 3, example, when week 4 has already started. Seems very odd.
  19. I’d have preferred Choudhury in midfield instead of Perez today.
  20. Today and last week was an example of the two sides of Rodgers. Tactical masterclass last week, outthinks and tactics himself this week.
  21. To be fair, he does work and press hard, he’s just a sh*te footballer.
  22. First time today I’ve lost faith in him. Bobbins on the right, bobbins in the middle. Get rid.
  23. I was surprised when I saw Amartey in the side, I have to be honest, especially when they only play one up top and he’s a converted winger.
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