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  1. A bit like your missus then?
  2. Good lesson tonight for him. He’ll learn.
  3. I think he struggles with playing in a 3. His position for the 2nd was dreadful.
  4. Thomas on the left and Justin on the right would be a better option
  5. I think it’s more balls in the air into the box in general. I’d say 80% of the goals we’ve conceded have been directly from crosses or a crosses we haven’t cleared properly. We’re definitely missing big Wes in that sense and that’s why he sometimes comes on in the late stage of a game when we’re winning.
  6. Do wonder if Evans is fit. He looked all over the shop.
  7. And what is it with Albrighton just constantly whipping it in to nobody. From those types of crossing we will score about 2 times out of 100 crosses.
  8. Poor performance. Gave them too much respect from the start and we were too sloppy in possession. Mane had Fofana on toast.
  9. Pretty toothless. Need a change at half time.
  10. Those photoshopped boots are awful
  11. Every single minute of 2015/16
  12. No way will Wolves let us sign a player called Nuno Mendes.
  13. I think 5 subs would benefit us in more games than not to be honest.
  14. If Justin played for a 'big 6' club, he'd already be in the senior side.
  15. Paul Gallagher esque is the best way.
  16. I reckon at this we should just have a penalty shootout to decide, with Tim Howard in goal. Trump to take first in front of the Biden fans.
  17. Only a 6.8 rating for Praet?!? Absolutely ran the show in the first half.
  18. If we actually get some bespoke designs, I may actually cop a few.
  19. That smoke bomb was right next to me about about killed me
  20. Remember him being absolutely bobbins at Newcastle.
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